Shower filter for hard well water. Filter iron out of well water

What is the best shower filter for well water?

Shower filter for well water is one of many types of filters that should be used to give well water a good quality. If the water comes into the house in a prepared form, it is much less problematic than water coming from its own well, or dug in the territory of the well site.

The nuance is that a centralized system prepares water for delivery to the end user. But the borehole water is primary. What's the best shower head filter for well water?

The main problems with downhole water are iron, hardness and heavy metals.

The biggest and most fundamental problem of the well water is general pollution, which includes a lot of water problems. It is absolutely untreated. And there is nothing in it. And to purify such water is a matter for professionals! It is unlikely to be possible to purify such water by yourself, unless the owner of the house is the head of the company producing treatment systems.

 What impurities are most often found in such water?

The set is the most impressive.

Place of extraction






Solid impurities (sand, pebbles)


Dissolved iron salts

Heavy metals


Hydrogen sulfide



About underground sources we can say that there is almost no ordinary garbage there, and the bacterial contamination is small, but the dissolved salts of metals, hardness, and even more iron is enough.  And if you're thinking about how to choose a well water filter? In such a situation - it is water, because it is an excellent solvent, along the way dissolving everything you can.


What is the best shower filter for well water?

It should always be selected based on the revealed problems of water itself. But what choose and what is the best shower filter for well water? The very first thing you cannot save money on is chemical analysis of water. Water should be taken for analysis correctly. But it must be said that the system of water treatment and heating, hardly anyone dares to do without the involvement of specialists. Therefore, the assessment of the water condition will be part of the work package.

A well water treatment system


A well water treatment system is a comprehensive solution to the problem. Such a check allows to reveal not only the full composition of impurities, but also their size. With such a set in hand, the question of what filter to choose for water purification for the well is solved much faster.

Moreover, the analysis will show the complex composition of impurities. And it will be possible to roughly make up a well water treatment system and assess future costs.

How to choose a shower water filter for well water?

It is impossible to say at once which filters should not be put on water from a well. The well water treatment system and it type directly depend on several factors:

  • Water composition;
  • The object of the filter installation is a country cottage or summer cottage;
  • Number of living people;
  • Number of extraction points;
  • The financial capacity of the buyer.

Filter iron out of well water. How to choose a shower head for well water?


It is unlikely to be possible to limit yourself to just one filter iron out of well water! If not a single presence of impurities, it may already be 2 or 3 purifiers. Even just the presence of lime implies the use of two devices. And this is not a fictitious expense, this is an economically considered step.

If there are small deviations from the norms, then for this type of water you can not spend on an individual treatment system. Or you can choose an office water treatment system. It is more standardized, able to cope with impurities of certain types with limited deviations. But it is the low percentage of deviations that makes it possible to standardize the system and thus make it cheaper.

That is why sometimes the choice of this device is more profitable. And although the device looks like one, inside it has a multistage cleaning system.

Such devices may include:

  • mechanical stage,
  • de-ironing ,
  • softening.

Sometimes there may be a substitution of de-ironing for disinfection or there may be no mechanical cleaning, but these are not options for primary water. In any case, it is a variant where there is no mechanics.

 If the same water is used for heating, the system can not exist without softening. And in this case, too, to advise a single main mechanical filter will not work.

Wondering how to choose a shower head for well water? We can answer this: the best concept is that water purification is relative. Since any system has its advantages and disadvantages. And any opinion about the devices is subjective. And here already everyone will have to choose based on personal capabilities.

 Backbone electromagnetic filter

So, what filter to use for water from the well, if the water is hard, and this water is not only planned to wash in the house, but also to heat this house? One of the most profitable is the complex treatment system. But we note at once that the system will not provide quality soft drinking water. Is it only the consumer will choose the latest development, which eliminates even some types of bacteria?

How to choose a water filter for well water? Softener or purifier? In this case, you can safely say that it is a purifier. In contrast to simple softeners, this device also helps to significantly reduce water hardness, as well as improve the condition of the equipment surfaces. It does not matter that they can be significantly contaminated in some such places, which are not so accessible. This is why it has gained its popularity.

