How to choose and buy a tropical shower in 2020 | Rain Shower

How to choose and buy a tropical shower in 2020

A shower can bring almost an order of magnitude more benefit and pleasure - it will provide the so-called tropical rain regime. In this case, a wide, air-saturated stream of water is formed, which literally envelops you like real rain. However, the positive impressions of such a procedure can be leveled off if the choice of a tropical shower was not made correctly... What to pay attention to before buying such a system?

Tropical Shower Device and benefits

In order to talk about how to choose a tropical shower, it is necessary to clarify at the beginning what is a tropical shower as such. The device has several features.

  • a large, at least 20 cm in diameter, upper hand shower;
  • a shower head as high as possible, not less than 2 m;
  • the flow is directed strictly downwards (only small deviations are allowed);
  • the water is distributed evenly over the nozzles, mixing with air.

This gives you a powerful, dense, soft shower - it really looks like falling drops of rain that cover your head and whole body. And it helps you relax and relieve stress more effectively and massages your skin better.

What are shower systems with a rain shower?

When choosing a rain shower, the first thing to do is to decide which type of shower system is best for you. All models are divided into three groups.

Rain Shower Leakers

The easiest way to get "rain" in your bathroom is to replace an existing standard showerhead with a "tropical" one (you can often recognize it by the inscription rain, "rain"). This solution attracts with its lightness (installation of a new accessory on the standard hose takes a few minutes and does not require special skills) and accessibility (the price of a showerhead is in any case lower than the full set of parts). However, the effect of the downpour, in this case, is reduced, although in general, the shower will still be more pleasant.

Rack with rain shower

This is almost the best answer to the question of how to choose a tropical shower. After all, it is a complete shower system: with a stand, faucet, bracket, and the showerhead itself (often this is also complemented by a lower shower on a flexible hose for hygiene procedures). Yes, such a device will cost more than replacing the hand-washing. Plus the installation of its complex, and sometimes even impossible without disassembling the wall. But all this is compensated for by a really special experience of a working shower.

Shower panel with rain shower

In discussions about what kind of tropical showers are, one should not forget about shower panels. In fact, it is also a rack, simply with enhanced functionality and design different from the classic (in the form of a flat panel adjacent to the wall). Such equipment can have advanced modes, remote control (usually with a thermostatic faucet), additional horizontal nozzles, shelves, lighting, audio system, etc. Less than one: high device cost.

Selection of the tropical shower by parameters

Once you have decided on the type of shower "rain" system, you can move on to assessing its performance. The most important factors are not so much.

We choose the size of the tropical shower

As mentioned above, the diameter of this type of showerheads starts from approximately 20 cm. And the largest models can reach 60-80 cm in coverage! With this size, the artificial rain will surround you completely, which will provide a unique feeling. But there are a few things to consider. First, with increasing size, the price increases, and sometimes almost in geometric progression. Secondly, the flow in the head can exceed 20-30 liters per minute - it is worth making sure that the siphon in the pallet can cope with the diversion of such an amount of water. Third, if you have hot water coming from the boiler, also calculate whether it will not empty in just a couple of minutes.

What material is better to buy a tropical shower?

Since the choice of a rain shower is usually made for more than one year of use, you should make sure that it is made of durable materials. The choice here is usually the next one:

Plastic: these watering cans are accessible, lightweight, not afraid of rust, and with a chrome coating are very attractive to look at - but they are not very strong;

Silumin: an aluminum alloy with silicon bribes you for its affordability, but you shouldn't count on its quality because it wears out quickly;

Steel: the classics are appreciated for their strength, reliability, relatively low price (if not stainless steel - although it is better than conventional steel);

Brass: the most expensive, if not bronze and copper, but also the most balanced in its characteristics and appearance.

Tropical shower with hydro massage function

If you want to get the most out of your shower procedure, look for a model with a hydro massage. It can be implemented through the jet itself or additional jets built into the wall panel. The first method is cheaper, but the effect is also simpler. After all, only the head and shoulders are massaged, while the side massage will cover the back, lower back, chest, and hips. But remember: as in the case of a whirlpool bath, the price of such a device is much higher.

Do I need a rain shower backlight?

Some manufacturers offer a choice of rain showers with backlighting. With built-in light sources, the system both looks more unusual and benefits more as it helps to create an even more relaxed environment. Although you should reasonably consider whether you are willing to overpay for this option. You can usually do with the usual bathroom lights: they are both cheaper and easier to upgrade if necessary.

Choosing a rain shower by mounting method

Wall shower. A traditional solution where the hand shower head is fixed to the wall with a paw holder. This installation is simple and possible even after repair. But be sure to specify the length of the bracket: if it is small, you risk almost hugging the wall, which will reduce your comfort at times.

Ceiling shower. A shower head suspended from the ceiling looks spectacular. But the main thing: the height is maximum, so drops are really like rain. In addition, the shower cabin can be placed at least in the center of the room. But the installation of such a shower is possible only at the initial stage of repair.

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