Home tooth whitening with teeth whitening kit

Home tooth whitening with teeth whitening kit. Smoker teeth whitening kit with light

The desire to have a white smile is quite understandable: everyone wants to be charming and attractive. Nowadays, aesthetic dentistry offers different options for whitening teeth (smoker teeth whitening kit, teeth whitening kit with light) . In all this diversity, a person who dreams of changing his image, it is difficult to understand.

In our article we will talk about tooth whitening at home. There can be different ways - the choice is up to you.

Two methods of home teeth whitening

Professional kit. It includes gel and mouthpiece, which is made individually by a specialist according to your casts.

Pharmacy products. The products contain bleaching agents and are sold with standard mouthpieces (smoker teeth whitening kit, teeth whitening kit with light).


Home teeth whitening with drops

This is the easiest and safest way to create a snow-white smile. At home, you fill the mouthpieces yourself with gel and wear them at your convenience. While you're busy doing your own thing, the product works, brightening your teeth. You repeat the procedure several times until you achieve the desired effect.

This method is also suitable for smoker teeth whitening kit!

The first step towards a white smile is a visit to the dentist. You should have your dentist check your teeth and gums, as there may be contraindications for the procedure. The clinic will choose the most suitable whitening system for you.


Preparation for home tooth whitening. Teeth whitening kit with light

  • Specialist consultation. The choice of a whitening system based on your teeth and wishes.
  • Professional hygiene. You can only achieve the expected effect of whitening by removing plaque and tar from your teeth.
  • Manufacturing a mouth guard. The doctor removes impressions from both jaws to create individual mouthpieces.


Homemade whitening is safe. The best way to clean it is teeth whitening kit with light

The Smoker Teeth Whitening Kit allows you to dramatically change your image. According to experts, safe methods of tooth whitening are those that are strictly controlled by specialists. Only a professional can individually select the concentration of the product for your home course, as well as provide the necessary recommendations. That's why it's important to choose a clinic and a doctor to whom you trust the most precious thing you have - your health.

A mouth guard for whitening teeth can be worn during the day or at night, depending on the system selected. For maximum results, the procedure is repeated several times - so you control the degree of whitening yourself.


Who is contraindicated home teeth whitening kit

  • Patients with intolerance to hydrogen peroxide
  • Minors .
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • People with hypersensitivity of teeth
  • Patients who have fillings, crowns or dentures on their anterior teeth

Your health is our concern.

Specialists say that only professional smoker teeth whitening kit products can be trusted. You can buy them in our shop. Teeth whitening kit with light, which are sold in our online store, as a rule, are effective.


Professional toothpastes are also used for home whitening. Depending on the individual characteristics of the enamel, toothpastes can whiten teeth in up to 3 shades. But it is important to alternate bleaching pastes with ordinary ones: for example, you brush your teeth with bleaching toothpaste in the morning and strengthening toothpaste in the evening.

Recommendations for home teeth whitening

To keep the effect as long as possible, you should follow the doctor's recommendations. For the period of the procedures and for two weeks after them, give up coloring products and drinks, such as red wine, strong tea or coffee, carrots, beetroot and others. Also note that smoking on your teeth produces pigmented plaque, which reduces the effectiveness of whitening.

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