What is a charcoal shower filter?

A charcoal shower filter is a water treatment device, the body of which is made of metal or plastic and filled with activated carbon or has a charcoal cartridge. It is used in cases of multistage purification. Main function: performs the last degree of purification, and is therefore considered an additional. That is the first in such a system will be installed mechanical filter (will remove from water rough impurities), then the fine filter (will remove impurities measuring about 20 microns) and the last stage of treatment is the carbon filter for the shower.


Why is the charcoal filter used last? It's simple. It is designed to improve the organoleptic properties of water and is simply not capable of trapping rough impurities (rust, sand, silt, etc.). With these impurities cope with other elements of purification (about them you can read in any product of our store)


As noted earlier, the shower charcoal filter has activated carbon in it. The peculiarity of this substance is that it has a high porous structure, due to which it has good absorption properties. Activated carbon is obtained from organic carbon materials, namely charcoal, coal coke or coal from coconuts. Specifically our shower charcoal filters use coconut charcoal, which is considered the best solution!




The impurities in the water (chlorine, oxygen, fluorine, etc.) pass through the filter surface under pressure, react with the carbon, which results in absorption. The charcoal in such filters is usually granulated or crushed to get less water resistance. Carbon cartridges can have different absorbent surface areas, depending on this they come in:

  • Pressed charcoal cartridges. The peculiarity is that such a cartridge is filled with different kinds of charcoal. This helps to purify water of different nature. Before being pressed and installed in the cartridge, the charcoal is mixed with food plastic. Under high temperature and pressure, a carbon block is formed, which purifies the water.
  • Cartridges with granular active carbon. Here usually coconut charcoal is used, because it has a high degree of absorption and is resistant to being washed out by water. Carbon in the form of granules is placed in the body of the filter cartridge and closed with a mesh. Then the water passes through the granules and is purified.
  • Cartridges with powdered active carbon. As a result of the fact that such cartridges have the largest working surface among others, are able to purify water at the highest level, bringing the taste of water to the ideal. Eliminate the least chlorine taste.

In order to get a taste of water without impurities, choose charcoal filters that use only quality charcoal. Such filters can be found in the store aquahomegroup.com. Our specialists will choose for you the filter that will help you achieve the desired result of purification.


It is worth noting that the filter element in the charcoal filters clog quite quickly. Therefore, it is important to time its replacement and comply with the following rules for operation:

  1. Do not use a charcoal filter to clean hot water. The high temperature will quickly destroy the absorption properties of the filter. This does not apply to coconut charcoal shower filters;
  2. Do not use the charcoal filter as a primary filter. Before installing it, prepare the water by cleaning it with a coarse filter;
  3. High pressure in the water supply can harm the filter. Therefore, be sure to monitor the pressure level. The permissible pressure level that the filter can withstand should be specified by the manufacturer;
  4. Do not install a cleaning system that uses a charcoal filter in a room with high humidity.


This is the reason why it is better to buy a one-piece 20-stage cartridge!

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