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What smart showerheads can do.

Ceiling shower with hydro massage is an undeniable but expensive pleasure. An excellent budget alternative is a hand shower or a whirlpool panel with a "smart" hand shower. We will tell you how to choose a reasonable option in terms of price and functionality.

What's good with "smart" shower head?

  • Easy to install and replace. Installation of the hand shower and whirlpool panel is simple enough and, unlike the installation of ceiling shower systems, can be carried out at any stage of repair.
  • Multi-mode and economy. Rain effect, hydro massage shower head¬†ributes can be used at home if you choose a hand showerhead or shower panel. Modern smart¬†showerheads allow you to reproduce in your bathroom almost all the delights of a stationary shower system, but for much less money.
  • It doesn't take up much space. For smaller bathrooms, the known compactness of the hand shower and whirlpool panels is an important criterion of choice.
  • Complete comfort. Different modes of lines can be easily switched with a lever, ring, button, or by touching the touch panel. All modes are also comfortable for wet fingers.

 In some shower headset models, all you need to do to change the jet head is to turn the head around its axis to change the jet pressure mode.


Modern functions

  1. Shower with hydro massage and other joys. Today the "smart" hand shower is able not only to regulate the power of the water head but also to provide spa services: hydro massage, aerodrome shower, contrast shower, cascade flow - this is not a complete list of modes available in different models of showerheads of the new generation.
  2. Water-saving. Many shower systems manufactured in Europe are equipped with water-saving devices. Aqua dimmers integrated into the handle significantly reduce the volume of flow while maintaining its speed, and mechanisms with the Eco mark when activated block part of the channels and reduce the amount of water flowing by half.
  3. Temperature adjustment. Unfortunately, in our country, even when taking a hydro massage shower, one cannot be sure that the pleasure will not be interrupted by a sudden change in water temperature. A thermostat will help to avoid this. Its task is to continuously maintain the set temperature level. And if the cold water turns off unexpectedly, it will also block the hot water to protect you from burns.
  4. Self-cleaning nozzles. The walls of the openings in modern showerhead are covered with soft silicone, which prevents limescale formation. Contamination can be easily removed with a sponge. The most common name for this cleaning system is QuickClean, SpeedClean, or RubClean.

The quick self-cleaning system is available in almost all models of smart showers, regardless of the manufacturer.

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