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About AquaHomeGroup


AquaHomeGroup is a company with many years of experience in the field of water treatment. We have existed for more than 9 years and during this time we have managed to serve more than 450,000 customers and formed a staff of over 40 people, including professional consultants, installation workers, and couriers who provide service across America.
For a high level of professionalism, our online store was awarded the diploma of "Internet Sales Leader".
Internet-shop AquaHomeGroup.com was created with a single purpose so that thanks to modern functionality and optimized search elements you could easily find the product you need or get instant consultation from one of our managers from the comfort of your home.
The global goal of our company is to help you improve your quality of life and health in today's environment.

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About AquaHomeGroup

- The widest selection of water purification equipment;

- Professional advice;

- Selection of the most effective treatment system specifically for your water;

- Flexible terms of cooperation for corporate clients and individuals;

When selecting products for sale, we are guided by the rule - quality, usefulness, affordability. A competent symbiosis of these criteria is crucial when deciding on any product. We promote the slogan - our customer is always right.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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We always listen and take into account the wishes and suggestions of each client about the work of our online store.

Establishes requirements

Selecting products according to them

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Our couriers deliver products in a timely manner


  • Science is our way of thinking

    We are passionate about science and using the power of knowledge to solve the problem of getting clean water in the real world. We want ordinary people, regardless of their living conditions, to be able to improve their quality of life.

  • Researcher inspiration is our drive

    We don't stop and improve our own engineering solutions, create modern sorbents, and bring innovative products to the market, that's the meaning and joy of our work.

  • The health of people and the planet is one goal

    We support all those who take responsibility for their health: their own, their loved ones, and the environment. Each AquaHomeGroup filter is made of safe materials, deeply purifies water, and reduces water consumption.


The ideal is achievable
AquaHomeGroup water purifiers meet the maximum demands and desires of consumers in every category
The efficiency of purification from impurities is their main advantage, while all of them are easy to operate, economical in their segments, and affordable.

We know technology is important, but service is also important.
If you want to buy water filters, and in addition get an excellent level of service, please contact us. We work in Miami as well as the rest of the country.
To order your shower filter, all you have to do is add the item to your cart!
Leave a feedback and our specialists will contact you back shortly to help you find the most suitable water filter, depending on:

  • The type and quality of your water. Whether it has any impurities and what type. Employees also take into account additional factors.
  • The number of tenants in the apartment.
  • The amount of money the customer is going to allocate for the purchase.

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