6 mistakes we make every day in the shower


6 mistakes we make every day in the shower

1. Too hot water
Hot water deprives the skin of moisture, leads to dryness and peeling.
2. Excessively long showers
Like hot water, prolonged exposure to the shower dries out the skin. Hence the various problems: rash, itching. Remember: the shower should last about 10 minutes.
3. Frequent use of highly foaming shower products
The composition of modern detergents includes surfactants. Their task is to attach fat molecules to water molecules. If our shower gel gives a rich foam, it means that it contains an excess of such substances. The more foam the shower product forms, the more it removes the natural protective fat layer. This leads to dryness and coarsening of the skin.
4. Use of old and not dried sponges
Prolonged use of the same sponge is a great health risk. Wet sponges create ideal conditions for the development of bacteria and mold. You can use one sponge for no more than 4 weeks.
5. Too intense wiping
Properly drying the skin is no less important than washing it properly. Wipe with a non-rigid towel, leaving the body slightly damp. After that, do not be too lazy to moisturize your skin with your favorite cream, and it will be velvety and healthy!
6. Frequent shampooing
Washing your hair every time you take a shower is not the best solution. Constantly washing away the natural fats and oils produced to protect hair from external factors, we force the sebaceous glands to secrete even more sebum. As a result, the hair gets dirty only faster.


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