Methods for teeth whitening: which are preferable?

Methods for teeth whitening: which are preferable?

Any of us dreams of a dazzlingly beautiful smile, especially the weak half of humanity. And since nature has not awarded everyone with white teeth, many people are looking for ways for teeth whitening. Supermarkets, pharmacies and dental clinics offer a lot of products for teeth whitening: toothpastes, gels, special mouthpieces and so on.

There are many procedures for whitening teeth, which are carried out by dentists. In short, the choice is huge, and people get lost: where to stop? Teeth whitening is a very broad concept and includes several different areas. But above all, it involves changing the natural color of teeth, which is genetically embedded. That is, a person wants his teeth to be lighter and whiter, and his smile to look like Hollywood.

Dentists have a special scale on which to determine the colors of teeth. Maximum change in the color of their teeth can be achieved only by professional whitening and only by 1.5-2 units on this scale, no more.

This is a rather complicated process using special gels. In addition, it is far from useful for human teeth, so it can only be used by those who have perfectly healthy teeth, otherwise, all fillings that were previously placed on the bleached areas will need to be changed, because the filling material is not bleached. 

Teeth whitener and new job


Teeth whitener is usually used when there is an extreme need for whitening. For example, there are quite often cases when person find a prestigious job and one of the main conditions of the employer is the presence of a dazzling Hollywood smile. It is clear that in this situation, people are willing to do anything to get the desired job. 

Pur white teeth whitening


Surely you have noticed that in the advertisement pur white teeth whitening, along with whitening agents are advertised pastes with calcium and fluoride to reduce the sensitivity of teeth. And this is not for a reason. After all, the process of pur white teeth whitening with a special gel is actually demineralization of tooth enamel.

That is, as a result of the procedure, fluoride is chemically removed from the tooth enamel, and they become lighter, but more sensitive. The enamel consists of two components: calcium and fluorine. Calcium in nature has a pronounced white color, and fluorine - saturated yellow, therefore, the proportion of these components and forms the natural color of the tooth for each person separately.

In its turn, calcium is responsible for the strength of enamel and fluorine for its permeability (tooth sensitivity to external stimuli). After bleaching, hypersensitivity to salt, acid, spicy, sweet, cold, hot may occur. Therefore, the patient should use pastes containing calcium to restore the strength of enamel and fluorine to reduce sensitivity.

The procedure of pur white teeth whitening will help to brighten teeth for about the next year and a half, and then the teeth will take their natural color again, sometimes even more yellow than before the procedure - a kind of protective reaction of the body to previous interventions. Nature has invented that the cells of the tooth produce a substance that restores the natural color of the teeth.

And the patient will again have to go to the dentist for another bleaching. This can turn into an "eternal patient" who whitens and treats his teeth every now and then. But for people of certain professions (artists, TV presenters, employees of large corporations and companies), the whiteness of teeth is very important, so you have to constantly resort to the procedure of whitening, unless, of course, they do not want to prosthetize.

Prosthetics is always accompanied by the loss of their tooth tissues, be it crowns on the front group of teeth (so-called "smile zone"), or coating of the front surface of teeth with special composite or ceramic onlays (veneers). 

Can I bleach my teeth at home by using teeth whitening kit with light?

The same gels are used for home whitening as for professional teeth, only with a lower percentage of acid. When people start experimenting with teeth whitening kit with light on their own, most often they just destroy their teeth.

Teeth whitening mouth devices (mouthpieces)


For example, there are special teeth whitening mouth devices (mouthpieces) according to the shape of teeth, in which the gel is poured, these mouthpieces are put on the teeth for a certain time, brightening them. But the patient himself usually can not choose the right dosage, the right way to put the mouth guard, in addition, if the gel gets on the mucous membrane of the mouth, he can burn it.

After this procedure, many people begin to do terrible things - enamel is removed from their teeth like chalk from the wall. We are talking about enamel necrosis, as it is completely destroyed.

MUST follow the instructions and then you can bleach your teeth at home without harming your health!

Intra-cavity teeth whitening

Another method is intra-cavity teeth whitening. For example, if the tooth is not alive, does not contain cells that restore the natural color, its cavity is filled with a lighter material, and the tooth seems lighter. But only a few teeth can be bleached this way, because they must be dead.


Plaque on the teeth. Smoker teeth whitening kit


Tea and coffee lovers notice that dark plaque appears on the teeth over time. Similar plaque also covers the teeth of evil smokers. If to use smoker teeth whitening kit  or professional brushing is done and plaque is removed, the teeth will not change their natural color, but they will still become lighter. It is recommended to perform this procedure once in six months.

And also, the procedure to remove tartar, which also makes your teeth darker. There is also a procedure, when a special light composition is applied to the tooth surface, which visually makes the teeth lighter. However, none of these techniques is durable, and they must be repeated periodically.

The natural color of teeth may also depend on the composition of water, the food that a person eats, the composition of saliva, oral hygiene and health in general. So the concepts of "beauty" and "health" are inextricably linked to each other.

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