A filter for purifying water from chlorine - do we need it?


A filter for purifying water from chlorine - do we need it?

The negative effects of chlorine on the body are known to all. If you do not install a chlorine water filter, you can see that even when using high-quality cosmetics - shampoos, gels, ointments, and others - the skin remains dry, irritation appears, and hair becomes brittle. Many people tend to attribute this to various everyday problems - stress, lack of good nutrition, poor environmental conditions, etc. But in reality, everything is somewhat different - these are all the negative consequences of chlorine, which is contained in huge quantities in the incoming water.

Therefore, it is very important to install protective filters to avoid the harmful effects of chlorine compounds. Today, it has already been fully proved by specialists that chlorine, reacting with other organic compounds, forms compounds, the use of which very often leads to cancer - the risk of cancer increases by almost 70 percent.


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