Vitamin filter shower head. Shower head with vitamin. Filter chlorine

Vitamin filter shower head

Chlorine in large quantities in tap water is a component harmful to our daily health, making skin and hair care useless and water procedures potentially dangerous.

Vitamin filter shower head  is a solution to this problem - showerheads with filters and cartridges containing vitamin C. It is vitamin that has been found to be absolutely non-toxic and the most effective component neutralizing chlorine and chloramine.


Vitamins electrolyte shower filter

The vitamins electrolyte shower filter provides gentle water purification.  The chemical reaction produces only mild hydrochloric acid, which dissolves in water and is harmless to humans. Vitamin C is a powerful and safe antioxidant that neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals formed by chlorine, preventing aging and the emergence of cancer cells.


Shower head with vitamin C


The shower head with vitamin C perfectly cleans and ionizes the water, gives a pleasant fragrance and makes daily hair and skin care noticeably more effective. Each vitamin c infused shower head is a session of aromatherapy and saturation of the skin with Vitamin C. After the first use of this filter, the skin becomes supple and moisturised, dryness and irritation disappear.


Filter chlorine from shower water


Filter chlorine from shower water, saturated with vitamin C, is able to do what many hair care products can not do - to give shine, elasticity, prevent dryness and fragility. Beauty and youth care will be much more pleasant and effective with AquaHomeGroup showerheads.

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