Hard water in apartment & how to pick one up best filter for hard water shower?

Hard water in apartment & water purification in the apartment: why is it worth resorting to it?

Hard water in apartment - how to pick one up best filter for hard water shower? The tap water in the apartment may pose a serious threat to human health, because it contains:

  • mechanical pollution - such as sand, silt, and rust particles;
  • Chlorine;
  • Organics (mold, algae and other microorganisms)
  • Substances that give an unpleasant smell

This is due to the fact that over time, the plumbing equipment and nozzles are contaminated, and deposits are formed in the pipes themselves.


It leads to turbidity of water, a sharp unpleasant smell - bad affects the functioning of human body systems. Salt compounds, which characterizes water as "high hardness". At the same time, the cost of detergents increases significantly, heating, spoiled plumbing, suffers from the quality of skin and hair.


Organics (mold, algae and other microorganisms). There is a high risk of intestinal disorders, serious diseases caused by irritants. Phosphates and surfactants. Municipal plants are not able to cope with these types of pollution; they lead to serious diseases (cancer, poisoning, etc.).

Substances that give an unpleasant smell

Substances that give an unpleasant smell. Chlorine together with hydrogen, organics and high-speed developing microorganisms make water consumption dangerous for health. To fully protect yourself and your family, it is recommended to purify the water for the whole apartment. Since it is important not only for drinking and cooking, but also to prolong the life of household appliances, make washing dishes and bathing much more pleasant and useful.


But how to clean the water in the apartment? How to choose a water filter for shower head hard water?

Let us understand further. Water filtration for the apartment: a complex system.

 Nowadays, the market offers many variants of complex solution of water pollution problem. And with a competent selection of components, which include the water purification station in the apartment, it is realistic to ensure its safety and high quality by almost 90%.


How to choose a water hardness shower filter?


What is on the "agenda" in this case? The main thing is to choose a water hardness shower filter, appliances for connecting to the used home appliances, take into account the initial composition of water, the amount of consumption (which depends on the number of people living in the family).

Hard water purifier


The first and most decisive step is to take the water to the laboratory for analysis. To choose a water hardness shower filter, you need to understand what to get rid of and how you can improve the water performance.

The place, where the test will be conducted, should have certificates, and the staff should be experienced and highly qualified. Besides getting rid of harmful mechanical components, it is also important to normalize the mineral composition of the consumed water, to structure it - in other words, to make it as useful for the human body as possible.

The water purification system in the apartment implies consistency and attention to all details: mechanical filtration. Use of water softeners. Chemical filtration of water in the apartment. Disinfection (with the help of UV filters). Structurization (return of water molecules to the natural even structure). Membrane treatment of water in the whole apartment.

What is the hard water shower filter head? Possible options


What is the hard water shower filter head? In the apartment popular for use - water jars, flow water treatment systems for water, reverse osmosis systems, trunk, etc. Which one to choose?

It depends to a great extent:

  1. The volume of water consumption in the apartment.
  2. Degrees of contamination of water coming from the water supply system.
  3. Finance, which you are ready to spend to buy a purification system.
  4. Opportunities and free space for installation of water purification equipment in the apartment.


Filters-kits differ in their compactness, mobility, availability. This is just the option that can be conveniently placed in the kitchen or in the yard of the cottage, take with you on a trip, to work, etc.

It consists of a device made of:

  • Tanks for filling with water.
  • Filter nozzles.
  • Tanks for collecting purified water.

What you should pay attention to:

  • is a small rate of purification (200-400 ml/1 minute),
  • the amount of water consumed per month,
  • the type of filter used.

 There are exchangeable cartridges for water of ordinary, hard, hard, with fluorinating, sorbing components, etc.

Flowing water treatment system (water purifier)


Flowing water treatment system (water purifier) is a complete, complex system of water treatment in the apartment. It is supposed to connect the device to water pipes and mixer - from the latter comes clean water for use in cooking, drinking.

