What is a charcoal filter and what is it for?

Sometimes when designing a water treatment system the best option for water disinfection is to use chlorine and carbon. As part of such systems we necessarily include Chlorine Shower Head With Filter Vitamin C High Pressure Rain. We also use such filters as part of standard treatment systems for customers who have special requirements for water purity.

Carbon filter cleans water from chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, phenol, benzene, oil products, pesticides and many other impurities. After cleaning with charcoal the organoleptic characteristics of water also improve: it becomes transparent, foreign flavors and smells disappear.

Adsorption filter is called because inside it there is an adsorbent - a substance that retains in itself harmful compounds. In our filters, the adsorbent is coconut activated carbon. It has a porous structure, so its specific surface area is high. The specific surface area of coconut charcoal is 4 times greater than that of conventional charcoal, which means it retains more contaminants.

During the water flow through the filter, harmful impurities are retained by the surface of the adsorbent and remain there until regeneration. Regeneration is the process by which the carbon is washed and cleaned of impurities. After that it can be reused. Washing takes place inside the filter cylinder and the impurities are discharged into the drain. If an automatic control valve is installed, this process does not require human intervention.


How long does the charcoal filter last?


The resource of the carbon is not unlimited: after every washing it decreases and at a certain point it is necessary to replace the filter medium completely. We recommend replacing the charcoal once every 6 months.

We have charcoal filters of any volume (capacity). They are a necessary step for installation after reagent systems and a desirable step when designing and installing any other treatment system.

Our specialists work with any water contamination from all possible sources. Regardless of the initial water quality, we will recommend filters that will purify water to any standard.

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