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Water ultrafiltration in USA


Water ultrafiltration in USA is as part of global water treatment/ The catastrophically unfavorable environmental situation (even in regions far from cities) forces them to resort to drinking water treatment. This becomes the rule for people who care about their relatives and friends.

Ultrafiltration system

Given the fact that the process of pollution of drinking water sources is increasing, the timely introduction of individual or complex water treatment plants in the cottage construction plan will avoid this problem in the future. An efficient and cost-effective water treatment device for installation in a cottage or summer cottage is an ultrafiltration system.

Ultrafiltration system installation for water treatment

Ultrafiltration treatment systems are installed in houses and cottages to protect people's health, keep sanitary ware and domestic water heating devices in excellent condition. Water treatment and water purification allow:

  • to get rid of bacterial and viral contamination;
  • purify water from excessive rigidity;
  • to give the water softness, pleasant taste, and safety.

Mechanical filter


Whatever the main system of water treatment in the cottage, as the first stage is supposed to install a mechanical filter with a steel mesh. It will not allow large impurities in the form of sand, grass and other debris to reach the cleaner, which disables the cleaning equipment.

Shower water softener filter

It is not enough to install a washing filter with a mesh to obtain safe drinking water. The Ultrafiltration device will give more purity and reliability to the water. This complex is quite enough to obtain high-quality clean water. But if you want to reduce the hardness of the liquid, you can add a shower water softener filter.

Advantages of water treatment with ultrafiltration systems

The method of water treatment that disinfects and clarifies the water without preparation and with low financial costs is an ultrafiltration technology. Besides disinfection and clarification, this technology removes toxic particles and dangerous microbes with viruses.

With only one device, two serious problems can be solved: clarification and water disinfection. In addition, no special ionized softeners are required with the ultrafiltration device.


Ultrafiltration is based on the membrane water treatment principle. The translucent thick membrane of the device removes from the water together with microorganisms and suspended particles of heavy metals. This method of water treatment provides consumers with clean, soft, light and safe water and as a bonus those useful minerals that the ultrafiltration technology leaves in the water.

As an efficient reagent-free and combined technology, industrial-scale water ultrafiltration in USA performs several functions simultaneously: it removes impurities, purifies water from harmful microorganisms.

AquaHomGroup offers high-quality ultrafiltration plants that increase the productivity of reverse osmotic membrane systems. AquaHomeGroup ultrafiltration systems contribute to the effective removal of toxic suspended solids, clarify and improve the quality of drinking water.

Proposals by AquaHomeGroup

Water treatment systems in houses improve the quality of drinking water and protect human life from diseases. These products are not cheap. Therefore, a long period of trouble-free operation is one of the main requirements of the consumer. The equipment of AquaHomeGroup meets all requirements of the consumer to water treatment and purification systems.

The company uses modern research and development to create products. Water treatment systems consume electricity economically, which is currently the main requirement of consumers. Some of these developments are the result of experience gained over the years in the field of water treatment.

AquaHomeGroup water treatment systems meet the requirements of organizations that conduct environmental monitoring. Ultrafiltration systems of concern perform their function technologically qualitatively and have impeccable design.

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