The shower filter is an effective way to clean and soften water

The secrets of water softening for the washing machine

Hard water is one of the reasons for ineffective washing of laundry. Many housewives note that from such water and laundry becomes hard, and some say that the hardness of water affects the internal parts of the machine. Therefore, the question arises, how to soften the water coming into the machine, what agent to use for this purpose?

Why soften the water?


The washing machine, as well as other household appliances, requires careful care and constant cleaning. Housewives who monitor the condition of their "helper", as well as the efficiency of washing, know that in soft water the laundry is washed better. In addition, soften the water in all cases, if you notice that the washing machine has:

  • limescale;
  • soap scum;
  • unpleasant odor.

Magnesium and calcium ions contained in the water when water is heated to high temperatures, settle on the heating element and the tank of the machine in the form of scale.

 This gray scale is especially noticeable in those machines in which laundry is often washed at temperatures above 600C.

 At low temperatures, limescale is not formed, so do not fully believe the ads, which show the heater with large pieces of scale. However, you need to think about water softening.

 In hard water at low temperatures, the powder does not dissolve well. As a result, soap scum with particles of powder and dirt settle on the parts of the washing machine. Such a deposit can be seen on the powder and conditioner tray, on the drain filter and rubber collar. Softening the water will not only lead to a better dissolving of detergent, but a better washing of stains.

 After washing in a humid environment actively breeds and develops bacteria, which becomes a source of unpleasant odor. Without proper maintenance of the washing machine, such an odor can be absorbed into the laundry. Therefore, water softening and machine cleaning is simply necessary, and you can use citric acid for effective cleaning.



Having studied the composition of this means, you can be convinced that such substances, softening water, are included in the composition of any quality powder.

 Therefore, it is enough to use such a powder in the dose indicated on the package, and not to spend money on "advertising".

A good water softener, known to the older generation, is soda ash. It should be added directly to the powder. Such a folk remedy will really effectively save the parts of the washing machine from hard water. But it has a negative effect on clothes made of natural fabrics, so its use should be justified and careful.

You can soften the water with ordinary laundry soap. It is necessary to add soap when washing together with the powder. But it is highly discouraged to use this method for washing children's clothes. Because of the things washed with laundry soap, the child will have a dry skin. 

Filters for water purification


Softening of hard water with chemical means experts consider not as effective as softening with the help of water filters. Such filters not only soften water, but can also clean it from harmful impurities. There are several varieties of such filters.

  • Polyphosphate (salt) filter.
  • Magnetic filter.
  • Ionic exchange devices.
  • Reverse osmosis systems.

A salt filter is the most affordable way to soften water. In this filter, water softening occurs when it passes through polyphosphate crystals, which react with water salts by absorbing them.

 The output is soft service water which is suitable for washing and does not damage the parts of the washing machine. This filter can be cut into the water pipe by connecting it to the fill hose, or you can make a tie-in in the fill hose.

 The first option is preferred.

 Magnetic filter due to the magnetic field attracts elements of metals contained in hard water. As a result, at the output most of the salts of magnesium, calcium and other metals remain in the filter, and the water becomes suitable for washing.

 Unlike the polyphosphate filter, the magnetic filter is more reliable and durable. But the cost of the magnetic filter is many times greater. In addition, such a filter can be used not only to soften water for laundry, but also to purify drinking water.

 Ion exchange filters work on the principle of double absorption, removing metal salts from the water passing through them. How does this work? First, the water enters one section of the filter, which contains a sticky substance that saturates the water with ions that react with heavy metals.

 The ions of this substance essentially bind the heavy metal elements, entering with the water into the second compartment. The second compartment contains salt crystals that trap the ions along with the heavy metal salts. The result is perfectly soft water.

 Osmosis filters. One of the most effective filters because they are the best at removing heavy metal salts from water. These filters have at least two or three compartments separated by a membrane.

 Each compartment contains solutions of different concentrations and densities. The water, passing under pressure through these substances, is purified from all the dense elements present in it.

 The output is excellent soft water, which can only be used for technical purposes.

 So, there are different ways to soften hard water, each of them can be applied to soften water for the washing machine. Choose the most appropriate way for you, everything will depend on your budget, the desire to improve the quality of washing and to protect the washing machine.

