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How to choose a water filter

The water filter is a brilliant invention of mankind. At first, people tried to use grandfather's methods for water purification - boiling, freezing, defending. All methods have disadvantages: when boiling some chemical elements become more harmful, when sedimentation begins to actively reproduce microorganisms.

Therefore, scientists quickly began to offer filters for water treatment - which to choose, depends on the needs and material capabilities of the consumer.
In any store where you can buy a water filter, you will be given enough information about the different filters and their modifications.

The apartment is installed different systems of purification: general, reinforced for a separate tap, from which water is taken for food, in extreme cases, for drinking water use a filter pitcher.
For home, the issue of filters for water purification is no less acute - in wells are increasingly found nitrates and pesticides. When producing cleaner deep water, filters are needed to protect the pumps from sand and other impurities.

So how do you choose the right water filter?


Which water filter to buy for home


When thinking about which water filter to buy for home, remember that each option has advantages and disadvantages.

There are four main types of filters used in an apartment:

  • A pitcher ( Jug);
  • Crane nozzle;
  • Flow filter;
  • Reverse osmosis purification.¬†

Portable water filters for kitchen

The jug is available, but the quality of its work is average, the filter element must be changed frequently, in addition, the process of purification is quite slow. It is not recommended to leave the filter dry - it cracks.

Acceptable variant for an apartment in which water is not ideal, but its quality allows us to apply it in modern techniques without special difficulties. The jug-type purifier will purify the amount of water needed for cooking and drinking. The filter element is designed for 160-170 liters.

The nozzle on the tap also has a low capacity. This product is often installed in the kitchen, where there is a need for cooking water.

Shower head water filter

For example, consider a shower head water filter with 15 stages of cleaning/

However, the performance of the flow filters depends on the number of cleaning stages. Up to three filter elements can be used, and each subsequent filter removes more complex contaminants.

The disadvantage is the price of the system itself, the cost of replacement parts, and the complexity of the installation. Such a unit is usually placed under the sink. If the water supply is old and there is a lot of dirt, separate flow mechanical filters are installed in front of mechanisms that require clean water. This will prolong the life of the boiler, automatic washing machine, or dishwasher.

 Most of all, there are questions about how the water filter works for people who are interested in the reverse osmosis system. It is a multistage structure, each fragment has a smaller membrane. The tiniest components - smaller than one micron - are removed. The whole organics is unable to overcome the obstacle because the smallest microorganisms are from 20 microns in size.

It is important that this kit removes quite complex components - chlorine, pesticides, organics. The majority of models carry out mineralization of the received condensate and people receive full moisture, satisfying all needs of an organism.

The disadvantage is the price, as well as low yield. If the water is dirty, the productivity of the system with reverse osmosis can be 15-20%.

The most reasonable approach is to define the model depending on the composition of the liquid to be cleaned and the needs of people living in this place all the time.

Cleaning elements: which water filter is better?

The most common option is a sorption filter. Activated carbon is used as a sorbent. In this way, you can remove small particles of impurities and microorganisms from the liquid. But heavy metals and radioactive elements will remain in the water. This option is not only convenient for home. It is a wonderful variant of a portable filtration device that can be carried with you. It is used to create filter bottles and jug models. A popular portable filter among tourists and sportsmen.

Mechanical filtration - usually involves several stages of cleaning. As a rule, particles of impurities and microorganisms disappear from the liquid medium after treatment. The price of replacement parts is available. This is the best way to provide clean water to a variety of mechanisms. In an apartment, such a filter is often installed just before the equipment that consumes purified water.

 An electrochemical purifier is an expensive pleasure. But it does not require replacement of contaminated parts. It is important that after filtering the water changes acidity, it can not be drunk for several hours. This element removes mechanical and organic impurities.

 The main component of reverse osmosis is a filter with a thin membrane film. The holes in the membrane are such that only water molecules are allowed to pass. Ideal for drinking water, especially if filtration is accompanied by further mineralization.

 All treatment methods make the water softer.


Which filter should I buy for hard water?

The individual filter elements are installed directly in front of the water-consuming units. These are called filters for washing machines, showers, and so on.


Installation of cleaning elements

The main constructions of cleaners, local and portable are known. The first type is mounted in a pipe, which leads to the apartment or to a certain part of it. The second can be installed on a specific crane. It is important that such a variety can be removable. And the third type is a jug model.

 There are significant differences in the requirements for the main filter in a multi-store building and a separate cottage, and it depends on whether the water comes from the plumbing or the well, which the main filter for water to choose.


Which water filter should I choose for my home?

A special kind of pre-cleaner has been developed - a bulk filter. Due to the mechanical action, the majority of rather large particles are sifted out. It is a rough filter - removes rust, sand, sludge. High-tech equipment of this type has a backwashing function, so there is no need for frequent replacement of the filter element.

 The fine filter elements described above are installed separately.


Which water filter should I choose for my apartment?

If we are talking about the main filter, the main task should be to remove metal particles and other types of mechanical pollution. This is easy enough to achieve.

 Such filters are affordable and save money - after all, drinking water can be obtained with the help of a jug or nozzle.


What kind of water filter should I put in my apartment?

In cities, the environmental situation is sad, so do not buy cheap products - give preference to high-quality, capable of turning the liquid from the water supply into the best option for drinking.


What to buy a water filter for the kitchen?

The better the water treatment, the better it is for drinking. Therefore, the best option for a kitchen unit is a reverse osmosis system or a multistage mechanical filter. But if the water is free of complex impurities and there is no need for a large quantity of this liquid, it is quite possible to use an ordinary jug.


Filters for the water jug: which one to choose?

The industry offers many models of these products. When making your choice, pay attention to such nuances:

  • Useful volume (the bigger the family, the larger the vessel should be);
  • The composition of the sorption agent (it depends on what kind of contamination the filter can handle);
  • The cost of the replacement cartridge (component).

These are the most important factors that affect the duration and efficiency of the product. In some cases, the forum offers the answer to the question "which water treatment filter to buy" based on the experience of previous users. A plastic jug is a fragile object, in some cases, it breaks down due to worn threads. It is important to know how long the beloved model will last.


Which water filter to buy - a question to which each consumer answers himself. He himself analyzes the state of the water supply system, the quality of water supply, the needs in volume. Many people prefer not to install expensive equipment capable of quality filtration, but to buy bottled water, provided that there is heavy pollution.


Where can I buy a water treatment filter?

There are all kinds of shops offering a wide range of products for this purpose, as well as online resources.

 It is desirable to pay attention to those of them, which are the official representatives of manufacturers or specializing in this topic.

 The purchase of such things in an online store can minimize costs and choose products from a huge amount of catalogs.

 In some cases, there are problems with the installation. If you - a woman or a very busy man, going to an ordinary store will lead to high costs, but there are usually present experts in the installation of water filter.

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