All cleaning and softening work is performed by a powerful magnetic field, the force of which is massively supported by an electrical converter. That's why the maintenance costs are only payment for electricity, which is used no more than a month per light bulb. The force field forces the salt to change.

The new form helps to do the new job. Let this process go slowly, but it goes all the time! And there are no washes, cleanings, system stops to disassemble the equipment. Everything works and the cleaning process is continuous.

But the disadvantage of this device is that there is no direct elimination of lime salts. There is a precipitate, as a result of changes in the shape, which is taken out of the service systems. But it remains in the water. And therefore, drinking water of the wrong quality in such a softener. But it works for an unprecedented number of years.

Carbon filter shower head to improve water organoleptics


Carbon filter shower head for water treatment for the well. If the water is assessed as dirty even with the naked eye, what to do? How to choose a filter for water from a well in this case?

A change in the color, taste and odor of water means that the organoleptic properties of water deteriorate. Odor, like color, can give water different impurities. Different filters can remove them.

Thus the turbidity of the water can be provided by fine suspension, dissolved clay. Or iron salt may be present in the water, and when the water stands in it white light clouds are formed. Its metallic smell, and yellow color gives water and a lot of iron salts.

That is why we emphasize once again that it is necessary to check the water, because the usual turbidity can give different impurities. And in this case, it is very easy to buy a purifier, which is of poor quality in terms of removing the necessary impurities.

 If the reason for the elimination of water transparency of fine solids, you need a purifier, which is based on activated carbon. It will help to significantly improve the organoleptics of water. Activated carbon helps to disinfect water and eliminate the smallest of suspensions, eliminate foreign odors, if they are not associated with some characteristic impurities.

UV filter and shower head UV light for disinfection of water from the well


If  bacteria and viruses are found in the water, you will have to spend money on a disinfectant. Which filter should I choose for my well to get disinfected drinking water? The chemical treatment here is not quite suitable, or rather the water will have to be cleaned after it. UV filter and shower head UV light will come in handy here. It is a modern device that eliminates bacteria and viruses by irradiation of water.

The irradiation does not require large expenses, but works efficiently. But the UV disinfection of water is not able to eliminate absolutely all viruses. But honestly, and chlorine does not kill all bacterial impurities, and the bacteria are so cunning that they have learned to adapt even to chlorine.

Ultraviolet lamp affects bacteria so much that they cannot exist in such water. They are torn from the inside and the water only has to be cleaned and the sediment removed. Ultraviolet has no effect on human health. This significantly increases its advantages as a reagent-free disinfection agent.

 Reverse osmosis system for washing or reverse osmosis shower filter


Reverse osmosis filter on the wellI finally and reverse osmosis shower filter, another option of well water purifier, which will help to get directly drinking water - reverse osmosis. It loses the quality of ion exchange softening, but purifies the water, not only from lime salts.

At the same time, it has significant disadvantages, which makes it not the most popular filter for washing. But this device has its niche in the market. And if the means allow, this device is quite justified in its purpose. What kind of filter is needed for wells, if there is already osmosis?

Reverse osmosis contains several filtering stages. The basis is a membrane, which cannot filter unprepared water by itself. Only prepared water. That is why the device becomes expensive, several stages of purification in one case, an inexpensive membrane. And the water consumption is very high! 30% of all water consumed by the device is drained into the drain.

Another important disadvantage is that the quality of cleaning is too high. Because of this, you can get not usable soft water, but distilled water. For human health, the usefulness of such water is not different. And it is for a lot of money.

Which filter to choose for a well, if the osmosis is so unprofitable? You can take an ion-exchange filter, but it constantly needs to be replaced and maintained. It is also money. So, the choice is individual.

 Which filter to put: let's summarize.


So, how to choose a filter for water from a well? There are several. The optimal set is composed of the results of water state check. In the presence of mechanical impurities, hard water in the well, iron and lime salts, a cabinet-type complex with mechanical stage, de-ironing and available softener will be the most convenient and most economical option to clean well water and will not go bankrupt.

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