Should I buy a shower filter in California?

A person needs to drink clean water. It has a positive effect on the entire body. But it is equally important to use a quality liquid for household needs, including washing. This will help to maintain health, as well as an attractive appearance. After all, water affects people not only from the inside, but also from the outside.

That's why we recommend buy a shower filter in California. They will allow you to get good healthy water. In this article, we will pay attention to filters that purify water in the shower. What do they represent? What will this device protect us from?


Shower filter and Filtered Handheld Shower Head - what is it?

If many people are familiar with filters for purifying drinking water, then such an interesting device as a shower filter arouses interest. The device looks quite simple - a small cylinder. Such a filter is installed before the shower head or before the shower hose. And the connection process itself is quite simple and does not require calling plumbers.

Such a device as a Filtered Handheld Shower Head, at first glance, does not differ from the most common shower head. The device is not difficult to install, and it is very pleasant and comfortable to use.

The cartridges in both devices can be changed quickly and easily.


Shower water filters in California, what are they for?

Shower water filters in California

It would seem that the most important thing is to drink clean water, and you can wash yourself with anything. But it is not so! Chlorine, chloride compounds, hardness salts and other impurities in the tap water can be very harmful for the body. And some people don't even realize it!

Take chlorine, for example, which can be quite high in tap water (its concentration at home is often the same as in swimming pools). And California has one of the highest chlorine levels of any state! What harm can it do?

  1. Scientists have found that when you shower, more chlorine enters your body through your skin and lungs than through the tap water you drink. When you take a water bath, your pores dilate, allowing harmful substances to seep in.
  2. Chlorine dries your skin and hair. In addition, this substance can cause rashes, irritation, allergies.
  3. Harmful substances vaporize actively, and the person inhales them, and when inhaled, the substance enters the blood much faster and is not even partially decontaminated.
  4. Scientists have found that showers are a source of harmful substances in the home air.
  5. It has also been found that chlorine in water can cause breast cancer in women.

And this is not all the consequences for the human body of using poor-quality water during washing.


How do shower filters help in California? First, they remove chlorine and chloride compounds from the water and neutralize all chlorine fumes. Second, they eliminate heavy metals, hardness salts and other chemical compounds. The result - clean water, after using which the hair and skin become amazingly soft, no itching or rash, and health is not compromised in any way.

Please note that the liquid purified with the shower filter and filtered handheld shower head can be used for bathing babies.

The devices will fit perfectly into the interior of your bathroom and will give you a lot of pleasant moments spent in the shower.


How to get the most out of your shower?


A few minutes under the shower with fragrant gel and a soft washcloth can not only cleanse the hair and skin, but also lift your spirits. The main thing is to follow some simple rules, which will make the procedure especially useful.


Temperature contrast

Hot water, of course, relaxes the body, but it also dissolves the hydrolipidic layer of the skin, making it dry. So you should not take a scalding shower. But the cool water is beneficial for blood vessels, epidermis and immunity. More useful - a contrast shower. Start with cool water, gradually increasing and then decreasing the temperature, to close the pores and prevent moisture from evaporating.

Do you know why water makes your skin dry? - read here!


It's about time

According to daily biorhythms, the best time to take a shower is from 6 to 7 a.m., when the body wakes up. Water procedures during this period will give the maximum charge of vivacity, which is enough for the whole day. You should not stay under a shower longer than 5-10 minutes. Again it is harmful for a hydro-lipid barrier of a skin.


The perfect formula

Choose shower products without harsh ingredients. The most harmful are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS). They produce a lot of lather, but they also dry out and irritate your skin. Fortunately, there are now many products with natural detergents.



In order to cheer up in the morning, choose shower gels with citrus, peppermint, and eucalyptus scents. This will relieve sleepiness. In the evening, try products with relaxing ingredients such as lavender, verbena and chamomile.


Filter your water

In California, tap water contains a lot of chlorine. Cosmetologists even jokingly equate a daily shower to a chemical attack. Chlorine can provoke allergic reactions, itching, flaky skin, dry hair, dandruff and even an asthma attack. It is chlorine that is responsible for the feeling of tightness of the skin after the shower.

You can install a central water filter in the apartment, although it is technically difficult and quite expensive. However, there is a simpler solution - a compact shower filter Ceramic Balls with Vitamin C. It is easy to install between the shower head hose and the faucet. A filter element with a special sorbent removes 100% of chlorine, making the water of comparable quality to natural water.

Using the Ceramic Balls filter turns your daily shower into a truly beneficial ritual. The difference will be immediately noticeable: your skin and hair will remain soft and silky after the procedure, even without the use of moisturizers, balms and masks.

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