Tooth whitening gels | The most effective bleaching gels in USA

Tooth whitening gels

Aesthetic dentistry offers a wide range of pharmacy products for home use. Teeth whitening gel is preferred by people who do not plan to spend time and money on the office procedure. If the instructions are followed and the tools from reputable manufacturers are used, the desired clarification result can be achieved.

Composition and operation principle of bleaching gels

Most bleaching gel agents have different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in their composition. Its percentage in the gel varies from 4 to 7.5%. When the active substance affects tooth enamel, oxygen is released, which oxidizes and discolor the pigmented fragments.

Some manufacturers use carbamide peroxide with a concentration of 10-15% as an active component in gels. The active ingredient acts on tooth enamel in the same way, but softer, so the products are used for a longer time.

If the gel contains abrasives or acids, it is best to discuss with your dentist as these ingredients can have a damaging effect on your tooth enamel.


Indications and contraindications for use of gels

Application of tooth whitening agents is possible for people who are not satisfied with the color, want to eliminate plaque from tea, coffee, reduce yellowness. There must be no contraindications to this:

  • Age to 16 years.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Wearing braces, due to the risk of bleaching unevenness.
  • Parodontosis, inflammatory diseases of the mouth.
  • Defects in dental enamel: tooth decay, cracks. If you ignore them, the sensitivity of your teeth can become more acute.


The use of gels is safe if you follow the instructions and choose the products with the help of a dentist. Possible problems:

  • Allergy at individual intolerance of separate components of preparations.
  • Burns to the mucous membrane due to improper use.

The greatest effect and safe use of the whitening gel is ensured by mouthguards made from dental impressions. They are filled with the drug and put on their teeth for the night. The mouthguards can be standard (sold in pharmacies) or made individually in dental laboratories. When using standard bleaching mouthpieces, the bleaching can be uneven, so it is desirable to use individual mouthpieces for perfect results.

When used without caps, the product is distributed over the enamel surface with a conventional toothbrush or with the supplied special brush.

 Selection of tooth whitening gels

In a wide range of products for whitening ordinary people are difficult to navigate. The best option is the selection of the means after consultation with a specialist. The network of dental clinics recommends products from recognized manufacturers, which have successfully passed clinical trials and showed good results.


The most effective bleaching gels in USA:

  • ExpertWhitening with different concentrations of the active substance.
  • AquaHomeGroup Teeth Whitening Gel. Just in 6 days, you will enjoy EXTRA white teeth, a radiant smile, and a confidence boost.
  • Smile4You, sold as a set with caps.
  • Day White Excel ACP, budget, and a quite efficient option. To get a result, a course of 9-10 procedures is enough.
  • Pola Day, which contains antibacterial components to prevent plaque formation.
  • Colgate Simply White, allowing the enamel to be brightened in 3-4 tones in two weeks of application.
  • O.C.S. Pro "Oxygen Whitening" intensive gel for use with mouthpieces or in combination with regular toothpaste.

 The above-mentioned means contain active substances inadmissible concentration. When used correctly, they do not traumatize the enamel.

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