What the future holds for water purification?

The researcher from the USA Peter Cartwright has presented his prognosis for water treatment industry. He assumes that in the future every home and apartment will have an individual water purification filter, which will make it possible to obtain high-quality and drinkable water.


What does Peter Cartwright forecast?

Firstly he points out that the connection between human health and PPCPs (pharmaceuticals and personal care products) has not yet been established. However, this variation should be expected in the future:

  • concentrations of PPCPs in water sources will increase;
  • their effects on human health will eventually be established;
  • the immediate solution will be the installation of a drinking water treatment system in every home, initially consisting of a reverse osmosis or distillation unit;
  • fundamental changes may be required in the way our water supplies function, with water treated in this way being used only for drinking and cooking;
  • more efficient and less costly wastewater treatment technologies will be developed to ensure reuse;
  • people will become better stewards of water, install dual piped systems, and collect and use rainwater and wastewater for non-food uses.
  • will make greater use of wetlands and innovative processes to treat and reuse wastewater from virtually all sources.


To summarize

water analysis

According to Peter Cartwright, the huge (and still growing) array of contaminants in our drinking water will inevitably lead to the identification of new health risks.

At the same time, the concerned consumer can reduce his or her exposure to these substances with a simple and economical one-tap water purifier for drinking and cooking purposes.

In addition, we must all be aware of the exhaustibility of water resources and conserve, collect and reuse water.

Just as knowledge of water pollution has led to the elimination of virtually all waterborne pathogens and reduced exposure to heavy metals, arsenic, etc., a scientific and risk-based understanding of PPCPs (pharmaceuticals and personal care products) must be developed to determine how to most effectively minimize their impact.

Creativity and innovation are human characteristics and as we know the chemistry of the problem, new products, processes and solutions will emerge on the scene. These are exciting times for the water and wastewater treatment industry!

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