Hard water filter - Reasons to buy a shower filter

Hard water filter - reasons to use

Unfortunately, the water in the city water supply network is usually not particularly clean. Increased hardness, the presence of chlorine, iron, calcium, sand and silt turn tap water into a chemically aggressive liquid, which has an adverse effect on the skin and hair when showering. There are several ways to purify water at home, but for showers the easiest and most effective solution would be special hard water filters, which can be installed directly on the faucet outlet or in the handle of the showerhead.


They will provide an effective multi-stage water treatment with the removal of harmful substances and polluting suspended particles. At the same time, the price of the shower filter is affordable for most property owners.


Chlorine in water without filters - danger!


Mankind has recently become seriously concerned about the quality of water that comes through the central water supply to apartments and houses. Many people, trying to protect themselves from the harmful effects of the main disinfectant of central water supply - chlorine, install special hard water filters or buy purified water. But when most people are concerned about the quality of water they are drinking, they haven't even thought about the fact that drinking water is not the only thing that can do harm to their organism.


 Water used for showering more than once a day is just as harmful to the skin and the human body in general as drinking water.


Municipal water treatment plants often add chlorine in higher amounts during the warm season to avoid the risk of bacterial contamination. Although relatively low concentrations are used, even these are harmful to animal and human health. Inhaling high concentrations of chlorine can be fatal to humans. Even if you don't smell chlorine, it can be a hidden threat in your shower water, causing illnesses ranging from headaches to neurotoxic reactions and possibly even cancer.


Chlorinated water can be very dangerous because water toxins enter the body not only through the respiratory organs, but also through the skin. Chlorine deprives the skin of its natural fatty coating, dries it, causes itching and premature aging. Even the hair becomes dry and brittle when exposed to chlorinated water, unlike water that has gone through a hard water filter. .


Chlorine is used in domestic water treatment due to necessity, but it should not get into the water you wash with, much less drink.

10 reasons to use a hard water filter in the shower


So, 10 reasons to use a hard water filter in the shower:


  1. Chloroform in the water and air

The Environmental Protection Agency has found that every home with a central water supply has elevated levels of chloroform in the air. This happens because chlorine evaporates into the air while showering.

     2. Large amounts of chlorine in the water

The tap water we shower in often contains as much, or even more, chlorine than is recommended for pool disinfection.

  1. Chlorine absorption while showering

While showering, a person absorbs more chlorine through the skin and lungs than through drinking tap water (!).

  1. Chlorine dries your skin.

Chlorine in tap water has a drying effect on skin and hair.

  1. Chemical Absorption in the Shower

When you shower, your pores expand, making it possible to absorb chlorine and other chemicals.

  1. Chlorine and allergies

Chlorine absorbed by the skin can cause rashes, and other skin irritations.

  1. Harmful steam in the shower

When you shower, chemicals evaporate much faster than the water itself. Thus, the steam in the shower contains a much higher concentration of chemicals than the water itself. Thus, not using a filter for hard water in the shower you hurt not only the skin but also the lungs, which accelerates the process of absorption of toxins by your body.

  1. Inhaling chemicals in the shower

When inhaled, chemicals enter the bloodstream much faster than when absorbed internally, because the digestive system partially neutralizes them, and the poisons enter the bloodstream directly through the lungs.

  1. Chlorine showers are bad air throughout the house

More harmful substances enter the air in the home from the shower than from other sources.

  1. Chlorine and Breast Cancer

Chlorine can be one of the causes of breast cancer. Women with breast cancer have 50-60% more chlorine in their breast tissue than healthy women


Chlorine removal


The presence of chlorine compounds in tap water is dangerous not only by direct exposure to skin and hair. It is no less unpleasant to inhale water vapors containing chlorine while taking a shower without a hard water filter. Their active formation occurs as a result of active splashing of liquid through the shower screen.


Therefore, the removal of chlorine from tap water is of great importance and is provided by the presence of special granules absorbing chlorine in the hard water filter for showers. As a result, there are practically no chlorine compounds in the water entering the shower screen after passing the cartridge, which makes the cleaning process very effective.


Principle of operation of hard water filters


All popular models of shower heads with a filter provide at least a three-stage purification and work as follows:

  • water enters the cartridge, which is placed in the handle of the shower screen or installed at the outlet of the faucet;
  • passes through a mechanical purification element where sand, silt, rust and other pollutant particles are captured;
  • the main working carbon layer absorbs unpleasant odors, chlorine compounds, heavy metals, arsenic and other harmful substances totaling more than 95%;
  • After that the water is softened by absorbing calcium and magnesium salts and the final mechanical treatment.


Some models have permanent magnets after the filter element, which change the physical structure of the liquid and increase its biological activity.

Expensive activated carbons are used as granular loading. They are able to create an effective barrier to contaminants until the available absorption capacity is exhausted. Regeneration of activated carbon is carried out with a solution of table salt, followed by backwashing with clean water. For this purpose, the flow of water through the shower filter is reversed.




Hard water shower filters, which are on sale, offer models of three installation options:

  • A socket connection at the outlet of the faucet;
  • a combination of filters, one after the faucet and one directly in the shower head;
  • by installing an extension cord with a filter installed inside.

In the first case it is necessary to disconnect the shower hose and insert a cylindrical cartridge between the faucet and the flexible pipe. In the second option, a new shower head is installed, with a filter element installed inside and a second one that is installed after the faucet. The extension is simply screwed to the existing shower head on the socket connection with a coupling nut. The compatibility of the shower head with the filter in most systems used is 100%. Installation takes a few minutes and does not require any special skills and knowledge.


Pros and cons of using hard water filters in the shower


Some of the main advantages of installing compact water treatment elements include:

  • The ability to remove active chlorine and chlorine compounds;
  • effective cleaning of suspended particles of dirt, sand and rust;
  • reduction of water hardness by neutralization of calcium and magnesium ions;
  • Neutralization of alkalis without changing the mineral composition;
  • removal of unpleasant smells.
  • saturation with vitamins - only in our filters - Vitamin C + E Replacement Cartridge for Filtered Shower Head | AquaHomeGroup


The disadvantages of shower filter nozzles include:

  1. the need to replace the filter cartridges every 2-3 months;
  2. inability to provide 100% purification;

The working life of each separate model is determined by the frequency of using the shower. Replacement of the filter element is simple and does not take much time.


Popular models of shower filters


Demand for filter elements is determined by the affordable cost, cleaning efficiency and the duration of operating life. Based on this, the following models of shower heads with a filter can be recommended for use.

  1. 15 Stage Shower Water Filter Ceramic Balls with Vitamin C For Hard Water
  2. Chloramine Shower Head With Filter Vitamin C High Pressure Rain
  3. Filter Shower Head Set With Vitamin C+E, 15 Stage, For hard water


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