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Inline water softeners (flow filters).

Inline water softeners (flow filters) are all filters in which water moves in a natural direction under the action of its own gravity or water pressure. Inline water softeners (flow filters) include all water treatment devices, except reverse osmosis systems, where water moves in the opposite direction to its natural aspiration.

Types of inline filters (flow filters) for water treatment


Basic types of inline filters (flow filters) for water treatment are:

  • Slug filters
  • The dispenser filters
  • Filter nozzles on the tap
  • Showerhead filters
  • Trunk filters
  • Single-stage filters
  • Multi-stage filters

Slug water filters

Slug water filters, which are carafe with two containers separated by a filter element. The tap water from the upper reservoir gradually passes through the cartridge by gravity, where it is purified of chlorine, some organic compounds, softened a little and enters the lower reservoir for clean water.

The dispenser water filters (filter-dispensers)

The dispenser water filters (filter-dispensers) in the device are similar to sinkholes, but differ significantly in volume. They are designed for domestic aftertreatment of tap water, do not require connection to the water supply. You just need to pour water into the upper reservoir and wait until it passes all the filter media under its own pressure and seeps into the lower tank for clean water, from where it can be used for its intended purpose.

During the filtration process, water is purified of a number of harmful elements, and thanks to the magnetic tap at the outlet, water molecules are structured into hexagonal clusters, which makes the water close to the quality of spring water. Basically, filter-dispensers are used in crowded offices and large families.

Filter nozzles on the tap

Filter nozzles on the tap are devices that are attached directly to the kitchen mixer for additional cleaning of water from mechanical impurities, chlorine and its compounds. They are ideal for those who travel a lot or live in a rented apartment.

Showerhead filters. Inline water filter shower head.

Showerhead filters are installed inside a special shower head to neutralize hardness salts, chlorine and other contaminants.


Inline water filter shower head for water softening usually is used when water has harmful and even dangerous components - magnesium and calcium salts

Water filter for shower with vitamin C.


Special attention should be paid to water filter for shower with vitamin C. Water filter for shower with vitamin C removes up to 99% chlorine and chloramines, and the transparent shower head handle allows you to accurately determine the remaining life of the filter.

Trunk filters

Trunk filters provide installation of hot or cold water in the main waterway. They look like flasks in which different cartridges or backfill can be installed, depending on the water quality and the desired result.

Single-stage filters next to the sink

Single-stage filters next to the sink are installed in the water pipe at the cold water consumption point. Depending on the cartridge, water goes through one or more cleaning stages in one flask and is fed through a separate clean water tap. Suitable for additional cleaning of tap water.

Multi-stage filters

Multi-stage filters for washing are devices that fall into the category of good purification filters. They are easy to operate, reliable and efficient to meet your drinking water production needs. Equipped with five or more cartridges, the filters show excellent water quality parameters: it can be drunk without preboiling, without fear for your health.

Due to the rather high filtration speed, such systems do not need to install a storage tank. Purified water is supplied "on demand" via a separate clean water tap mounted in the sink when the system is installed.

Nature pure filter cartridge.

Every manufacturer tries to attract customers, and if it succeeds, to retain them by any means possible. Of course, this also applies to manufacturers of water filters and their component parts - nature pure filter cartridge. Someone is betting on quality. After all, if it is impeccable, why change the product brand? Someone is attracted by the value. After all, if it is profitable to buy, why look around for something new?


In this article, we will talk about another way in which some liquid cleaner manufacturers are trying to keep customers. This is the production of non-standard filter elements. Hopefully, this article will be useful to you, providing answers to your questions.

 Non-standard cartridge, what does it mean?

Before you buy a water treatment filter, you choose from a variety of options and stop at the one that suits you best and that you like best. The fact that the selected device is completed with non-standard size cartridges is the last thing you will be interested in. Or maybe it's for nothing.

Many manufacturers adhere to certain size standards in the manufacture of moisture purifying devices. Imagine a modern drinking multistage filter. It consists, among other things, of flasks into which cleaning elements are installed. So, most manufacturers make both flasks and elements of certain sizes. This is done primarily to ensure that the filter modules of one can be installed in the filters of another manufacturer. That is, to have a kind of interchangeability.


Filter cartridge which is better?

Everyone chooses for himself. Nobody claims that non-standard ink cartridges are bad, and that you should stay away from it. It's just that this option has several disadvantages.

Even if you are not satisfied with the quality of fluid cleaning, you will not be able to try to use more efficient cartridges from other manufacturers.

You will depend on a particular brand. If for some reason can not buy a replacement element from this manufacturer, you will be left without clean water.

You will not be able to consider options with more attractive price. You will not be able to equip your filter with modules based on the latest inventions, if they are released under other brands.

At the same time, if you are sure of the brand you are purchasing, of its reliability, of the fact that this device will help you to get in a domestic environment a really clean life-giving moisture, then buy what you like. Don't let non-standard filter cartridges become an obstacle for you.

If you do not want strict certainty, want to leave for yourself the possibility of using products from different manufacturers, then choose a device with standard stake sizes. For example, you can equip your filters with ink cartridges from different manufacturers, with a theme of the effects you need to cleanse your invigorating moisture.

Universal shower filter


The universal shower filter from AquaHomeGroup provides very high levels of water treatment. Its main feature is that, thanks to its compact size, it can be easily installed in any shower. You can enjoy clean water purified of chlorine, heavy metals and various salts. The universal shower filter not only purifies water, it also turns hard water into soft water.

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