Where can I buy a cartridge for a well water filter? Water filter in Boston

Best shower filter for well water with iron in USA

The best shower filter for well water with iron is just a necessary thing if you use water from a well. Everyone knows that well water often contains huge amounts of impurities and requires additional cleaning before it can be used.

With the increasing number of suburban plots and residential buildings where water comes from wells, the need to purify this water is becoming more and more urgent. Such a task is entrusted to filters of various purposes and performance.

 In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a whole, and in Boston in particular, the iron content in the water is quite high and often exceeds the maximum allowable concentration. The best shower head filter for well water with iron will remove not only this element but also purify the water from impurities of hydrogen sulfide and excess manganese.


What is the best water filter cartridge for well water in Boston?


The correct selection of a water filter cartridge for well water in Boston is based on its chemical analysis and the results obtained. However, even without the use of the laboratory, it is possible to determine what kind of filter is required to de-iron the water from the well. If the water has a metallic flavor and/or has a reddish-brown color, these are signs of an increased iron content and the relevance of the filter is beyond doubt.

Water coming from a well may contain iron in several forms:

  • two and/or trivalent compounds;
  • iron in organic impurities;
  • colloidal humates.


How to choose a shower water filter for well water?

The variety of forms brings certain difficulties to the filtration process. But, in general, shower water filter for well water or for water purification from ironwork on the oxidizing principle under the action of a catalyst, and capture particles with granular sorbent.


During the filtration process, the water discolors becomes transparent and its physical and chemical properties improve. From each liter of water about 15 mg of iron, about 12 mg of manganese and 5 mg of hydrogen sulfide are removed.

According to the design and method of action of the water de-ironing filters are divided into three main types:

  • reagent filters;
  • reagent-free;
  • complex systems.
Iron reagent filters

Here, the water passes through a granular structure filter fill. The iron and other impurities contained in it pass into an insoluble form and settle on granules. These filters have high capacity at a low cost.

The lost filtering capacity can be recovered. For this purpose, a water current is applied in the opposite direction. The filler is loosened and the catalyst (potassium permanganate) is evenly distributed over the sorbent.

Switching the water flow to the normal (straight) direction compresses the fill to the operating condition and the filter is ready for use. The regeneration process takes from one to one and a half hours and consumes a tenth of the volume of filtered water.

Reagent-free iron removal filters

The filter housing fill absorber has highly active catalytic properties. Passing through it, the divalent iron is oxidized to trivalent and deposited on the sorbent in the form of hard flakes (rust). When washed, this sludge is washed down into the sewer system.


The advantages of reagent-free de-ironers should be taken into account:

  • several years of service on the same charge;
  • treatment of water not only from iron but also from dissolved gases (methane, etc.);
  • recovery does not require reagents or other additives.

There are also disadvantages: a higher price and the need for aeration for work.

Integrated water purification systems from iron

Such filters are multifunctional. They include three subsystems that purify water from heterogeneous impurities. Besides iron, manganese, organic and ammonium are removed from the water. The water is softened and discolored. Multifunctionality is considered the main advantage of these filters, and for regeneration requires an inexpensive salt in tablet form.

Where can I buy a cartridge for a well water filter?

Answering the question Where can I buy a cartridge for a well water filter?, we can say that the price will depend on the selected type and model. Our consultants will help you choose the optimal model just for you. Water purified with filters AquaHomeGroup will be pleasant to drink, cook food, use for other domestic needs without fear of negative consequences.


How to choose a shower water filter for well water?

Tap water contains ferrous compounds. The concentration of these compounds is often exceeded, especially if the pipes have not changed for a long time. This gives Н₂O a metallic flavor. The increased content of this element may also be a part of the substance extracted from the well. To bring its chemical performance back to normal, buy a water filter for iron in USA.

Excess iron is undesirable for human health because it provokes dryness and irritation of the skin, the development of allergies, liver and kidney diseases. Due to the regular use of such water enamel bath or washbasin loses its attractive appearance, and the pipes are quickly covered with rust.

Household appliances for washing, washing dishes, and heating water fail prematurely. This is due to scale formation on the walls of electric kettles, boilers, gas boilers, and water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers.

Not surprisingly, iron removal of water is in great demand. Special appliances additionally remove impurities of manganese and hydrogen sulfide.

Well water filter system for shower

Well water filter system for shower removes the following problems:

  • the unpleasant smell of rust;
  • metallic flavor;
  • muddy yellow-brown color;
  • rapid scale formation on household appliances;
  • reddish stains on laundry, white things;
  • purchase of white sanitary ware of rusty shade.


After using well water filter system for shower, the iron content comes back to normal. Neutral is the content of 0.3 mg of this substance in a liter of water.

The devices offered in our catalog are suitable for well and water supply, or more precisely for straining of the liquid extracted from them.

The following algorithm will help you choose the right well water filter system for shower for cleaning:

  • take the liquid for laboratory analysis;
  • determine the planned water consumption;
  • to take into account the structure and features of the water intake system;
  • take into account the specifics of the territory;
  • weigh the financial possibilities.

 All the USA can make orders in our shop. You just need to buy filter for hard water shower.

In addition to the iron filter, if the water hardness is high, you will need devices to soften it. Their principle of operation is based on the replacement of ions of calcium and magnesium salts with Na+ and Cl-.

 We also offer other products related to the water supply system. In our shop, you can buy a filter tap and pick up other quality components.

 Take care of your health! Order a filter AquaHomeGroup to improve the quality of water consumed.

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