Choosing a whole home water purification system: better system?

Choosing a whole home water purification system: which system is better?

The health of you and your family depends on the quality of water you drink and use. Therefore, the question of selecting a whole home water purification system is particularly acute. Wells, depending on the location, are used as a source of fresh water since ancient times, but the purity of this water is sometimes questionable.

Today progress allows to develop and create highly effective whole house water filters use, which can thoroughly clean water from any impurities and make it suitable for drinking and using.

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What is necessary to consider when choosing a whole home water purification system?

The main source of fresh water in country houses and cottages is a well. However, the water in them is not always clean and safe for drinking, as most people think. Sand grains and silt particles are not a complete list of impurities in water. Microorganisms, pesticides, elevated mineral content (compounds of iron, magnesium, calcium, fluorine, etc.) are all dangerous to human health. And calcium and tends to deposit on the inner surface of pipes and heating elements of household appliances, thereby reducing their life.

To choose a whole home water purification system, you must first conduct an analysis that will help determine the degree of contamination of water. Today, there are independent laboratories in every city, and many filter manufacturers offer a similar service. The analysis will show compliance with sanitary standards, the amount of mineral impurities, etc. This information should be used as a basis for filter system selection.

Types of whole home water purification systems: classic water filters


If we consider whole home water purification system from the principle of action, there are two types of purification systems:

  1. Classic water filters. The system consists of three to four modules, which communicate with each other in order. Each module contains a special water cartridge, which performs its function according to the degree of purification:
  • pre-filter (coarse or mechanical filtration),
  • main filter (sorption of dissolved impurities, usually used carbon cartridge),
  • post-filter (flavor and odor removal).

Thanks to this sequential purification it is possible to achieve high quality drinking water. Classic water filters are suitable for water of any degree of contamination and can be adjusted to specific tasks.

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  1. Reverse osmosis water filters. Their design is similar to that of classical water filters, but there is necessarily a module with a special membrane, so their total number can be up to five or six. The system necessarily includes polypropylene, carbon and/or ion exchange water cartridges.

The essence of purification is that only molecules of water and substances with the same size of molecules are pushed through the membrane. Reverse osmosis systems are not inferior to classic water filters  systems in quality of water purification, but they are more expensive.

When choosing a classic water filter, you need to consider not only the readings of water analysis, but also the total volume of water consumed per family member, multiplied by two to three times (this is how the desired performance of the filter is determined).

If you choose a whole home water purification system that works on the principle of reverse osmosis, pay attention to the pressure in the water supply - it must not be below 3 atm, otherwise the water filter will not be able to function properly. Also select the resource and capacity, based on the needs of all the people living in the house.

Why do I need whole home water purification system?

More often than not, homeowners are forced to select whole home water purification system that will help remove:

  • salts;
  • iron compounds (oxides);
  • coarse impurities (sand grains, silt particles);
  • microorganisms;
  • industrial dirt, especially if there are factories or highways nearby.

In such a case, a multi-stage whole home water purification system is required, which consistently removes all contaminants from the water. Usually for this purpose, special complex water treatment systems are used, which purify water before it enters the house. These systems must include specific water filters, working in a narrow focus: deferrizers, aerators, softeners, etc.

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When in whole home water purification system is used for iron removal? Deironing with home iron filter


Iron removal is indicated in situations where the water contains too many iron compounds, not only oxidized but also unoxidized. Deironing with home iron filter is also necessary if the water has too much manganese and suspended solids. In this case it is necessary to choose a special water filter with additional demanganation function.

When in whole home water purification system are used water softeners?

If fresh water comes from calcareous underground cavities, it contains large amounts of hardness salts. Such water is dangerous for humans as well as for plumbing and household appliances, so special water softeners are used to purify water in whole home water purification system.

When in whole home water purification system is used aeration (aero water filter)?


If the water exceeds the content of soluble divalent iron oxide, it must be oxidized and converted to trivalent iron oxide to remove it from the water. Such oxide is insoluble and settles on the filter media. In addition, the water may often contain hydrogen sulfide, which must be "bound" by oxidation in order to be removed. It is in such cases whole home water purification system is used aeration (aero water filter)- saturation with oxygen or other gases - is necessary.

In what cases are multifunctional water filters used?

Such water purification systems solve several problems at a time - they remove iron and manganese impurities, salts, organic impurities and pesticides from water, as well as carry out aeration.


Correctly picked up the whole home water purification system can safeguard water of any degree of contamination, the main thing to consider your needs and make a detailed analysis of the water. If you live in an apartment, and the limited space does not allow installing a large-sized system, pay attention to compact water filters - they will not take up much space, but cope with their task no worse. Our online store offers a wide range of compact water purification systems for various purposes.

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