Influence of hard water on the human body!


Influence of hard water on the human body!

Even after boiling and settling of hard water on the walls of a kettle permanent compounds of calcium and magnesium get into the body. And although they are very important elements for the functioning of all living organisms, their excess, and inorganic origin have a detrimental effect on living things.

The World Health Organization confirms the harmful effects of hard water (its constant use) on the cardiovascular system. And although calcium and magnesium are actively involved in the work of this system, their excess can harm the body. Despite the good taste (due to a significant amount of minerals), hard water actively interacts with animal proteins and settles on the intestinal walls. Thus, motility worsens and salts accumulate.

The human body is a unique system that successfully works under the influence of many factors of the surrounding world, and at the same time, it produces the lion's share of the substances necessary for the functioning. The body receives calcium and magnesium from food (organic compounds), but inorganic compounds of these elements are contained in water, which is why they are absorbed worse. As a result, problems of the musculoskeletal system (accumulation of excess salts in the joints), urolithiasis and impaired bile duct function.


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