How to take a bath correctly?

How to take a bath correctly?

The optimum temperature is about 37 degrees. A bath with warm water relaxes, relieves fatigue, tension, and nervous excitability. Only 15 minutes in warm water in order to feel more rested.

The most important thing when taking a bath is the quality of the water you use. If the water has different impurities, it is recommended to use water filters. These can be either a stationary treatment system (reverse osmosis filters system) or a shower head filter

A bath is considered hot when the temperature exceeds 40 degrees. This is a good way to cleanse pores, remove excess sebum, and stimulate metabolic processes (it is also recommended as a slimming bath). You can take it from 5 to 10 minutes. To avoid stress to the heart, experts recommend immersing in a hot bath not completely, but only up to the chest line.

A cold bath is recommended to increase skin tone and stimulate the nervous system.


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