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Vitamin C shower head in USA

Vitamin C shower head in USA is gaining popularity for a reason. It helps to reduce harmful effect of chlorine to our bodies.

Did you know that even if you do not use tap water for cooking and drinking, you are constantly in direct contact with the chlorine composition?

That's because every time you take a shower or bath, your body is exposed to chlorine, which penetrates through your skin pores.

Moreover, it has been proven that taking a shower results in greater exposure to toxic chemicals in tap water than drinking it.

Excess chlorine in the body leads to various diseases of the internal organs and deterioration of health in general. Specialists in dermatology note that numerous skin irritations and mucous membranes often provoke poor-quality water, which is saturated with chlorine compounds.

Water dries out the skin and irritates the mucous membranes, adversely affects the hair, making it brittle and lifeless.

Aromatherapy effect made by aromatherapy shower head


A refreshing scent will revive your body and mind. What is an aromatherapy shower head? It is a natural therapy that aims to restore the balance of body and mind through the scent and healing effect of plants. Vitamin C shower heads use technology that turns vitamin C and a wonderful fragrance into an aromatic showerhead gel cartridge. When you take a shower with a shower head AQUAHOMEGROUP, the water is saturated with the scent and vitamin C. Perfect after a long and exhausting day! 

Vit C shower heads in USA

Vit C shower heads in USA are getting popular every day.

Take care of rough and dry skin, making it moisturized and smooth. Vitamin C is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. It includes collagen. It is also known that vitamin C is useful for strengthening the immune system of the skin, as it has a beneficial effect on it: whitens, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Improves the condition of the scalp and hair.

Vitamin c shower head filter

Vitamin c shower head filter for your skin health. Each aromatic showerhead gel cartridge contains a vitamin C concentration of 3000 lemons. When taking a shower, the gel "melts" from hot water, and your skin gets a useful dose of vitamin C (0.6 mg~1.2 mg of vitamin C per liter of water).

You can prevent skin problems and hair damage caused by chlorine. Each AQUAHOMEGROUP water filter head has an aromatic gel cartridge with vitamin C, which removes more than 98% chlorine from tap water. When taking a shower, the gel "melts" from hot water, and Vitamin C instantly removes chlorine. The gel cartridge does not affect the water pressure from the watering can: it will remain elevated, creating a stunning massage effect.

Shower head with SPA effect


Just change the shower head to AQUAHOMEGROUP shower head with SPA effect and enjoy the SPA shower effect!

The problem of low water pressure is solved forever: the AQUAHOMEGROUP showerhead is equipped with a patented spray plate with triangular holes, which are 10 times smaller than in conventional showerheads. T

his results in a pressure that is 3~6 times higher. What does it give you? First, more thorough cleansing of skin pores. Secondly, unforgettable sensations and massage effect to improve blood flow and circulation of body fluid.

Saving water

Maximum saving effect on water consumption. The AQUAHOMEGROUP nozzle plate has patented triangular holes, which are responsible for a 20 ~ 50% water-saving effect. The spray plate increases water pressure so that you can enjoy the SPA in your home.

Generation of negative ions, fog effect

Vitamins in the air: Enjoy negative ions in the shower! Negative ions enter the body through the lungs and skin. They help our cells in metabolism, increase vitality, reduce fatigue and improve concentration.

That's why anions are called "vitamins in the air". Around 100,000 negative ions are created around Niagara Falls and Yosemite National Park, which are known as the places with the highest concentration of anions in the world. Around 1,000 negative ions are generated around other waterfalls and in forests.

The AQUAHOMEGROUP nozzles generate 421,000 negative ions per cubic cm of water. The patented spray plate holes generate 100 times more anions than 100 waterfalls around the world!

When water passes through triangular holes, each molecule in the jet is divided into two parts, releasing anions around each water molecule. In this way, the water is broken down into small jets, creating a mist effect. This is a truly unforgettable pleasure for your body!

Vitamin C cartridge

The AQUAHOMEGROUP shower head filters use vitamin C cartridge to neutralize residual chlorine and mechanical impurities from tap water, which have a direct negative effect on skin and hair.

The aromatizing vitamin C cartridge saturates the water with a small amount of ascorbic acid while giving it a delicate scent. Vitamin C in the cartridge additionally neutralizes chlorine from the water.

The bioceramic filters of AQUAHOMEGROUP shower head contain the natural mineral tourmaline. Tourmaline has been proven to continuously release healthy micro currents, negative ions and long-range infrared rays that are beneficial to the skin.

The patented spray plates of the AQUAHOMEGROUP shower heads allow not only to break water into small clusters, creating a mist effect and giving an excellent massage effect, but also to ionize water.

This phenomenon is called the "Leonard Effect", where electric charges are separated in a falling rain due to the crushing of water droplets. In addition, the effect of splitting water droplets into small clusters can reduce water consumption by up to 30%.

Ionize water


To make ionize water¬†is very easy ‚Äď just use AQUAHOMEGROUP shower heads with vitamin C.

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