The secret of spring mood is in the water. Clean water. Water filters

The secret of spring mood is in the water

Excess pounds, loss of strength, dry skin - all these symptoms are long known. Both avitaminosis and the winter "legacy" from overeating are to blame. For many of us, it's impossible to fight it. However, strangely enough, the secret of attractiveness and well-being is. Yes, yes, in simple H2O without taste or smell.

Drink clean water every day and lose weight.

Let's start in order. For normal life, a person should drink at least 1.5-2 liters of clean water per day. It is water, not juice, coffee or milk. The fact that all drinks with taste are perceived by the body as food, and the body needs 1.5 liters of water.

 In spring we need even more water than usual. Spring is a time of avitaminosis. During this period, our body experiences various additional stresses. For normal metabolism and regaining strength, we need to get clean water regularly. The water contains many elements that the body needs. If we do not get enough of these elements from the water, the body begins to "take" them from food. However, the positive effect, in this case, is much lower. To date, this is not fully explained scientifically, and one only has to wonder what miraculous properties have all known H2O.

Clean water will help fight avitaminosis.

 Water helps the "spring" organism to maintain immunity and cope with various viral diseases that are familiar to each of us. Let's remember: when we are sick, we are first of all thirsty, not hungry. During illness, the body requires water, because it is water that helps it to recover, to overcome the pathogens.

 We took care of the avitaminosis. Now let's talk about how to improve your appearance in spring.

 It's a friendly reminder of what we're most worried about in the spring. That's right, overweight. Warm weather "whispers" that we should wear shorter skirts and more transparent blouses. However, looking at ourselves in the mirror, we understand that the skirts and jackets should be put aside because the accumulated winter kilos do not allow us to "undress". If you think that only you care about the spring "weight" problem, it is far from it. Our body is so organized that in winter, during cold and bad weather, it always tries to "put off" everything we eat. That's the way it's set up. That's why we want to eat more calorie food in winter.

In spring, winter supplies must be disposed of. But how. The way out is simple: drink more simple water. Scientists have proved that in many cases, our constant hunger is nothing but thirst, "veiled" by the desire to eat. Every time you are hungry, drink 2 glasses of clean water. Then the feeling of hunger will dull, and if it was "fake", it will go away at all. You can not only restore metabolism but also significantly reduce the amount of food you consume. And by the way, you probably won't want to eat high-calorie food anymore. Restored metabolism will change your taste preferences invisibly, and instead of buns and cakes, you will want to eat more fruits and vegetables. That's all. You don't seem to be on a diet, but at the same time the water will bring your body back to normal, and it will switch to a diet itself.

 When you read this article, a lot of people will think: What's the catch? If it's so simple, then why haven't we all got rid of excess weight and other health problems? And the catch is that today it is not so easy to find clean water. Tap water contains a lot of contaminants - both own and purchased. Therefore, in addition to water consumption, water treatment is also important.

Water pollution and how to deal with it.

 "Own" pollution in water is an excess of different substances, depending on the region.

 The "scourge" of our water is iron. Iron in the water can be seen in the eye by the brownish leaks on the sanitary ware, to taste - to feel the metallic taste of water. The presence of iron in water is enhanced by worn-out water pipes, to put it simply - by rusty pipes. Excess iron is harmful to health. Prolonged use of water with a high content of iron (more than 0.3 mg/l) increases the risk of heart attacks and adversely affects the reproductive function of the body.  Luckily, we get rid of iron in the water with special iron-free filters. Their use allows us to get good and clean water.

 The water may contain a large amount of hardness salts. If your kettle or saucepan is constantly forming scale, it means that you have hard water. Regular use of hard water can lead to kidney stones and skeleton calcification. The water hardness should be reduced to a normal level. For this purpose, water softeners or hard water filters are used.

 Many harmful substances enter the water as a result of human activity. For example, heavy metals. Lead is the battery for a car, which we throw away without special disposal. Mercury is a carelessly broken energy-saving lamp. Nickel is the "legacy" we inherited from stainless steel products. Treatment of water from heavy metals is very important so their accumulation in the human body is very dangerous to health and can provoke the development of many diseases, including cancer. Heavy metal filters for water provide quality purification.

 And of course, chlorine is the scourge of modernity. Chlorine kills pathogens in water. Chlorine, however, has strong carcinogenic and mutagenic properties. This means that, firstly, with the regular use of water containing chlorine significantly increases the risk of cancer, and secondly, with the regular intake of chlorine can cause harm at the genetic level and subsequently lead to congenital diseases in children.

 Chlorine is also harmful when taking a shower. It causes various skin diseases, from itching to allergic reactions. When we experience unpleasant feelings after taking a shower, we spend a lot of money from our family budget on various cosmetic products, most of which have only a temporary effect. In addition, when we take a shower, a lot of chlorine enters through the pores inside, and when we inhale the vapor of chlorine, the lungs actively suck up this chemical. Chlorinated water is particularly dangerous for the least protected, such as children and expectant mothers. The shower head filters will help to get rid of chlorine and its harmful effects on skin, hair and the body in general.

The conclusion from all the above is simple and sad: tap water - as it comes into our apartments - without pre-treatment is better not to use. Then there is a natural question: what to do with tap water then?

 The best solution is to treat tap water with filters. AquaHomeGroup filters help to solve the problem of pre-treatment of tap water. This means that together with clean water you will get not only health but also a truly spring mood.

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