Dirty water from the tap - why?

Why does dirty water come out of the tap? What are the signs that will help me determine what impurities are in my water? Is it possible to clean the water at home? To these and other, undoubtedly, important questions we will answer in this article.


Dirty Water: Causes.


There are many reasons when dirty water comes out of the tap. There are temporary causes associated, for example, with malfunctions in the water supply system, and there are also those from which it is necessary to get rid of urgently, as they are of a long-term nature and can cause harm to human health.

After the repair work on the water pipes rusty water may come out of the tap for a few days. As a rule, repair services warn the population about the work in advance, so you can stock up on bottled water in advance, or draw water in containers before the repair.

If you find impurities in the tap water, in addition to iron and hardness salts, it means the water supply company is not doing its job properly. It's time to ring the bell and send complaints to the appropriate authorities.

It's not always possible to tell how dirty the water is just by looking at it. You can get an accurate idea of the composition of water and the impurities it contains only by doing a water analysis in a certified laboratory.


What may be contaminated water


Either the employees of the water supply company or you yourself can know about the impurities in the water after a chemical analysis of the water. However, there are some indications that you can guess for yourself what the water is contaminated with.

For example, if the water has a distinct smell of swamp, it is likely to have a higher concentration of organic impurities.

By the smell can be determined and hydrogen sulfide in the water, despite the fact that it quickly evaporates. Every person who at least once felt this smell, it will never be confused with any other. You can also guess about the hydrogen sulfide content in water if black stains appear on dishes and plumbing fixtures.

Water that is too alkaline (high pH), will foam a lot, especially when in contact with aluminum cookware.

A characteristic metallic taste indicates high iron content in the water. In addition, the heating elements of household appliances will be covered with rust.

You can get rid of dirty water by installing a water filter to purify water from impurities and enjoy clean and healthy water.

Today there is a huge selection of water purification equipment. The choice depends on both the impurities in the water and on the customer's budget.


Water filters for water purification


The coarse filter is installed at the entry point of the source water and is designed to purify water from mechanical impurities.

A fine water filter is installed to purify water from residuals of various impurities: iron, hardness salts, pathogens.  Fine water filters also come in different types: cartridge, membrane, reverse osmosis.

Additionally, depending on the composition of water, identified by analysis, specialists of water treatment companies can offer the customer to install an ejector for iron oxidation in water, a filter for removing iron from water, UV-disinfector preventing pathogenic bacteria and microbes from entering into drinking water.


What to do if dirty water is always leaking


If the water is rarely dirty, then you can try to write a complaint to the management company. They are usually quick to take action.

When the water comes out of the tap for several days, you should contact the water utility. They should analyze the water themselves together with the housing management company and eliminate the causes of water contamination.

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