Fixed and hand shower | Hand held shower in Florida

How many leeches should there be in the shower? Fixed and hand held shower in Florida.

What can a whirlpool lover do if he does not have a Jacuzzi at home? We advise you to take a look at modern two-layer shower systems.

Modern, practical, pleasant Shower system with a thermostat mixer tap and two handles. The showerheads are designed for both fixed and hand showers, while the entire system combines the advantages of both. Let's consider them separately first.  

Hand held shower in Florida

Why do you need them? The hand held shower head in Florida is valuable for its mobility. Convenient and lightweight, it is attached to a flexible hose and is indispensable when you do not want to wet your head or massage yourself. And larger models from 150 to 200 mm in diameter can to some extent replace the overhead shower.

Affordable pleasure. Multi-mode hand jets are available in several modes: from gentle air jets to rigid massage jets. Additional advantages of the hand held shower water purifier are their affordable price, easy installation anywhere in the bathroom, and built-in regulators to save water.

A spoon of tar. The format of the hand held shower head does not allow the water jets to wrap the whole body. In addition, one hand is busy, which is inconvenient. This is why a stationary shower is also necessary for comfortable washing.


Stationary hand shower

What is it for? A wide shower head fixed above the head allows you to enjoy water treatments that cover the entire body area. Natural effect. The most popular modes - "tropical downpour", "cascade waterfall", "foggy haze" - are not only pleasant but also very useful: they increase muscle tone and improve metabolism. 

A spoon of tar. The stationary overhead shower saves neither water nor space: its ceiling-mounted bathroom must be at least 4 m². Installation of a fixed ceiling shower is only possible during the overhaul phase. Advantages of a two-stage system

Simple installation. The stationary watering canister in the two-stage system is good in that it is fixed on the side holder without penalty of walls and manufacture of false ceilings. The system is ready for connection immediately after purchase, the water elements are mounted on the surface using a hinged pipe. It is only necessary to remove the old shower and connect the system to the existing leads.

The size does not matter. The two-stage shower can be safely installed in both the spacious bathroom and the compact cabin.

All included. The multifunctional combination of two handles and a thermostat faucet provides a pleasant variety of shower treatments. The changeover between the overhead stationary shower and handheld shower can be done with a movement of the hand or by pressing a button. The thermostat is a bonus.

Two-stage systems with faucet cost more than sets without it: 150$ against 100$. In the second case, the faucet will need to be purchased separately. It is best to give preference to the model of the same manufacturer. New generation thermostats instantly bring the temperature to a given level and maintain it throughout the water procedure.



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