Top 10 countries with the best tap water!

Top 10 countries with the best tap water

  1. New Zealand. Tap water in this country is perceived as the cleanest and safest in the world.
  2. Germany. At water treatment plants, the country follows high standards.
  3. Sweden. In Stockholm, there are 2 water treatment plants that supply clean tap water to 1.3 million residents.
  4. England. The main reason for the high-quality level of tap water is that it is supplied by a water supply company. Water regulation in the country is based on the European Drinking Water Directive and the notification of the World Health Organization.
  5. Italy. The tap water of this country is of excellent quality and is sometimes comparable to bottled water. The state conducts tests to analyze the quality of tap water according to some indicators: acidity, the presence of solids, fluorides, sodium, chlorides, and nitrites. These data confirm that the quality of tap water is maintained at a high level.
  6. Austria. In this country, tap water comes from groundwater and spring water. The Austrian Water Act was created to protect these water resources. The supply of high-quality drinking water is compulsory under Austrian law.
  7. France. This country uses different methods to attract the private sector so that it maintains the sanitary condition of tap water and its water supply. The state supports private business to be engaged in water treatment (various discounts and lease agreements).
  8. Luxembourg. There are approximately 71 sources, but only 38 of them are used to produce drinking water. Water is treated at advanced water treatment plants where ultrafiltration systems are used.
  9. Norway. This country has special programs that explore the protection of groundwater and other water systems in Norway. Regular checks are also carried out to confirm the quality of drinking water.
  10. Switzerland. The country's water department takes a variety of measures to provide water and the environment without drinking water. Tap water has the same quality as bottled mineral water.

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