Desktop water filters are very convenient. Designed for mounting on top of the sink and direct connection to the water supply. There can also be a separate faucet outlet. It fits perfectly in any kitchen interior, while being quite convenient in use. The water filters for the tap are also selected based on the results of the sample expertise.

You may need:

  • Filter from hardness salts.
  • Cleaning from organic compounds, heavy metals.
  • Fixture for removing iron in water.
  • Filter to remove chlorine.

 Sorption, ionization, mechanical purification are the main tasks of the filter for running water.

 In apartments and country houses different purification options are often combined. Often, at least 3 cartridges are used - water filters are three-stage. Each stage performs its work and optimizes the quality of water coming from the tap.

Among the main advantages of such a system, we note:

  1. The treatment of water in large volumes - the purification is carried out quickly, in a short period of time is a large amount of water.
  2. All water passing through the cartridges is qualitatively purified in three stages.
  3. With a competent selection of replaceable cartridges, there is not only mechanical purification of rusted water by the filter, but also give it quality and taste.

 But it is worth noting how important it is to follow the regulations and perform timely replacement of cartridges. Otherwise, harmful microorganisms will form on their surface. And the closer to the date of the necessary filter replacement, the quality of the received water gradually decreases.

Reverse osmosis system

The reverse osmosis system for apartments is the most optimal, reliable solution. Only with its installation you can be 100% sure of the quality of water consumed daily. Everything is due to the presence of an important component - the membrane, through which water passes in the process of treatment.

This technology of cleaning with a reverse osmosis membrane is rightly considered the most effective - it is possible to eliminate impurities and particles smaller than 0.001 microns. This means that even sulfates, heavy metal ions and hard salts are not terrible.

The system consists of the following components as standard:

  • three pre-cleaning flasks;
  • a special membrane;
  • a post-filter;
  • a mineralizer;
  • and a pump (if necessary, for cases where the system pressure drops below 3 atmospheres).

 Ideal for infants, this water filter does not need to be boiled before use - it is 100% pure, saturated with trace elements. Real coffee and tea gourmets will appreciate the quality of the received water. The taste of the drink will not be distorted.

Water filter system


Before you buy a water filter system in an apartment with a reverse osmosis membrane, it is important to take into account its dependence on electricity and the need to regulate the pressure in the water supply.

Chemical treatment of water

The above are the common options for mechanical treatment. If we talk about chemical treatment, it is quite effective when it is necessary to remove substances from water by creating chemical reactions (except for sorbents that do not enter into chemical reaction).

There are filters for water purification from hydrogen sulfide, manganese, hardness salts, etc.

A water treatment column may be used. It consists of the main components: a tank with a specially provided filter component. Salt tank, which is necessary to restore the performance of the entire purifier.

Bathroom shower water filter


There are also bathroom shower water filter. This is a more compact and easy-to-use option. The flasks for water purification are located in one building, and if they are correctly calculated and located in the apartment, they will not even be visible.

 In order to conduct exactly chemical water purification, you should make sure that it is really necessary. For this purpose it is necessary to clearly define it:

  • Composition of water (there is an exact, qualitative analysis from the laboratory).
  • The number of necessary extraction points.
  • The estimated amount of consumption (directly related to the number of people living in the apartment).

How to secure the equipment in the house?

 If you buy a main water filter, you can provide your home with clean water in a comprehensive manner. If you do not get rid of small mechanical impurities, over time they accumulate and render unusable the equipment that somehow uses water.

For example, ceramic plates on the faucets, toilet bowl inlet valves, irons, boilers, steam generators, dishwashers and washing machines, air humidifiers, water meters, etc. Filter for household appliances is just necessary, main flasks can be different:

  • filter for hot water.
  • filter for cold water.

 It is important to consider this before purchasing the system. Hot water devices are designed for a more severe effect due to higher temperature, high pressure in pipes. Devices are equipped with thicker walls, so the cost is an order of magnitude higher than the flasks designed to clean cold water.

Do not forget about replacement cartridges - they are also needed here. Watch the consumption - when choosing replacement flasks, pay attention to the module life.

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