What shower filter removes iron? Shower head iron remover filter!


What shower filter removes iron?

The increased concentration of dissolved iron (Fe2+) affects not only our everyday life, but also our health. To get rid of it, we use a shower filter that removes iron and de-ironing stations.

Not so long ago we wrote about shower heads filter metals chlorine and fluoride. Today we will figure out which shower filter removes iron. Sometimes the answer to this question lies on the surface, sometimes it is very difficult to find a solution.

If we are only talking about improving the quality of a small amount of water, then a simple handy iron filter for shower will do. It will not solve serious problems, but the skin health, color and smell will be positively affected. Just like the tap attachments, shower filter that removes iron, home iron filter, etc. If you need higher quality cleaning, you should pay attention to reverse osmosis.

And what if the problem is even bigger?

Iron water. Which iron filter shower head would be better?

Of course, iron is not present in water in the form of pieces or wreckage: it is dissolved, but sometimes you can see with the naked eye that the water is turbid. What kind of iron can we detect by opening our water tap? How can an iron filter shower head help us?

  • iron divalent or Fe2+ ions dissolved in water are mainly present in groundwater;
  • trivalent iron: Fe3+ sulfates and chlorides are perfectly soluble in water, Fe3+ ions turn into insoluble Fe(OH)3 hydroxide, which is contained in water as a sediment or suspension. Trevalent iron appears in water when it comes into contact with an oxidizer such as air;
  • organic iron is a variety of soluble complexes that contain organic acids and often have a colloidal structure;
  • bacterial iron is iron, which is contained in the shell of iron bacteria and is a product of their life activity.

Organic and bacterial iron in large quantities is contained in surface waters. But the water extracted from underground sources, except for trivalent iron, quite often contains manganese. Therefore, along with the de-ironing of water, manganese is often removed.

This process is called demanganization. For demanganization, an iron filter shower head (iron shower head with 15-stage water purification from different types of contamination) is an excellent choice.


How to determine the amount of dissolved iron in water using a home iron filter?

Method No. 1: Observation

Clear signs of ferrous water is:

  • its subtle reddish tint,
  • red and brown divorces on the bath, sink, toilet,
  • rusty deposits in pipes.

Method No.2. Analysis

With a water analysis, you will find out which impurities are present in the liquid and in what quantities. To do this, you need to collect samples of water according to certain rules, take it to one of the public or private organizations, and wait a few days. The analysis, of course, costs money. But the information that you get from it is invaluable.

It will help you organize in your apartment or private house a home iron filter for a variety of contaminants, including dissolved iron.


What is the danger of exceeding the maximum allowable concentration and how to reduce it with the shower head iron remover filter?

Fe2+ enters the water due to geological features of the area. It is able to harm a man and his life. If we talk about people, they need iron in a certain form and in a certain amount. Its deficiency can lead to anemia and other ailments.

But there is too much of it in the liquid. It is not able to assimilate, to benefit the human body. It accumulates in it, after a while it causes cancer. To avoid all these problems, we recommend you to take a look at the shower head iron remover filter.

Now, it is about the everyday life. Modern man uses a large amount of fluids to organize his life. In some cases (watering plants, lawns, gardens) concentration of dissolved iron is not very important. In others (heating system, water supply, household appliances, etc.) plays an important role.

Why? The fact is that Fe2+ is oxidized by air and goes into insoluble form, in what we call rust. It settles everywhere you can - in pipes, in household appliances, in boilers and heating systems. It clogs them, gradually destroys them. Shower filter removes iron will help to avoid these problems and keep the water in the bathroom without rust and without harming your body!

This is not all. Do not forget about the aesthetic damage, rusty divorces on your favorite plumbing - near the bathroom drain, on the walls of the toilet, on the walls, at the joints of tiles, etc. You should agree that it is unpleasant to make repairs, and then watch, as a result of spent efforts, spoil day by day.

In short, iron is not an admixture that you can ignore. Over time, it accumulates in the body and may cause the most unpleasant diseases. The farm suffers from it, which leads to new and new expenses. It is not clear what to do, except to look for any options of water de-ironing. The only conclusion is that buying a shower head iron remover filter will help you and your family stay healthy!


How to purify water from iron? How to apply the shower head iron remover filter?

One of the most difficult tasks of water treatment is removal of iron impurities from water - this process is called de-ironing. There are many ways of de-ironing water, but a universal method that is economically viable and applicable in any case has not yet been invented. This or that method, we will talk about later, is used only in specific cases, because each has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can only choose one optimal method - shower filter that removes iron!

Let's list the main options for purifying water from iron and give a brief description of them.


With household filters, shower filter removes iron

Reverse osmosis. A membrane with the smallest pores traps all impurities, larger H2O molecules, including divalent iron.

Ultrafiltration. The use of a membrane with larger pores than in the case of reverse osmosis. Effectively reduces the concentration of dissolved iron. The iron filter shower head is suitable for this procedure.

Zeolite. Some manufacturers manufacture flow filter cartridges made of this material. The material oxidizes Fe2+, converts it into insoluble form and retains the resulting sediment. You can find an example of such cartridge in our store.

Aragon. This material is used by the manufacturer "AquaHome Group". It is intended for cleaning moisture from many impurities, including reducing the concentration of iron.

It should be noted that it is best to use shower head iron remover filter and reverse osmosis to purify water that has already been treated at a municipal water treatment plant or has been treated at a semi-industrial plant for cottages.

Not all flow filters are ready to purify water exactly from iron. There are, for example, options for water softening, to improve its taste and eliminate odors, to neutralize bacteria and viruses. Among all the variety of devices you need to find those that have special de-ironing cartridges.

Manufacturers offer different options for de-ironing cartridges. Some make filter elements based on synthetic zeolite. It acts as a catalyst for iron oxidation. It becomes insoluble in water and trapped by other components of the cartridge.

Other manufacturers offer cleaning elements based on calcite. In this case, water is purified from iron by alkaline deposition.

Note that you can buy a water de-ironing cartridge for your filter, even if it is not originally provided. The main thing is that you should consult with specialists beforehand.