Water efficient shower heads and filtration systems

Water efficient shower heads and filtration systems

AQUAHOMEGROUP is a modern and high-tech domestic water supply and filtration systems. Compact and versatile in application, the devices are adapted for sanitary equipment of any class. Filtering systems and water efficient shower heads AquaHomeGroup suitable for installation in bathrooms, dining rooms and kitchen. Showerheads in a modern and original design are multifunctional - depending on the equipment can filter water, saturate it with useful elements and massage the skin.


Water efficient shower heads – classification and features

Taking a shower, we pour water on ourselves, the composition of which we do not know at all. A shock dose of chlorine or a mixture of harmful substances falls on our skin, causing a negative impact. AquaHomeGroup water efficient shower heads are designed with unique devices that improve water quality or create beneficial effects that are pleasant and beneficial to the skin and hair. All samples are easy to install, have an original design and are classified according to their intended purpose:


Vitamin shower filter (vitamin C shower head).

Vitamin shower filter (vitamin C shower head). Working on existing domestic systems, it instantly neutralizes chlorine and saturates water with vitamin C.


Vitaminized water has a positive effect on skin and hair, strengthens weakened ends, reduces irritation, prevents dandruff. Purified water moisturises the skin, stabilizes keratin levels and improves metabolism. The transparent water filter allows you to clearly see the level of indication.

Water saving shower head


Water saving shower head - saves up to 50% of water consumption. The device is designed so that the user can adjust the spraying mode independently. The head of the shower head produces a full jet of water, consuming less water even at the same pressure. The main feature of the water conserving head is the ability to adjust the angle of the water jet and its pressure.

Shower head with massage

Shower head with massage - works in three modes (spraying, massage, foot). Advantages of the device - provides spot massage, economical water consumption. The user can change the pressure with a special regulator. No problem, it is used as a shower head to strengthen the hair (recovery).  

Special shower heads


Special shower heads for animal (pet) shower head allows for gentle and thorough washing of pet coats and vulnerable areas around the ears and eyes. The nozzle has a silicone cover with the original design.  

All samples of shower heads have chrome-plated surface, resistant to cleaning agents and damp environment.


Multistage filtration shower filter - universal shower filter

 With the release of the universal shower filter, AQUAHOMEGROUP introduced an improved filtration system with multistage filtration shower filter. The range of devices is represented by samples for installation above the shower head or in faucets of different classes.


Shower heads with filter cartridges


Shower heads with filter cartridges AquaHomeGroup are modified to take into account their features filter from heavy metals, chlorine, etc. and the number of cleaning stages. Structurally, the device looks like this:

  1. The body is a transparent capsule, thanks to which the user can observe its internal state. It allows not missing the term of water filter replacement from chlorine, rust, bacteria, etc..
  2. Hexagonal nut, with which the kitchen water filter is mounted and securely fastened.
  3. Two filters (vitaminization and cleaning) placed on both sides of the device. Depending on the model, the filter can be in the number of one unit. Universal models are suitable as filters for bacteria, heavy metals, for neutralization of chlorine, etc..


15 stages shower filter


To the range of released samples AquaHomeGroup added filters of 15 stages of purification, effective for water purification from harmful impurities, inclusions, rust, chlorine and metal. The main advantages of the 15 stages shower filter are compactness, durability, ease of installation and control, high efficiency. By installing the filter on the tap or shower head, the user can always check the cartridge for further suitability. All samples are lightweight, do not weigh on communication systems and do not impose significant loads. 

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