The life of every person on earth is entirely connected to water. No human being on the planet can exist without water. Well, how? After all, the body of an adult man or woman on average by 70% - 80% consists of water. And even media sources, which in our time, say that this figure is quite different (calculated individually, it is influenced by many factors, such as total body weight, age, etc.), still agree that the body's water is very much and its balance must be maintained in order. Water and its quality affect everything - the condition of the skin, hair, the performance of internal organs, and in general on the health of the person and his condition.

In this article we will consider exactly how water affects the condition of human skin.

Nowadays, people increasingly think about what kind of water they drink. And much less do they care what kind of water they bathe in. In fact, everyone knows that you can't drink tap water in our country, but why can't you swim in it? What could happen?

Isn't it true that just hearing this phrase, the desire to lounge in the bathroom is somewhat reduced? And that's not all. Few people know that on average when bathing, the human body absorbs 250 ml of water through the pores. Almost a glass! And now let's immediately remember how much inorganic is in our tap water. Chlorine alone is worth it! By the way, the world's first chemical attack during World War I was carried out using chlorine. And all of it absorbs our body and our skin.

So, the picture doesn't look very happy. We suggest that we consider only a few of the main harmful elements contained in our tap water:

  • Excess calcium and magnesium salts. Harmful to the body in the way that forms kidney stones, gallbladder, and bladder; leads to arthritis, polyarthritis.
  • Strong chlorination of tap water. Chlorine and its compounds are carcinogens that can cause cancer, allergies, and skin irritation.
  • High iron content in tap water. This leads to liver diseases, various allergies, changes in blood morphology.
  • Dissolved hydrogen sulfide in water. It also causes allergies, reduces immunity, and depresses the reproductive system.
  • The high manganese content in tap water. It produces a mutagenic effect and causes cardiovascular disease.

This is far from a complete list of problems with the purity of our water. The high content of hydrocarbons, ammonium nitrates, and other chemicals are present in our tap water in quite a large amount. And all this our body consumes every day not only when a person drinks water, but also when he takes a shower, just washes, washes his hands, in contact with water.

Most often, girls, women are the first to pay attention to their own skin condition. And it's no surprise. After all, every representative of the beautiful half of humanity wants to be beautiful, well-groomed, like themselves and others. The mere thought that someone will take her hand and feel the hand of an elderly lady in the palm of his hand, terrifies her. No one wants to get old, and our skin is one of the first to show the beginning of this process.

So, what happens next? Few people start to think about why it happens, why every morning, coming out of the shower, washing, a person begins to feel discomfort. There is an unpleasant feeling of tight, dry, unpleasant to the touch skin, which urgently wants to anoint with something to get rid of this feeling.

Girls and women immediately run to cosmetics shops and buy expensive creams, oils, and other various products for skin hydration. They start to visit cosmetologists. In general, any way they try to get rid of the consequences, but do not pay attention to the cause of their appearance. But if you look at the action of all these products, we see that the effect of their duration is not long or not as long as we would like. Unfortunately, consumers of these products sooner or later face the understanding that their problem is not solved. As a result, all the cosmetic products they use, which have so-called moisturizing properties, simply are unable to maintain moisture and keep it at the desired level. And, of course, a person feels it.

All this happens because our top layer of skin, which is called the epidermis, gives it some properties of the natural membrane, our skin becomes almost impermeable, it just can not pass through any, absolutely different kind of moisturizer and some other fluids. Also, our upper skin layer could be compared to a film, which necessarily includes an absolute number of different living cells. And all of this surface is covered with a horny layer of as many different dead cells as possible. Given all the above, we declare that neither the most expensive lotion, French butter, nor milk, nor the most famous and supposedly effective creams, unfortunately, can not overcome this barrier epidermis. Therefore, we boldly conclude that all these products can not cope with the problem of dry skin, although they have a number of advantages. For example, a cream can protect your skin from the effects of frost.

Families who are trying to solve the problem of water pollution in their own home and install a system of treatment of communal water, quite quickly feel an improvement in the quality of life. These improvements become visible, both in terms of health and financial status. Creams are purchased much less frequently and are generally minimized, visits to the beautician do not become regular, and just take a shower or bath becomes much more pleasant.

And that's not all. Water has always been considered and considered the best cleanser for skin. That's why water treatments play a very important role in skincare.


For example, many people do not like to wash with cold water in the morning and make it exceptionally hot or very warm. And what happens as a result? And as a result, the walls of blood vessels become less elastic and therefore the skin can become flabby prematurely. The best way to wash your face is with room temperature water. The water is also very hard and this can cause irritation to the skin. We can all see the scale in our kettles, which is a very unaesthetic spectacle. And it is this water that we wash our faces with! How can there not be irritation or, worse, some dermatitis or allergies? Hard water is generally very harmful. Some people claim that even forged yard shops are better off not washing with this water. And we're talking about human skin, the complex and largest human organ.


