What you need to know about pitcher filters? 10 tips from housewives!

Pitcher filters are by far one of the most popular means of purifying tap water at home. However, not everyone knows that this household device often needs daily maintenance. What do you need to know about water filtration?

AquaHomeGroup shared the results of a survey of housewives who use pitcher filters. With the help of women, 10 rules, in their opinion, necessary for effective water filtration, were formed.


  1. Preparing to use the cartridge (cited by 44% of women)filter pitcher

In order for a filter pitcher to last as long as possible, you need to approach its "activation" in the right way. When using for the first time, all parts of the filter should be washed with a weak soapy solution, rinsed and dried.

The cartridge should be immersed in a container with clean cold water for 5-10 minutes. Then insert the cartridge into the funnel, fill the filter with water and be sure to drain the first two portions of purified water to avoid a small amount of carbon dust. These steps must be repeated every time the cartridge is replaced.


  1. The choice of filter depends on the composition of the tap water (indicated by 78% of women)

Not every filter is suitable for tap water. To help your filter last as long as possible and to help it perform its function, you should first determine the composition of your tap water. On this depends on the choice of the filter-pot. The peculiarities of water can be high levels of chlorine, manganese, iron or chemical impurities. The filter should be chosen with those factors in mind.

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  1. Cleanliness of the water jug (92% of women)

Cleanliness of the water jug

Over the course of using the filter, fouling builds up on the inner walls of the pitcher. You have to anticipate this and thoroughly clean the filter parts with a cleaning agent at least once every 2 weeks. Otherwise the purity of the water in the jug should be called into question and should not be used until the unit is completely refurbished.


  1. Timely replacement of the cartridge (indicated by 57% of women)

The cartridge in pitcher filters can wear out quite quickly. If you use more than 10 liters of water per day, you might need to replace the cartridge every two weeks. For larger families where more than 4 people use the jug, it is recommended that the jug itself be cleaned more often. It's important to know that an old cartridge can be a breeding ground for bacteria!


  1. Additional boiling of filtered water (25% of women)


There is a common opinion that a filter cleans water only for household use, but not for food use. 25% of housewives interviewed additionally boil filtered water for cooking so that the taste of food is not spoiled and digestion problems do not arise


  1. Filter only cold water (indicated by 54% of women).

It is worth paying attention to the fact that usually pitcher-filters are not designed to filter and purify hot water. This can damage the mechanism of the filter, thereby making it useless in future use. The maximum acceptable water temperature for filtration is 35 degrees Celsius.


  1. Move the filter away from sources of heat and light (75% of women indicated)


The place for the filter in the kitchen should be chosen correctly. Putting the jug on the windowsill next to the stove or kettle is not a good choice. If the cartridge gets hot, bacteria can breed in it faster. Keep the filter out of direct sunlight and away from light fixtures.


  1. Don't leave the filter idle for long periods of time (indicated by 85% of women)

The cartridge needs to be kept moist at all times so that it does not lose its properties. If the jug remains unused for longer than three days, you should remove the cartridge from the filter, wrap it in plastic wrap and leave it in the refrigerator. When resuming use, repeat the same steps as when installing a new cartridge (see item #1). But the best solution is to replace the cartridge with a new one.


  1. Use the water within 24 hours ( indicated by 68% of the women)

Filtered water

Filtered water retains its purity and does not have time to be infested with microflora usually within one day. If you have not used all the water from the jug during this period, you should drain the rest and fill up the filter again (see points 5 and 8).


  1. Replace the pitcher every year (indicated by 55% of women).

Jugs can release substances over time because they are not all made of the highest grade material.  Carefully review all filter specifications before buying.55% of the female housewives surveyed by AquaHomeGroup advise changing the jug's capacity every year of use to avoid unpleasant consequences.


According to the housewives, by strictly following these rules, you can compare the quality of water from the filter with the water from a well, purified industrially, such as in nineteen-liter bottles. Those who do not have the desire and ability to comply with these rules, will have to choose one of the alternatives.


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