Choice of a quality baby shower head | Shower filter for hard water

Choice of a quality baby shower head

The shower head is another name for the shower nozzle. This device is very popular, as modern manufacturers have managed to make the product a real work of art. High-quality shower head will provide a pleasant washing for your child and give you and him a real pleasure. Specialists of the online store prepared a brief on how to choose and buy the right shower head.

 Types of showerheads

Showerheads can be divided into separate categories depending on the method of attachment. The simplest variant is represented by models of the traditional form and they consist of a body, a sprayer and nozzles. The result is an imitation of real rain in the shower, with varying intensities. There is also a movable variant, which can be easily placed at different angles and raised to a certain height.

Brass, silumin or plastic and their combination are most often used for production.

For example, the shower stand is almost always made of metal, while the hand shower head is usually made of plastic. If you plan to use a hand shower, it is better to choose a plastic product, as it is much easier. This option is most optimal, because when the tube falls from a height, the enamel bath will not get damaged and your child will remain without bruises. Plastic models from renowned brands are very reliable - the metallized coating does not tear off with time, the body of the handbag does not break, and the handbag itself, as a rule, has several modes of operation and adjustments.


Features of household use

Modern manufacturers produce attractive and ergonomic showerheads. The main advantage can be called obtaining a water jet with a variety of characteristics, and in one hand shower head can be up to 9 different settings. If the shower head is equipped with such a nozzle, then the adoption of water procedures will bring maximum pleasure and benefit.

Some nozzles are able to change the flow configuration. The most fashionable innovation is the possible saturation of the water jet with air. As a result, this shower will have an invigorating and tonic effect. Also modern manufacturers have managed to significantly reduce water consumption, but it does not affect the quality of washing and comfort of procedures and does not reduce its effectiveness. For example, German manufacturer Grohe assures that its showerheads help to save up to 50% of water.

In many cities the water is very hard, so lime scale appears on the surface of sanitary ware. It has to be constantly removed, but modern manufacturers have managed to find a solution for this issue as well. Modern manufacturers make nozzles of silicone base, which will not appear foreign inclusions, and if plaque and appear, it can be easily removed by yourself, wiping with a rag.

Customers almost always prefer the complete shower set. Thanks to this at home you can get an analogue of a real hydro-massage cabin.


Water Quality

Everyone knows that children have very delicate skin. It is often prone to allergies and other problems such as dryness.

For this reason, the quality of the tap water must be taken into account when using a shower head. If the water retains high levels of chlorine, iron or other impurities, you just need to install a shower filter.

Excess chlorine in the body leads to various diseases of the internal organs and deterioration of health in general. Specialists in dermatology note that numerous skin irritations and mucous membranes often provoke poor-quality water, which is saturated with chlorine compounds. Water dries out the skin and irritates the mucous membranes, adversely affects the hair, making it brittle and lifeless.

Every parent wants to provide maximum comfort for their child. When choosing a shower head for your baby, analyze the pros and cons of your choices. The quality of the water and materials for your child should be of the highest standard.


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