Why you need a shower filter in the USA


The shower filter is a solution that has not yet enjoyed the popularity it deserves in our country.

 If the need for additional purification of drinking water is recognized by almost everyone, then the purchase of similar equipment in the bathroom is taken by many people almost as a luxury. And in vain.

 The flow-through shower filter is no less important in protecting the body from harmful substances contained in tap water.

 Why do we need to "clean" the shower water?

Everyone knows that the water coming to us from the water supply is generously treated with chlorine. This reliable and economical disinfectant has only one serious drawback - it is harmful to human health.

 By installing a drinking water purifier in your apartment in the kitchen and a chlorine filter for the shower in the bathroom, you get maximum protection. The dangerous element and its derivatives can enter our body not only by drinking or eating. 

The danger lurks even in normal hygienic procedures.

 Under the influence of hot water, the pores expand, making it as easy as possible for chlorine to get in, which it naturally takes advantage of. In addition to the negative internal effects, the appearance can also be affected.

 If there is no filter on the shower head, over time, various irritations may appear on the skin: redness, rashes, itching, etc. In the zone of high risk are allergic people, small children and pregnant women.  The shower filter is also an additional protection for the hair.

 Constant washing of the head with hard chlorinated water negatively affects the development of the hair coating, due to which its properties deteriorate significantly.

 How it works


The shower head with a filter performs the following tasks:

  • ¬†cleans the liquid from chlorine, salts and other harmful chemical compounds;
  • levels out the acid-alkaline balance;
  • softens water;
  • destroys viruses and bacteria.

Using a shower filter for hard water, you also get saving detergents. By interacting with the purified liquid, shampoo and soap foam much better.

 The optimum pH balance and softness is practically a guarantee that your skin won't get irritated. After all, clean water just feels good to wash with. This, by the way, is an important factor.

 A person who is used to the improved conditions will feel serious discomfort when he returned to the "reality". He will not be able to get the same pleasure from the process.

 The standard flow-through water filter for the shower is a replaceable cartridge, hidden in a plastic or metal casing. This cartridge consists of several compartments, in each of which a certain action takes place.

 The main cleaning is carried out by the sorbent material. An ion-exchange layer is responsible for softening the liquid.

 You can also buy a water filter for the shower, which includes mineralizers - special fillers that enrich the water with useful substances.


There are two main varieties of household models: nozzles and watering cans. Sometimes the category of shower water filters includes balls, placed in a filled bathtub.

 The liquid is purified within a few minutes, after which you can safely dip your body into it. The resource of such a product provides for the treatment of up to several hundred baths.

 However, it is not quite correct to call these devices shower water filters, because they only treat "stationary" liquid.


Such models are compact flasks that are placed between the faucet and the watering can. The shower nozzle with a filter effectively treats the water, with little or no weakening of the head.

 Minus: if the space around the faucet is limited, the additional device can get in the way. In addition, the life of such devices is often not too long.

  Change shower water filters often enough.


This solution came from the simple idea that it is inefficient to use a separate module for cleaning. You can simply install a water filter on the shower head, thus extending the functionality of the shower head. The product is screwed to the hose like an ordinary sprayer. Inside such a watering can is a cartridge, which is replaced at the end of its life.

In addition to traditional cleaning and mineralization, modern shower head filters can solve other problems. Of the innovations worth mentioning is the use of granules based on a unique material "illithium". Passing through its layer, H2O is charged positively, while the air - negatively.


 Such a shower with a water filter is said to have a beneficial effect on the skin and hair. Whether this is true in reality or not, it is difficult to say unequivocally. The technology is applied in the household not so long ago. In addition, it costs such a filter shower head more expensive than the usual ones. If you are willing to pay more, try it.

 High quality cleaning is guaranteed, the question is the strength of the miraculous effect.


Choosing a shower filter to soften water, focus on such parameters as the maximum operating temperature, flow rate and pressure, as well as the life of the replacement cartridge.

 The latter figure can be calculated by the service life or the volume of the treated liquid. The higher it is, the lower the further operating costs.

 It so happens that the "overpayment" at purchase becomes more profitable after only a few months of use.

 The next important point on the subject of which shower filter to buy is the origin of the product. Available models are both domestic and foreign production.

 You can always buy quality and proven by many users shower filters in our online store.

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