Overview of Chlorine Shower Filter

The fact that we need to wash regularly, we are told from the very beginning of our lives. But no one makes a reservation, and what should water be like in this case? And what consequences await us after taking a chlorinated shower. Chlorine shower filter will help to keep your body healthy!

You've seen redness on your skin and eyes, itching, peeling. And the general health sometimes leaves much to be desired. Especially after taking a bath. And these are only the first bells.

But if the adult skin still carries it, it is sometimes terrible to let the children into the bath. As a rule, after bathing we get a crying child, half-lived hair, irritated skin. What should we do? Do not hurry to run for help to the nearest beauty salon.

All this can be easily corrected at home. In our overview you will find options to save money and nerves.

Variant one. Filter Shower Head Set With Vitamin C+E

These chlorine shower filter. Perhaps the main advantage of this filter is its versatility in installation, and its compactness.

It's not you who adapt to him, but he adapts to you. Is it convenient to place the nozzle in front of the watering can? No problem. Do you think it would look better if you put it in front of a flexible shower hose? Okay.

There is also an adapter in the kit - an extension cord for better fixation of the filter. You can also connect the Filter Shower Head Set With Vitamin C+E to a hygienic shower or bidet.

This nozzle is compatible with almost any type of shower system. And there is no need to replace the old shower head, you can safely continue to use it in the desired and favorite modes. The filter housing is chrome, so you don't have to worry about the appearance of your shower head: it won't stand out from the crowd. Filter Shower Head Set With Vitamin C+E is a chlorine shower filter!

This means that soap and shampoos foam much better. The healthy shine that killed the chlorine returns to the hair. The skin no longer feels discomfort, and the baby can now bathe without fear.

The resource of the cartridge is designed for 40000 liters or 6 months. The determining factor here is the quality of the source water. If it is very bad, you will have to change the cartridge more often. The lifetime of the chlorine shower filter itself is three years.

Image- Shower-Heads-Filter-Anlanta

Option Two. 15 Stage Shower Water Filter Ceramic Balls with Vitamin C For Hard Water

Another of your faithful helpers in the fight against toxic chlorine is the 15 Stage Shower Water Filter Ceramic Balls with Vitamin C For Hard Water. This filter easily removes tap water and foreign smells, which sometimes block even the most persistent scents of your favorite gels.

The special sorbent, which is used in this shower head, allows you to clean water most effectively. And this means that it is much safer to take a bath. The skin will no longer flake and itch. Horrible redness will disappear, and the feeling of tightened skin will disappear.

In the end: significant savings on various moisturizers.

The resource of the cartridge is ideally designed for six months. However, its lifetime can be significantly reduced by heavily polluted water. As soon as you understand the smell of chlorine in your shower, replace the filter element with a new one. There is another scheme to determine the date of cartridge replacement.

For example, if the filter is used by two people, it will work for about 120 days at its maximum capacity. If there are three, then 90. If your family consists of four people, then the 15 Stage Shower Water Filter Ceramic Balls with Vitamin C For Hard Water will last two months.

It is very easy to install, however, as well as replace it. The first thing to do is to cut off the water. Then turn the shower hose from the faucet and screw it on the filter element. More clearly the whole process is described in the instructions that come with the set.


Option three. Filtered Handheld Shower Head - 15 Stage, Vitamin C + E - SPA Effect

Filtered Handheld Shower Head - 15 Stage, Vitamin C + E - SPA Effect is an ideal option for those who want to protect themselves in the shower, but do not plan a major change in the design of the bath. The new chrome filter canister will perfectly match the old hose. So no one will notice the change outwardly. Chlorine filter shower head  - SPA Effect is also available in three water flow modes: normal, massage and refreshing.

Already with the first drops of water you will see that the purchase was not in vain. Foreign odors will disappear once and for all. The water will be softer: the shampoo, soap, and shower gel will foam much more. As a result, it will last longer.

The water will no longer irritate the eyes and skin. They will feel the changes and your hair. Now a minimum of care products will be enough to keep them in good shape.

You'll need to change the filtering element more often than the first ones. It's all about a small resource of replaceable cartridges. But their low price will be a spoonful of honey in this little barrel of tar. The main thing is that you can enjoy the shower as much as you want, and without harming your health. And when you leave the tub, you will feel a burst of energy and appreciate the beauty of your skin and hair.

Setting it up is easy. Simply change your shower head to a filter head. If, over time, you decide to replace the filtered Handheld Shower Head - 15 Stage, Vitamin C + E - SPA Effect with a long life filter, you will still have your watering can.


Option five. Chlorine filter shower head

The main blow during water treatment is taken by the replaceable chlorine filter for shower. Without them, the filters are like without hands.

15-Stage Premium Replacement Cartridge for Shower Filter

15-Stage Premium Replacement Cartridge for chlorine filter shower head is a three-step protection in your home. This replacement filter cartridge is suitable for Filter Shower Head Set With Vitamin C+E.

Water is purified in three stages. First of all larger impurities are trapped: rust, sand and other unnecessary suspensions. Then the unique patented material removes chlorine, arsenic, chlorine organics and heavy metals. The water becomes clean and you no longer have to worry about unpleasant smells.

The skin also begins to feel a change: itching, redness, allergic reaction probability drops to almost zero.

