Shower filter for iron water. How to choose a shower head for well water?

How to choose a shower head for well water?

Shower filter for iron water - why you need it? 

Many of us may notice that the water from underground wells often has a high iron content. Iron oxide is widespread on earth. Oxide is able to dissolve in water, it participates in various chemical formulas.

Scientists claim that this compound does not harm human health. Specialists of the World Health Organization believe that the norm of iron oxide content should be observed - no more than 1 mg per liter of water. But this is also a lot.

 If there is even a small concentration of iron in water, it becomes impossible to drink it. Therefore, the owners of country houses strive to use shower filter for iron water. Interestingly, there is much less iron in the water from the well than in the water from the borehole.

Iron filters in Texas


The use of iron filters in Texas is very common and produces good quality water quickly. To purify the water from the well should apply effective methods.

The most effective one  - is water filtration by reverse osmosis system.

It is too much iron from shower water. What is the best water filter cartridge for well water?

What to do if is too much iron from shower water? In water, iron is found in the divalent as well as trivalent, colloidal form. Each form influences the water in its own way. It is necessary to perform its analysis, the results will show the forms of iron.

 The rusty, brown color of the water indicates that iron is dissolved in water, it does not form sediments, and it is impossible to remove it using a shower filter for iron removal. After a long period of sedimentation, brown sludge may accumulate at the bottom of the tank.

 Divalent iron has the same properties and forms a reddish sediment.

What is the best water filter cartridge for well water? - you can pick it up in our store. It is better to analyze the water in your home before doing so.

 Main water treatment methods

The maim water treatment methods are:

  1. Rusty water can be left to stand up. But the iron particles are very small, so the process will take a very long time. This method is used at home when there are no other means of cleaning.
  2. Another option is water aeration. Through a compressor in the water is forced an intense flow of oxygen, which oxidizes the existing iron in it. The larger the water tank, the stronger the industrial compressor should be used.

On average, it takes approximately one to seven days for a small amount of water to settle and oxidize with artificial aeration.

 To accelerate the process at industrial volumes used active chemical oxidants - it can be potassium permanganate, ozone, chlorine or hydrogen peroxide.

Not only do they perform their main task, but they also destroy the microorganisms in the water. But this method does not completely eliminate the various impurities of iron.

 Besides, oxidizing agents are considered harmful to health chemicals, and as the process of sedimentation with oxidation is complex and long-term, it is displaced by more modern methods of water purification.

For example, the technology of catalytic oxidation, when there is a marked decrease in iron concentration in water, uses a chemical reagent manganese dioxide.

This method is popular, but the manganese backfill needed for it is very expensive, and in the presence of organic iron in the water oxidation quality is greatly reduced because iron does not allow to enter into a chemical reaction.

What is the best water filter cartridge for well water?

The best result can be achieved by using a special water filter cartridge for well water. 

As is known, iron content in water from wells is very high. Every person who cares about his health controls the quality of water he uses.

 We draw conclusions.

In order to choose the best water filter cartridge for well water, the chemical composition of the water and the customer's finances should be the primary consideration.

The most inexpensive are methods of aeration and sedimentation, but in this case, the processes are very long, so more often use simple installations. Thanks to them, it is possible to obtain drinking water at a low cost.

Shower filter for hard well water in Texas

The use of shower filter for hard well water in Texas is becoming more and more popular and gives good results at a reasonable price.

With sufficient funds, you can buy more efficient water filters and provide yourself with the necessary amount of purified water.

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