Many underestimate the benefits of water procedures, reducing them to just washing the body. While taking a shower or bath, taking a bath can be one of the main procedures for rejuvenating and lifting the skin, maintaining its tone. On how to enhance the rejuvenating effect of water procedures, we were told by Anna Apenko, a spa specialist and massage therapist at the Studio of Youth salon.

Baths, saunas, steam rooms

As far back as Ancient times, it was traditionally accepted to float in a sauna on Sundays. Physicians note the invaluable benefits of bathing for strengthening the body, health, and longevity, and cosmetologists and spa specialists insist on a weekly trip to the bath or sauna, not only to maintain youthfulness and firmness of the skin, and also to fight overweight and cellulite. You can lose from 1 to 3 kg in one visit. The blood and lymph flow increases in the bath, all metabolic processes in the body are accelerated, fat is burned and slags are removed. Now you can choose a steam room to your taste and commensurate with the capabilities of your body. Baths, saunas, hammams, Japanese steam rooms are alternatives to creams, many expensive rejuvenation procedures, and therapies.

How to enhance the effect and not to hurt

The bath is contraindicated for people with cancer, strokes, heart attacks, pressure surges. In some cases, even with contraindications, you can go to the bath, but if you do it on health and under the supervision of a specialist. If your goal is to lose weight, then on the day of the bath is not worth eating heavy food, and after the bath does not need to drink a lot, no matter how you want it. A lot of fluid is lost during bathing, and if you eat it too much, you may get swelling after going to the bath. The maximum that is allowed in the bath are fruits, dried fruits, herbal, and ginger lemon teas.

To enhance the effect of the bath, this procedure is included in all kinds of spa programs. In addition to the steam room, you will definitely be offered a peeling, as the upper epidermis is good at steaming. Also, any bath wraps work many times better than the salon wraps because the body is steaming and the pores are opening.

If you are just used to going to the bath, various scrubs made of natural components will be useful. For example, coffee or honey and salt. Honey is applied to the body, the top is sprinkled with salt, and scrubbing is done. It is important only to choose the right salt milling depending on the density of your skin. If your skin is sensitive, you should use a finer salt grinding. The salt extracts moisture from the body and the honey drinks vitamins to the skin through the pores enlarged in the steam room. The effect of this scrub is immediately obvious: the skin becomes firmer, firmer, and tighter. It is also possible to make wraps, such as honey, mixed with herbal decoction, on your own after a bath.


Taking a bath can become a health-improving procedure, and rejuvenating, and fight against excess weight and cellulite. But for this, it is important not to take a bath in a hurry, and lie in hot water for 10 to 20 minutes and using different means, depending on what effect you want to achieve. In the hot bath increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, the skin evaporates and the pores expand. The increased blood flow will affect the cellulite. For your body to vaporize well, the water must be hot enough. A simple bath can be taken every day.  You should not forget about the water in which you take a bath. It should certainly be purified from chlorine and various impurities. Water filters can help to solve this problem.

How to enhance the effect and not to hurt

 Not everybody wants a hot bath. If you feel dizzy and your heartbeat increases, you should stop taking a bath.

For the fight against cellulite will be effective hard scrub or massage problem areas with a rigid mitten of natural fibers. This way, you will increase blood circulation in these areas.

You can add salt (sea and cook salt) and oils to the bath. The salt is enriched with a lot of useful trace elements. It has a curative effect on rashes by drying the skin. To achieve the healing effect is enough a handful of salt per bath. After taking a bath it is important to wash off the salt, otherwise, the saltwater will leave a film on the body, which will continue to dry the skin. Caution is also needed when using essential oils. If your skin is sensitive, you can get a reaction to the oil up to burning. Even if you are used to applying this oil to your body in a bath, the effect will be stronger. Take an allergy test by applying an essential oil to your wrist or the fold of your elbow, or better put an aroma lamp next to the bathtub and inhale the vapors. Use ready-made bath mixes or extracts. For this bath 10-15 minutes is enough. A treatment bath with salt or extracts is best done no more than once a week. For a relaxing and soothing effect, you can take a bath with salt 2-3 times a week but then add less salt.

For clarification and rejuvenation of the skin is good milk baths like those taken by Cleopatra to maintain its beauty. The effect is visible immediately after the procedure. For one bath you need about 3 liters of milk. Only milk is important to take natural.


Many people have showers instead of bathrooms. But even this is not an excuse to deny yourself the recovery and rejuvenation effect for the body as a whole and the skin. You just need to take a shower not on the fly, but to stand under the shower for a while so that the body warms up well and the skin turns red. Someone needs 2-3 minutes for this, someone will take from 10 minutes. Blood flow increases, pores open, extra moisture comes out of the body. And shower jets also have a massage effect, if you direct the shower sprayer to the problem areas and keep it so 5-6 minutes, thus increasing blood flow in tissues and "breaking" the fat. If you have different shower heads, you will increase the effectiveness of the whirlpool by choosing a denser spray head. Or use the side jets, if you have such a function in your shower cabin.

How to enhance the effect and not to harm

By showering, you can increase the blood flow with mittens and hand scrubs. But it's important not to chase the result and not to overdo it, otherwise, you can injure your skin if it's thin. If possible, contact a specialist to find the right skin care program for your skin.

The showerhead with the SPA effect will give you the feeling of a spa treatment right at your doorstep for cheap. And using a filtering shower head with vitamin C will enrich the air around you with a pleasant citrus aroma, as well as saturate your skin with vitamin C.

A contrast shower is very useful. Vessels are trained, skin elasticity and firmness appear. But for safety reasons, it is not recommended to pour cold water immediately after hot water. After taking a hot shower and care procedures, turn on slightly cooler water and start drenching with your feet. Gradually raise higher so that your body gets used to this temperature. If the higher you rise, the more uncomfortable you are, make the water warmer. You can only pour cool water on your feet for 1-2 minutes. For example, in the evening when you come from work, finish your shower with cold water on your feet.

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