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The purpose of the water ionizer and the advantages of alkaline water.

 So what is a water ionizer? Why do progressive countries use it for decades and even officially approved ionized water as a cure, and we only now learn about the existence of such a powerful device? Living and dead water happens not only in fairy tales? Let's take a look at it.

 Living and dead water

Living water (alkaline) has a pH, which varies in the range from 7 to 14. The redox potential (redox potential) of alkaline water is negative. Alkaline water is similar in structure to the internal fluids of our body: lymph, blood, intercellular fluid, so the body absorbs such water better.

 Dead water (acid) has a pH of 1 to 7. The redox potential of this water is positive, which means there is a lack of electrons. Because of this, acidic water is forced to borrow electrons from pathogens, germs and bacteria, thus neutralizing them. This water has excellent bactericidal properties and is mainly intended for outdoor use. 

Advantages of alkaline water. Alkaline shower filters

Negative redox potential means extra electrons that help fight free radicals. Free radicals are inferior molecules that lack a single electron, so they attack full body cells in search of electrons, thus undermining our health. Alkaline water obtained by using alkaline shower filters shares electrons with free radicals, thus neutralizing their harmful effects on the body and increasing immunity.

Restores alkaline balance

The elements of our body are mainly of alkaline nature, so it is much easier to digest alkaline food (fresh vegetables, fruits).

However, our diet is mainly made up of acidic foods (meat, bread, sweets, fatty foods), so calcium, prepared for the more important task of maintaining the health of bones and teeth, rushes to aid in the alkalization of the body. With daily consumption of alkaline water, oxidation of the body decreases and it no longer suffers from a shortage of minerals. 

Alkaline mineral rich shower filter.


An alkaline mineral rich shower filter, performs similar functions to structure water for better absorption.

Alkaline water forms compounds of 5-6 molecules compared to ordinary water (10-13 molecules), so it is easier to penetrate through the cell membranes and therefore it is faster to engage in the metabolic process, more effectively neutralizes toxins, saturates the cells with water and helps to remove acid residues through the kidneys. 

Filter for shower heads that make water alkaline

To prevent problems with thick blood, you can use filter for shower heads that make water alkaline. Alkaline water better liquefies blood and resist the formation of blood clots, which are so common in today's world. And all because the acid water thickens the blood and worsens blood circulation. 

More oxygen with ionizer shower head


Recently, oxygen cocktails have become fashionable - they are made in cosmetology centers, gyms and other facilities. Oxygen is associated with energy and life.

It is very easy to saturate water with minerals and oxygen to maintain your beauty using ionizer shower head.

In case of shortage of this important component, the hydrocarbons are not completely broken down and oxidation starts. Cancer, for example, develops precisely under conditions of lack of oxygen during metabolism. 

Experience of progressive countries

In Japan and South Korea, ionized water officially acts as a therapeutic agent in hospitals and clinics. Instead of expensive medicines, people prefer natural remedies such as water.

 With certain redox potential settings and the introduction of the right microelements, ionized water can cure diabetes, in others - hypertension, in others - it is just useful water with antioxidant properties. 

Flowing ionizer. Shower ionizer

Shower ionizer and flowing ionizer are optimal for home use. They most often contain a shower water filter, after which pure water enters the electrolyser where it is ionized. It is important to make sure that the body of the electrolyser is made exclusively of ruthenium oxide, platinum or titanium, as only these substances do not dissolve in water during electrolysis.

Flow ionizers have many functions and can have up to 7 pH levels, for example, 4 levels of alkaline water, 2 levels of acid and one setting for neutral water, which can be used to drink medicines. 

Can i shower with alkaline water or take mineral baths?

Can i shower with alkaline water? - a question that is often asked by people who know about the benefits of ionized water.

Due to its special chemical composition, mineral water has a beneficial effect on the human body, not only internally but also externally. There are different types of baths.

The most common diseases for which the treatment and prescribe baths based on mineral water, are as follows:

  • diseases of the digestive tract: gastritis and stomach ulcers, colitis, cholecystitis;
  • hypertensive disease;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • skin diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus. 

Alkaline water filter shower head

What is the benefit of bathing with mineral alkaline water?

First of all, therapeutic mineral baths normalize the functional state of our body.

Prepare an alkaline bath at home will help special alkaline water filter shower head.

Additional advantages are efficiency, availability and safety. The procedure affects not only the external tissues of the human body, but also the internal organs. Useful substances get into the body through the skin and through the respiratory system. Thus, the benefits of mineral baths have a general nature. 

The most popular types of mineral baths. Alkaline based shower head


The most patronized are the classic baths, which you can make by using alkaline based shower head. They have a positive effect on the human body. Have a tonic and anti-inflammatory effect. After a course of procedures significantly improves blood circulation, salts and small concrements are removed from the body, due to the strengthening of diuretic and choleretic functions. Mineral baths are useful for both kidney and liver colic.

 The second most popular baths is mineral and pearl baths. They have an excellent effect on all skin receptors. They improve blood circulation, have antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect. They help to improve the pancreas and intestines. This procedure is very pleasant, it has a calming effect, improves the general mood and improves sleep.