Water purification systems for chlorine (pool without chlorine)

Water purification systems for chlorine (pool without chlorine). Disinfection is mandatory for water in any private or public pool. Over time, pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses begin to multiply in it, which will make the water unsafe for swimming and can lead to various diseases. The traditional method of disinfection is chlorination - adding reagents high in active chlorine to the water.

This method is effective against all types of pathogenic microflora, but it is not safe for humans. Excess chlorine in water leads to irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, it can cause various diseases, including asthma. Modern chlorine-free water treatment technologies can solve the problem and make it safe for bathing.

Different types of water purification methods to disinfect water in swimming pools


There are different types of water purification methods to destroy all types of pathogenic microflora and avoid the unpleasant smell of chlorine. Disinfection of pool water without chlorine can be carried out using the following methods:

  1. Ozonation as method of water purification systems for chlorine - treatment of water with active oxygen. It leads to an oxidation of the cells of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, as a result they are quickly destroyed. Ozone decomposes to oxygen in its natural environment, so the method poses no threat to the environment. It is one of the most effective and safe technologies, and it is completely safe for humans if the instructions are followed.
  2. Ultraviolet water treatment as method of water purification systems for chlorine Radiation in a certain spectrum can completely destroy all pathogenic microorganisms and disinfect water. UV units are used mainly in large public pools, as this technology is quite expensive.
  3. The use of bromine as method of water purification systems for chlorine is pool cleaning without chlorine using a safer chemical. Preparations based on bromine are not inferior to active chlorine in efficiency, while providing significantly less negative side effects. Their safety can be compared to the use of active oxygen, with the cost of such treatment is inexpensive.

Bromine as most popular type of water purification methods for water purification systems for chlorine

Pool disinfection without chlorine using bromine is effective against various types of bacteria, viruses and fungi, in addition, these products can get rid of organic pollutants. As a result, the water becomes more comfortable and safer for swimming. Chemical reagents can be added to water manually or by using automated stations. The second option is more often used in large public facilities: it allows you to constantly maintain an optimal level of disinfectants in the water and not allow it to be exceeded.


Pool water disinfection without chlorine is becoming an increasingly popular technology: it is used in private and public pools in many countries around the world. Benamin products, which are widely used to solve problems with disinfection and cleaning. The line includes oxygen granules for pool cleaning without chlorine: adding a reagent to the water releases active oxygen for a quick disinfecting treatment. 

Advantages of water purification methods for water purification in the pool without chlorine:

  1. Ease of use. It is enough to periodically add the pellets to the water according to the instructions, this will maintain the proper level of purity and prevent the active growth of pathogens.
  2. Environmental friendliness. Cleaning of pool water without chlorine does not lead to the release of toxic substances into the atmosphere: as a result only oxygen is released, which then freely escapes into the atmosphere.
  3. High efficiency. Oxidation makes it possible to completely free the water from dangerous microorganisms and ensure safe use of the pool.
  4. Can be used in both small and large facilities. The method can be used in private and public pools.
  5. Pellets based on active oxygen are fast-acting: immediately after adding them to water, they dissolve and provide output of active oxygen. There is no unpleasant smell during their use, so bathing in the treated water will not cause any discomfort. There is no threat to human health if the manufacturer's precautions are followed.


Products for water purificatoin have earned high marks from experts and are in demand in many countries around the world. High environmental friendliness and attention to quality ensure its wide application in private and public swimming pools of all sizes.

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