What are the modes of jets in showerheads? | Handheld or stationary?

 What are the modes of jets in showerheads?

A normal showerheads is gradually becoming high-tech equipment. Now you can get into the bathtub as well as rain, waterfall, and mist. Let's explore new shower features!

Showerhead: handheld or stationary?

A handheld showerhead. It's the most familiar kind of shower on a flexible hose. But it has long since ceased to be a primitive device. Modern shower headset provides a lot of opportunities, for example, to make the flow more voluminous. There are models that form up to 90 jets.

Thus the diameter of heads for a nozzle of a hand shower head does not exceed 150-200 mm, that is the device remains rather compact. The modes are switched by means of an adjustment ring, a lever or a button. 

Stationary watering can. Wall or ceiling stationary models (sometimes the angle of their slope can be changed, sometimes it is fixed) give a more voluminous flow: the diameter of their handles - up to 500 mm. There are square and rectangular nozzles, also impressive sizes: 28×28 cm, 43×22 cm, etc. For this "large format" there are different modes of operation ("tropical rain", "cascade", "rain haze"), and the leading manufacturers of shower headset of this class is equipped with additional functions - such as lighting or chromotherapy.  

Combination systems-stands. Combine the advantages of a stationary and handheld headset. In addition, they are easy to install. When it comes to water volume and head, they are versatile: soft jets and powerful flow. In high-tech combined systems, the jet types are changed, the mode is switched from manual to overhead, temperature and water flow are controlled by an asymmetrical electronic thermostat. There are also multifunctional models with side massage jets.

But despite the abundance of options, the shower headset in such constructions does not take much space - it is located on a vertical hose-pipe, through which the water rises to the shower


What modes does the hand-washing work in?

 Raining mode. Jets of this type are dispersed through thin holes (45 to 90 pieces). Their axis is tilted as you move away from the spray head - this is how a concentric spray of soft and thin jets is atomized over a large area

Soft Dispersion Mode. The water is saturated with air during spraying, which is why this mode is very delicate. It is ideal for head washing and face massage. The air is "sucked" into the watering canister through special openings - this is a light and delicate mixture of water and air bubbles.

Mono mode. Strong, but gentle. Suitable for cool sprays.

Combination modes. Some models have mechanisms to combine different modes. A number of manufacturers offer their unique combinations: Variojet, which combines normal mode with soft dispersion mode. It is full of bubbles and reminds you of spilling champagne. The caress jet is a combination of direct and spiral flows.

Waterfall mode - gently envelops from all sides, immersing the user in a cloud of fine splashes. It has a calming effect. Waterfall - A variant of shower headset that can switch from standard to waterfall mode. Charges with energy and liveliness.

It's all at once. Absolutely special case when the shower headset allows you to use all modes at once: the showerhead rotates and the jets of different types alternate. Of course, you can only lock the headset into one of the modes you like. One of the most modern ways to control the shower is to change the mode by turning the showerhead.

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