Why is the proper care for our skin so important and undeniably important with really clean water? As we've already discovered, the skin is the biggest, most enormous organ protecting humans. It is our natural, naturally given armor. And this human armor consists of two layers, the dermis, and the epidermis. The dermis is the bottom layer of our skin armor and in turn also consists of two important elements. The first is the interwoven collagen protein fibers, and the second is gallic acid. Both of these binders make our skin-armor on resilient. The lower layer of our skin must be both firm and elastic, to a certain extent. And this in turn depends on how much water is in the intercellular space. And in an ideal state of elasticity, our substance or space should contain 80% of water.

Now imagine what happens if our dehydration befalls our dermis. After all, if we do not give it enough food - water, then very soon it will lose its natural elasticity, and collagen fibers will experience stress and just become oak, lose their flexibility. This process is the root cause of wrinkles and premature aging of the skin and other human organs, too.

As for the chlorination of water. In conditions of water supply system chlorination is simply necessary. After all, the pipes in our homes can come to such guests as infectious diseases, various epidemics, and many others, even unexplored by us - humanity, bacteria. And what is chlorine doing in the pipes in general? And it, in turn, does its job very well - very qualitatively, effectively and quite quickly leads to the destruction of organic compounds, does not let us bacteria, keeps countless viruses. And then why is it bad? It's simple. He's a destroyer, he's a poison, a poisonous gas. If he destroys so many things, why not destroy us, our body?

The use of chlorine for this purpose became a long time ago, and so people have already got used to it and completely forgotten that it is necessary to remember and take into account its negative and very harmful, sometimes even catastrophic impact on the body. So, what do organochlorine compounds give us? What do they lead to? Do we only prepare for dry skin? Well, that's not all. Remember the first time your fancy hair broke? It's like straw like there's no life in it anymore. And that's chlorine, too. And the fatty layer? It's chlorine, too. And the ability to cause cancer? It's chlorine, too. Respiratory problems and respiratory diseases? I mean, this disruptor is very easy to get through the skin to the body. And that's just a small part of chlorine water deleterious effect on humans.

Based on all the above, we can conclude that the water that flows through our pipes now has a very harmful effect on the skin and the body as a whole. Accordingly, water cannot be considered clean. Therefore, people come to the conclusion that for every home, water must be purified and thus have no negative impact on their own health.

When we look at a person, we always notice in what condition his skin is, sometimes we even wonder how he achieves this result, what means to use to make it look healthy, supple, and not overdry.

As an example, we can also look at what older people look like and what their skin looks like. If you put two elderly people, the same age, and approximately the same way of life, you will immediately see a significant difference. The skin of people that use shower filters will be firmer, more elastic and tighter than those who don't clean the water before they use it. And if we touch the hand of a man who uses a chlorine filter, for example, we won't feel the same tightness and dryness on his skin. That is, residents who use water that is treated with water filters have an excellent opportunity to avoid the process of premature aging. Each of us can also avoid this by cleaning the water we use in our own homes. By doing so, we take care not only of our own health and that of our loved ones but that of the whole nation.

We can safely say that pure water is the best way to take care of the skin and the whole body. If you accompany the washing process and massage the skin, it will increase blood circulation, metabolism and overall tone, and improve nutrition. At the same time, the remnants of fat and perspiration, corneal layer, and dust will be perfectly washed with clean water. Skin pores will stop clogging up and really useful and necessary elements will flow into your body through it.

Pure water can also be called healthy water. Healthy water, in turn, strengthens your immune system and maintains your body's pH balance.

The quality and purity of communal water is especially important if you have young children in your home. A lot of advertising uses the expression "baby skin" and many companies use it to promote their product. We were all once babies whose skin gradually became coarser and drier and each of us wants to go back to the old days when it was soft, supple, and really feels like silk.

Modern, truly high-quality water purification systems nowadays are capable of delivering clean and healthy water to your home, where you can bathe your baby absolutely calmly and without any worries. You will not think that you can not even turn your back for a second. Suddenly, at this very time, playing in the bathroom with toys, your child accidentally breads this water. His skin and body will stay healthy.

The motto of our company is: "Healthy water. Healthy life." And he is for a reason. It takes a very long time to list what clean and healthy water will bring into our lives. We have already enumerated many factors that are harmful to humans and their lives in general affect the pollution in our water, on every cell of the body. Accordingly, healthy water does indeed bring our body a healthy life.

Pure water makes bathing pleasant and healthy. Take care of your life, your health, and your skin!

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