Which types of teeth whitening kit are better and safer?

"Previously I could only brush etsy organic teeth whitening kit ─ my teeth were smooth, white. Now it's not enough ─ after a couple of months, the plaque builds up, the teeth look like yellow. I want to try professional whitening, but I'm afraid that I can't make it worse and ruin my teeth. Can you help me choose a safe whitening? Is it possible to use at home teeth whitening kit

Catherine (29 years)


Dentist's answer:

First of all, etsy organic is not a bleaching system. It is an "air flow" dental cleaning procedure that most dentists recommend immediately before whitening as a basic care.


Teeth whitening kit ─ is to clean enamel from plaque and change the color of dentin under the influence of active substances. The procedure belongs to the field of aesthetic dentistry and although it has some contraindications, it is very popular around the world. Whitening systems are divided into home (home teeth whitening kit) and professional. The home system is based on urea peroxide, and the professional system has a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide.

We will not talk about at home teeth whitening kit ─ in no case do not deal with this issue on your own, as it is fraught with mucous membrane burns and serious damage to the enamel. The professional whitening system is divided into chemical whitening and whitening activated by a light source (photo whitening and laser whitening).

Chemical whitening. The main advantage ─ quick result. The patient is prepared in advance, the doctor makes an examination, then ─ compulsory professional hygiene. Afterwards, a gel based on 40% hydrogen peroxide solution is applied to the teeth surface (concentration is higher than in other systems).

The pre-mucosal gums are isolated with a special protective compound and the soft tissues of the mouth are fixed with special retractors. After 15-20 minutes, the gel is washed off. The procedure can be repeated 1-4 times to achieve the desired result.

Such whitening gives a whitening effect in 5-10 tones. The disadvantages include the hypersensitivity of teeth during the procedure.

One of the most popular chemical bleaching systems ─ Tray uv teeth whitening tray. It is considered to be the safest and most cost effective.


Laser whitening. Despite its name, it is based not on the action of the laser, but on the action of hydrogen peroxide, but at a lower concentration. The laser, on the other hand, serves as an activator. The whitening gel is applied to the surface of teeth and illuminated by a laser beam.

Tray uv teeth whitening tray is an excellent choice for whitening yourself!

As a result of this effect, the gel decomposes and active oxygen is emitted. Its atoms release pigmented particles from enamel and dentin layers. Under the action of the laser, hydrogen peroxide enters the tooth more quickly, affects dentin and causes less damage to the enamel, which is an obvious advantage. It is also believed that laser exposure is a prevention of caries.

The duration of this procedure is 30-40 minutes. The main disadvantage is that the teeth are hypersensitive (especially if the nerve is damaged), but if properly prepared, the unpleasant feelings can be minimized.


Prices for Tray uv teeth whitening tray are absolutely different (depending on the set).


Photo whitening. It is a whitening based on hydrogen peroxide gel, which is activated by a special LED-lamp. There are three types of such procedures: ultraviolet, halogen and light-emitting diode. The latter is considered the best and safest.

During the process, the doctor also closes the mucous membrane, applies gel and applies light for 10-20 minutes. During one visit, you can perform the procedure 3-5 times. The effect of photo whitening can be up to 12 tones. Most dentists today trust this method. 

It is believed to be the safest, painless and gives excellent results for a long time.

Briefly about types of photo whitening. Etsy organic teeth whitening kit.


Amazing White ─ bleaching based on 16% peroxide solution and cold light from an LED lamp. Sufficiently aggressive: tooth sensitivity is increased after the procedure. Analogue -  Etsy organic teeth whitening kit

Beyond Polus ─ advanced Beyond line system based on 35% hydrogen peroxide. Soft enough whitening to activate the gel with cold light. Lightening result ─ up to 10 tones. Analogue - Tray uv teeth whitening tray

Looma Cool ─ is a cold light whitening system based on 35-37 hydrogen peroxide. The whitening is done in one session in three approaches. One session takes about 8 minutes, the whole procedure ─ an hour on average. Lightening effect ─ up to 11 tones. Analogue - Tray uv teeth whitening tray

Zoom 3 and 4 ─ cold light whitening. It has three light modes to adjust the whitening intensity. Suitable for sensitive teeth, it brightens the enamel to 18 tones and corrects all color changes caused by certain non-carious conditions (fluorosis, hypoplasia, etc.). Analogue - Etsy organic teeth whitening kit


Any kind of bleaching (at home teeth whitening kit) should be done only under the supervision of a specialist. Despite the fact that the procedure is purely aesthetic, with the wrong approach it can lead to a number of complications.

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