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Filters for cottages - drink to your health!

For your cozy home, we always choose the best: materials, services, solutions... There can also be no compromises in the matter of water supply: water must definitely be clean, suitable for drinking and cooking. And also because of it should not break washing machines, covered with kettle crust and faience sanitary ware. Drilling a well is only the first stage on the way to obtaining such water. The second stage is the filters for cottages in the USA.

We dispel the myths.

Country cottage or private house within the city limits have an individual water supply system - the liquid comes from wells. It is believed that such water is immediately suitable for drinking because it is taken directly from the ground and passes miles of old pipes, mandatory in the city utilities. However, this is not the case. In professional terms, rough water will flow out of the tap. In order to be able to drink it, you need water treatment, such as a filter to de-iron the water from a well.

First of all, if a shallow well is dug in the area, the water in it will be affected by anthropogenic impact. Chemical fertilizers, pest control agents, nitrates - all this is absorbed into the soil and then enters the water. The deeper water is taken, the more natural "filters" will be in its path, such as sand, clay. They purify the liquid in their own way, but also fill it with tiny particles such as grains of sand. Besides, such water is saturated with hard salts, highly mineralized, including heavy metals (iron, phosphorus, etc.). Accumulated in the body, they will cause poisoning and ill health. Water filters in the cottage will allow effective cleaning, getting the liquid at the outlet without taste, color, and bad smell.

The problem of water treatment in a private home and how to solve it

Many amateurs of life in a country house face the problem of contaminated water in wells. Such water may contain large amounts of finely dispersed particles of sand and clay, iron salts, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, pesticides, nitrates, harmful microorganisms, pathogenic microbes. The optimal way out of this situation is to install a filtration system. To ensure that the taste and quality of drinking water meet high safety standards, it is necessary to choose the right water filter and filters for water treatment.

Main categories of filters for water purification

Mechanical filters remove various suspended particles (sand, clay, silt) from the aqueous solution.

  • Ion-exchange filters are used for water softening.
  • Systems of complex clearing render balanced action on the improvement of the qualitative structure of water: remove various kinds of impurity, harmful salts and microorganisms and simultaneously soften water.
  • Filters for removal of separate impurity and salts: iron, sulfur, manganese.

The purpose of using treated water plays an important role in selecting the type of filter to be installed. The properly selected filtration system will significantly improve the quality of water from the well.

Features of selecting a filter for a well

When choosing the type of treatment it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of water composition, soil structure, territorial peculiarities of groundwater, ecological situation, and other factors. First of all, it is necessary to submit water to the laboratory for chemical and microbiological analysis, which will provide detailed information about the composition of water and its suitability for eating. Based on the results of these studies, you can learn about the general level of water hardness, iron and manganese content, the presence of impurities and microorganisms. Based on the data obtained, it is possible to select the optimal variant of the filtration system.

Mechanical filters are suitable for pre-treatment of water. They can trap and remove small particles (up to 1 micron) of clay and sand. If the iron content in the water is high, iron filters should be installed. Their principle of operation is based on the oxidation of iron by sorbing element granules and gradual deposition on filter walls. At the formation of scale and plaque on dishes and sanitary devices it is necessary to apply the ion exchange filter for softening. If the water has a noticeable chlorine odor and an unpleasant taste, you should choose a carbon filter with an absorbent effect.

The filter-deironer .

Water with high iron content is reddish-brown in color, has a specific odor and taste. After using such water, there are noticeable "rusty" traces on containers. Iron filters can completely change the physical and chemical composition of water. Once installed, the water will become transparent again and unpleasant odors will disappear.

The principle of their work is based on redox reactions. Sorbent granules (manganese oxide) are a kind of catalyst. Iron, reacting with manganese dioxide, is oxidized and precipitated as rust, which is removed through a special filtration plant. These filters are characterized by high performance, efficiency, and low cost.

Integrated water treatment systems

Multifunctional water treatment systems can remove all types of organic and inorganic impurities and eliminate excessive water hardness. They include several filter subsystems:

  • Sorbent de-ironer, which neutralizes organic compounds, normalizes color, removes metals and their salts;
  • a softener;
  • a filter to eliminate the organic matter.

Complex filtration systems solve several problems at once:

  • purifies water from mechanical pollutants (sand, dirt);
  • soften water;
  • eliminate excess iron;
  • get rid of harmful microorganisms and impurities.

Filter-systems work with a highly active catalytic absorber. At the installation of such systems, additional aeration is necessary.

The main criteria to pay attention to when choosing a filter for a well:

  • biochemical composition of water;
  • water volume used;
  • sewerage volume;
  • water supply pressure.

Regular use of poor quality, polluted water can cause ill health and the development of various diseases in humans.

 The range of equipment for water treatment and purification is diverse. Domestic and foreign manufacturers offer a wide range of filter systems of various configurations and price categories. At the purchase of this or that equipment, it is necessary to be convinced of the availability of valid certificates of quality and the documents confirming conformity of production to the international safety standards.

A little bit about the benefits.

Mounting a complete system attracts practicality. Among the advantages can be attributed:

  • accessibility,
  • cleaning efficiency,
  • long service life,
  • ease of use.

The system does not have a tank, it works continuously as long as there is water current. So you just open the tap and get the amount of liquid you need. You can drink it even without boiling and use it in cooking. There are no leaks or divorces on dishes, sanitary ware, clothes.

Note that when you go through all the filters, the liquid becomes absolutely clean, but the useful substances are also removed from it. Therefore, in order to obtain the most useful water for your health, it is recommended to install an additional mineralizer.

We are studying the assortment

When deciding to buy water filters for cottages, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • filtering elements used in the filter,
  • system performance,
  • maintenance costs.

The system price will depend on the selected parameters and brand. Also take into account the cost of cartridges that need to be changed regularly.

The online stores offer a wide range of solutions for water problems in country houses. Multistage systems can be completed with different filters: for softening, air conditioning, de-ironing, disinfection, cleaning of mechanical impurities, etc.

There are ready decisions on a turn-key basis, it is possible to collect the system from necessary elements independently. Thus the company renders services of experts who will take samples of water, will make all necessary calculations that the water treatment system as much as possible met your requirements. You can look at household reverse osmosis filters, perhaps they will suit you better.

With health and wallet benefits

On a shop site, the goods of different price categories from the American and foreign manufacturers are presented. Consultants will help you choose the most optimal option. You will also be able to order the departure of the master, who will perform installation and conclude a contract for further service system.

All products have been certified and have the appropriate warranty. The online store has a bonus loyalty program, which makes the purchase more accessible. In addition, there are regular promotions with reduced prices for certain products.

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