In the last, third stage, the mechanical post-filter retains all that is left after the first two cleanings and finally cleanses the water.

No bogatyr force will be needed to replace the cartridge. All you need to do is unscrew the Filter Shower Head Set With Vitamin C+E and replace the old cartridge with the new one. Step-by-step instructions are provided with the cartridge. The only thing you need to do is to drain about 20 liters of water before you start using the cartridge.



Vitamin C + E Replacement Cartridge for Filtered Shower Head

Double-sided Vitamin C + E Replacement Cartridge for Filtered Shower Head is suitable for Filtered Handheld Shower Head. Chlorgon and KDF are the active substances that form the basis of the cartridge, purifying water from a number of substances and impurities. They also normalize the pH level.

Passing through the filter element, the water is purified from hydrogen sulfide, organic impurities, rust, dirt and, to some extent, chlorine.

On average, the life of the cartridge is three months. However, heavily polluted water can significantly reduce this index. Therefore, if the above term has not yet passed, but the quality of water is no longer satisfied, you should buy a cartridge and replace it with an old one. They are sold as a couple.

And while one of them is on guard of your health in the bathroom, the second one can be used for decorating an apartment or house. Vitamin C + E Replacement Cartridge for Filtered Shower Head is a disk, which contains filtering elements of cleaning!


What is the danger of chlorine in water: four degrees of poisoning

In the mild degree of chlorine poisoning, the following signs may be observed:

  • Irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and respiratory tract;
  • The intrusive smell of chlorine when inhaling clean air;
  • Coughing;
  • If these signs are observed, then there is no need for treatment, as they disappear after a few hours.


In the moderate degree of chlorine poisoning, the following symptoms are observed:

  • Shortness of breath, sometimes leading to suffocation;
  • Tearfulness;
  • Chest pain.

With this degree of chlorine poisoning, timely outpatient treatment should be initiated. Failure to do so may lead to pulmonary edema in 2-5 hours.


In severe chlorine poisoning, the following symptoms may be observed:

  • Sudden respiratory arrest or respiratory arrest;
  • Loss of consciousness;
  • Convulsive muscle contractions.

To neutralize severe chlorine poisoning, resuscitation efforts, including artificial respiration, must be initiated immediately. The consequences of such chlorine exposure can lead to damage to body systems and even death within half an hour.

The lightning-fast course of chlorine poisoning develops rapidly. Symptoms manifest as seizures, swollen veins in the neck, loss of consciousness and cessation of breathing, leading to death. The cure for this degree of chlorine poisoning is almost impossible.


How Dangerous Chlorine in Water for Children

Many illnesses in young children can be caused by drinking water that contains chlorine dissolved in it. These include acute respiratory infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, phenitis, gastrointestinal diseases, allergies, as well as some infections such as measles, chickenpox, rubella, etc.

Chlorine is also used to disinfect water in public swimming pools. If the concentration of this substance in the water is dangerously high, such negligence can result in mass poisoning of children. Such cases, unfortunately, are not uncommon. In addition, inhaling the air near a pool where chlorine is used to disinfect the water can be hazardous to a person's lungs. This fact was confirmed by the results of a study in which 200 schoolchildren aged 8 to 10 years were exposed to this environment for more than 15 minutes every day. The study found that the majority of the subjects experienced deterioration of their lung tissues.


What are the dangers of chlorine in water during pregnancy?

Research by British scientists from Birmingham has confirmed that the use of tap water containing chlorine by pregnant women can provoke the development of dangerous birth defects, such as heart or brain defects.

This conclusion was based on an analysis of data on 400,000 babies. The goal of the study was to determine the relationship between the 11 most common birth defects in fetuses and chlorine in drinking water. Chlorine and chlorine-containing substances dissolved in water were found to increase the risk of developing three dangerous fetal birth defects by half and even twofold:

  • Interventricular septal defect of the heart (a hole in the septum between the ventricles of the heart that leads to mixing of arterial and venous blood and a chronic lack of oxygen).
  • "Wolf Mouth"
  • Anencephaly (complete or partial absence of the bones of the skull and brain).


What are the dangers of chlorine in the water when you take a shower

Many of you may now argue that if you don't use tap water to drink, you can avoid the risk of chlorine in your body. However, this is not the case. Chlorinated water during hygiene procedures can also cause harm. Exposure to chlorine in water causes a person's skin to lose its natural fatty coating.

This leads to dryness and premature aging of the epidermis, and can also provoke itching or allergic reactions. Exposure to chlorine dissolved in water causes hair to become dry and brittle. Medical studies have shown that an hour's bath in excessive chlorine water is equivalent to 10 liters of chlorinated water drunk.


Shining skin and beautiful hair is not only a healthy diet and lifestyle. But also clean water in the bathroom. Chlorine, which originally purified the water from viruses and bacteria, gets into our home, is the main enemy of our body. It kills us from both inside and outside: penetrating through the skin.

Taking care of the protection of drinking water, do not forget about the needs of everyday life.

Chlorine shower filter of various modifications are designed to make bathing safer and more enjoyable. For each situation has its own assistant. Choose your own and forget about the irritations that previously accompanied you in the bathroom. Remember, the smaller the cartridge, the smaller its resource.

If your water is completely unsuitable for water procedures - choose a more powerful option.

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