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Why do you need hard water shower filter head?

As chlorination of water is a common measure necessary to prevent the spread of infections among the population, consumers have long been aware of the undeniable health benefits of filtered water in the USA. However, the fact that 50 percent of daily exposure to water is received in the shower is surprising to some people.

Shower water filter

The remaining 50% of exposure to the water we receive from drinking water. Consequently, filtering water in the shower is as important to humans as filtering water.

Besides undoubted advantages for human health, water filtered by a shower water filter has positive cosmetic effects.  After taking a shower with chlorinated water, a person may experience unpleasant cosmetic effects such as dried and/or flaky skin, dry brittle hair, and red eyes.

Using hard water shower filter head, you will significantly reduce these effects. Your skin and hair will be softer and your eyes won't turn red and burn if you use hard water filters.

About the damage of chlorine

  It is widely known that active chlorine is added to tap water for disinfection purposes. This aggressive chemical substance, both directly and through the creation of free radicals (a derivative of chlorine), makes water unsafe. It is not only undesirable to eat such water.

We use the same water when we take a shower or bath. Moreover, we use hot water for this purpose, and as a result, a significant amount of residual chlorine evaporates with ease. Chlorine filter shower head will help to solve the problem with chlorine in the water.

Chlorine water filter

Many people must have noticed the unpleasant smell of chlorine in the bathroom when we use the shower. We breathe that air. The shower water drops have a finely dispersed structure. The surface area of the water in this case is thousands of times larger than if the water in the same volume was flowing from under the tap.

Thus, the amount and concentration of gaseous chlorine that evaporates from such an area increase dramatically. When we breathe air while taking a shower, the body gets about 100 times more chlorine and its volatile compounds than when we drink the same water.

Also, poisonous fumes spread throughout the house and are inhaled by all its inhabitants. Once in the lungs, and through them in the blood, they spread throughout the body, causing him a lot of damage.

This is why ecologists and doctors recommend opening a window while bathing or shortening the time spent in the bathroom. Prolonged hot showers can be extremely dangerous.

 As a result, chlorine in the air damages the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and lung tissue.

The chlorine in the water has a damaging effect on the skin and hair.

Skin starts to flake and hair loses its shine and color. Such water can also be dangerous for children, especially newborns, with their delicate skin.  Don’t put yourself and your family in danger, use showerhead filters.

When chlorine gets on the skin, it causes various irritations and allergic reactions. Regular exposure to aggressive organochlorine not only leads to dryness, premature skin aging, and a sad cosmetic effect but can also lead to chronic allergies, skin diseases, etc.

Chlorine water damaging effect on the skin

 Millions of women around the world buy daily special shampoos for colored hair with the sole purpose of fighting the damaging effects of chlorine in tap water on colored hair and its rapid loss of color. Isn't it easier to fight the root cause by using a shower filter head?

Customers, who have bought a shower head filter in our shop, confirm the unprecedented softness of water, silky skin after taking a shower. There is no need to buy expensive products for skin and hair, which were designed to soften the effects of chlorinated water on people.


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