Hard water makes the biggest effect on our skin and hair

Hard water makes the biggest effect on our skin and hair

Hardness salts actively interact with shampoo or soap and form a precipitate and a person clogs the pores of the body with neoplasms - as a result, the skin dries and creates discomfort. And although after rinsing with hard water, the skin “creaks” as if it were washed well, it simply remained without the necessary fat protection.

Clogging pores and flushing away natural fat protection makes it difficult for the skin to breathe, resulting in irritation, acne, dandruff, and various rashes. Women have long struggled with this problem with various creams and conditioners under the guise of beauty and rejuvenation, although in general, this is the usual restoration of skin microflora.

Hair also suffers from hard water. Compounds of salt and shampoos create sediment, preventing a scalp to breathe, resulting in brittleness and even hair loss. The problem with dandruff is also difficult to solve with shampoos because they still have to be washed off with the same hard water.

Hair and skin can be protected from hard water by using water shower head filter .

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