What are shower filters for?

It is necessary to purify water not only for drinking and cooking, but also for hygiene purposes. When we take a bath or shower, we do not think about how the water that flows from the tap affects our skin. Chlorine has the most negative effect on the human dermis. Chlorine is used to disinfect water.

But its high content in tap water is dangerous to the human body. Skin irritation, redness of mucous membranes of the eyes and nose, scalp peeling, hair breakage - all these problems entail the use of water with high levels of chlorine.

And what about when it comes to bathing an infant. Of course, most parents are afraid to bathe their children in such water and often choose the boiling method. But is it the right choice? Perhaps it's better to buy a shower filter and forget about the problems associated with the harmful effects of chlorine once and for all? Store aquahomegroup.com offers to buy a shower filter from us, as all devices presented in our store, are made of reliable, durable materials, so they last a long time.


The filtration process in such a device is due to the fact that under pressure water passes through the filtering material, which is located in the cartridge. In order to choose correctly, you need to familiarize yourself with the varieties of such filters. So shower filters, which are the best to use:

Filter shower head. It looks like the most ordinary watering can, which is easily screwed to the hose. In the middle of the watering can install a cartridge, which is able to clean the water from impurities such as chlorine, pesticides, benzene, lead and others. Quite a budget option that will suit everyone. Service life is 3-6 months. Installed in homes as well as beauty salons or hotels.

20-Stage Replacement Ceramic Balls. Used as a shower filter. Cleans the water from iron and chlorine. Great for those with young children. Easy to use. Such a ball - one of the components of the shower, it is simply screwed on the hose, where it passes through itself the water, purifying it. The service life of such a filter is 6 months.

Shower head against chlorine. Its body is made of plastic or metal, in which there is a filter. It is inserted instead of the standard shower head. By installing this filter, you can use a variety of nozzles on the shower hose. The service life is about 6 months.


Buying a shower filter also prolongs the life of the plumbing. All elements of the plumbing equipment, on which water falls, subsequently deteriorates from salt deposits in the form of white plaque. As a result, it begins to work poorly, and their service life is reduced.


image-what-is-the-harm-of-bad-waterIt also spoils their appearance. Plaque that is difficult to clean in the shower is the problem of all housewives. Shower filters can help you avoid this. You will notice the results of the shower filter immediately, because the water will become soft and unpleasant odors will disappear from it. When you take a shower or bath with purified water you will never feel dry again and forget about hair breakage or skin irritation.

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