Shower filter that removes calcium and magnesium in Florida.

Shower filter that removes calcium and magnesium in Florida

Shower filter that removes calcium and magnesium in Florida for water softening usually is used when water has harmful and even dangerous components - magnesium and calcium salts. The presence of such "pests" leads to the fact that the water becomes hard, dangerous to use. And for its further use, it is necessary to perform the process of water softening.

Water softening shower head


Otherwise, you will face a wide range of negative consequences. This means that if you care about your health, the condition of household appliances, plants, water softening shower head must be taken. Fortunately, now there are simple, affordable, and most importantly effective ways to combat hardness. Therefore, there will be no difficulties in solving this issue.  Of course, a single consumption/use of hardened water will not cause much harm to a person/household device.

Water hardness scale for water softener


But, if such water is your only source of daily use, you must get rid of the presence of water hardness scale for water softener. It should be noted that water softening is not only characteristic of water from the city central water supply. In a private home, the situation also does not look good. Water from the well is saturated with a lot of hardness salts, and therefore requires the use of an effective softener.

Determine the hardness level

So, in order to determine if "your" water needs a softening process, you first need to know if the water is hard. That is, to determine whether it is a norm or an excess (and how many times).  There are several ways to do this. The first and easiest is observation. It should be noted at once that this method will not give concrete, accurate results, but helps to determine the existence of the problem.

Filter for water hardness

You need filter for water hardness if:

  • you notice that limescale in the kettle settles quickly enough, detergents and cosmetics do not work well with water (bad and not enough washed), and the mechanism of the coffee maker or iron clogs quickly, it is a very bad sign. This observation shows only one thing. The water you use contains elevated levels of calcium and magnesium salts, which means it can be considered hard.
  • hard water can be determined by its taste characteristics. Water that contains a large number of hard salts has an unpleasant bitter flavor.
  • it is bad brewing of tea and coffee, the presence of plaque on the sanitary equipment.

Therefore, if you notice at least one of the above, you should immediately resort to the process of water softening to avoid unpleasant and even dangerous consequences. 

 The second way to determine the hardness level is chemical analysis. This is the most precise way that you will have accurate results and a detailed description. All you need to do is collect the water and send it to the appropriate analysis. There are enough organizations that provide this service. These are both public institutions and private firms.

Usually you will get results with accurate numbers within a few days. It is from this information that you will be able to build on and choose the most rational and effective way to soften the water.

How to get rid of water hardness - hard water filters for home.


So, we gradually moved on to the most important and important information - what are the methods by which the process of water softening is performed.

Hard water filters for home almost use three methods:

  1. ionic exchange;
  2. reagent method;
  3. reagent-free method.

Let's consider each type separately.


ionic exchange

In the process of contact with water, a special composition of resins displaces calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. Thanks to this exchange, an effective process of water softening takes place. Equipment, the principle of which is built on the ion exchange, it is advisable to use in areas where the level of water hardness is a mark in the norm or slightly above. If the hardness level is much higher, it is necessary to use reverse osmosis hard water filters for home. The reverse osmosis system in this case will not only soften the water, but also significantly improve the water composition by eliminating all hazardous impurities and substances. 


reagent method

The reagent method is used only at production facilities. It implies the addition of special reagents to water. Usually, these are lime or soda-lime compositions. In the process of interaction with water.


reagent-free method

Reagent-free method is used in the home for normal operation of household appliances that interact with water: washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, boiler and so on. Through this method, the mechanism of household appliances will not be clogged with plaque. For realization it is necessary to buy hard water filters for home of necessary type. Filters have different filter composition. They can be polyphosphate salt, magnetic softener and other components.


Purpose of water softening

With varieties of water softening is clear, but in order for this process to be effective for you, meet your requirements, it is necessary to determine the purpose - why water softening is required. This is necessary in order to find the most rational way to combat hardness salts.

So, in most cases, the process of softening is necessary for:

  1. maintaining beauty;
  2. obtaining useful drinking water;
  3. for stable and proper operation of household appliances.

Shower hard water filters for your beauty.


Unfortunately, the presence of hardness salts in water has a detrimental effect on beauty. The result of prolonged use of hard water - faded and broken hair, dry skin, clogged pores. In order not to disturb you, use shower hard water filters, main filters as a rule. The effective solution to this problem is to buy an AquaHomeGroup shower hard water filters + cartridge with softening effect.

Drinking water.

Every person needs drinking water every day. But only water purified of hardness salts will give the necessary, useful effect - good health, vigor, contributes to the normal operation of all organs. Hard water has a negative effect on the body. Such organs as the liver and kidneys suffer first of all.

To organize drinking water at home, it is advisable to use the following filters for drinking water purification:

  • household filters-slitters,
  • reverse osmosis systems,
  • flow filters.

The choice depends on the required volume of drinking water as well as personal and financial preferences. 

Household appliances. Such appliances are already indispensable helpers, without which it is difficult to imagine life. Dishwasher, washing machine, boiler and many other appliances use water in the process. Operation of hard water over time will lead to unpleasant consequences - clogging and plaque, which in consequence will lead to failure.

Remove calcium from water

Therefore, if you want to provide your home appliances durability and correct work, you should worry about remove calcium from water. For softening, it is advisable to use special filters, whose material is represented by polyphosphate salts.

Applying these filters, you will never be disturbed by such unpleasantness as plaque formation in the mechanism of household appliances. Remember, it is much cheaper to prevent failure than to pay the full cost of repair, or spend money to buy a new device. 

As a result, water softening is an obligatory process that must be performed if the water contains magnesium and potassium salts. To determine the level of hardness, you should perform a chemical analysis or carefully inspect the devices that come into contact with water to form scale and deposits in the mechanism.

Shower head with water softener


Softening should be done with special equipment, such as shower head with water softener that is suitable for your operating conditions. Arrangements should be selected only from trusted brands. For example, the manufacturer AquaHomeGroup, whose products are considered to be the leader in water purification, has a good reputation.

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