Water with high iron content from the well. Filter iron. How to install a hard water shower head?

Water with high iron content from the well. Filter iron out of well water.

Artesian wells may not always have clean water that is suitable for drinking and use, so it necessary to filter iron out of well water. Often the chemical composition of water is analysed, and an increased iron content is recorded in the water.

When the permissible concentration limit is exceeded, a person can easily determine the increase by himself - the shade changes to a red, muddy one with metallic taste and smell. Depending on the shape, the element can cause significant harm to the organism, especially to children.

Iron filter for shower head. How to install a hard water shower head?


In order to reduce risk and take care of health, special installations are used to clean up iron compounds. AquaHomeGroup offers to buy inexpensive models of iron filter for shower head with installation and assembly. They are also popular in factories, restaurants or hotels. So what is the danger of an increased concentration of Fe?

How to install a hard water shower head? - installing our filters is easy! The instructions are right in the package, and there are all the necessary tools for installation as well.

Iron damage in water

There are certain regulations that are safe for use. Excess is negative and the consequences are difficult to eliminate. If there is a lot of iron in the water, it not only harms people, but also plants and homes. The negative impact is as follows:

  • Accelerated corrosion. This applies to pipes, heating, heating elements. Coliform bacteria begin to emerge, causing aggressive growth of metal damage from the inside and cracks in the pipes. They cause leaks and the growth of mould. Once in drinking water, they can cause intoxication
  • Joint pain, metabolic disorders, hemochromatosis. If no cleansing measures are taken, the body is oversaturated, causing cell mutating. The development of cancer, brain tumours and heart problems are consequences of use. Water with a high iron content often develops diabetes mellitus, due to pressure on the liver and the inability to release glucose.
  • Appearance of stains on clothes. When washing, rinsing cannot remove the rust that penetrates the fabric and stains it. The result is a spoiled item and rusty plaque on all the elements inside the washing machine.
The lack of chlorination in some areas further aggravates the situation.


    Where does iron come from in the water?

    When groundwater accumulates, iron compounds are released as a result of the destruction of rocks in the soil. A normal chemical reaction that does not harm the organism. Its compounds are dangerous due to the acidity of the soil, the proximity of the waste water treatment plant and discharge.

    Filter iron from well water


    Iron damage in water without the filter iron from well water damages humans, technology and the ecosystem. Bacteria and other chemical elements convert pure metal into colloidal forms, oxides and the appearance of bacterial mucus. By passing through pipes that accumulate microorganisms and peel off layers from the inside, toxicity increases.

    Signs of high iron concentration in water (is too much iron from shower water).  How to choose a best hard water shower heads?


    Without laboratory analysis, it is very difficult to determine which filter is right for you. You may notice water that contains a lot of iron. If your shower water has too much iron, you may notice:

    • Metal flavour by the water, sour smell
    • Brown shade of rust
    • Brown sludge that settles without boiling
    • Lack of transparency with clouding
    • Red sediment from boiling water
    • Appearance of stains after washing clothes


    Signs appear with a large increase in the MPC level, small deviations are not visible to the individual. But, if used inside all the time, it strikes at health. Irrigating indoor plants, vegetable gardens, oppression and loss of sprouts occur. When the tap leaks in the direction of the jet, rusty plaque with plenty of bacteria appears.

     Iron filtered shower head to get permissible iron content in water

    The maximum permissible concentration of iron in drinking water from artesian wells varies from 0.5 to 20 mg/l. This is the average for home use. If your water does not meet these requirements, you should install a water filter for hard water shower.


    Public institutions, kindergartens, schools, hospitals and restaurants must use water with a value of 0.3 mg/l. It is easy to determine the magnification if tea or coffee is brought to you in an entertainment institution - the drink will have a sour smell and metallic flavour. Despite the aroma of coffee, if there is a lot of iron in the water - the chemical element can be clearly felt with subsequent stomach heartburn.

    Cheapest way to remove iron from well water – to use home iron filter. How to choose a best hard water filter shower head?

    Cheapest way to remove iron from well water and to use safe water everywhere - drinking, washing, keeping sanitary equipment clean and watering your garden – to use home iron filter. They represent units of various sizes which, by simple oxidation, aeration and transformation of hazardous metal into 3-valent metal, oxidise it.


    The resulting sludge settles and the filter is removed from the system by automatic flushing. Excess iron in drinking water will no longer be a problem at home. And the installations are automatic and do not require manual monitoring of the set from the well. This is convenient and safe. In our company "AquaHomeGroup" you can buy a convenient cleaning system at a cost from the manufacturer.

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