The main signs of hard water

The main signs of hard water:

Limescale. It appears on household appliances, but most obviously it can be noticed on a teapot. The scale flakes are not only an unpleasant addition to boiled water but also a harmful compound for your body. Also, the sediment, forming on the heating elements of electrical appliances, renders them unusable.

Whitish stains on taps and a clogged shower divider. The water stone formed due to salts significantly reduces the life of the plumbing.

Dry skin. If you feel excessive dryness, itching, and peeling after having a shower then it is highly likely that your water is very hard.

Poor foaming of soap, hard washed items, high washing powder consumption, rapid change in the structure and color of clothes. Oddly enough, but hard water really makes it difficult for cleaners to foam and penetrate into tissues, thereby increasing the consumption of soap, powder, and shampoos.

The bluish tint of water it is also thanks to the salts of magnesium and calcium in it.

To get rid of hard water and unpleasant feelings on your skin, we recommend using showerheadsĀ and hard water filters in U.S.

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