A shower or a bath - what is more useful? | The filters in the shower, why them?

A shower or a bath - what is more useful?

Many people ask: what is more convenient to place in the bathroom - a compact shower cubicle or a full bathtub? They also take care of saving both water and time allocated for water procedures. After all, to take a shower faster, and less water is spent (if we are talking about a standard shower, without excesses in the form of whirlpool massage, etc.). The question of the usefulness of the process of bathing or showering in these dilemmas is undeservedly relegated to the background.

From a physiological point of view.

The most important criterion in this round of VS baths shower duel is health. A shower in simple variation (not contrast shower) has no contraindications. At the same time, taking a bath (especially with hot water or a long time) is contraindicated in a number of diseases, physiological conditions. For example, pregnant women, "cores" with pressure problems, veins (varicose veins) should abstain from such water procedures. Also, people with problematic skin, especially excessively dry, and some dermatological diseases should be more careful with bathing and carefully select the temperature regime for bathing. The bathing procedure is to be commended: in some cases, it is extremely useful. If you have a cold (no fever) or come in cold, it is useful to warm up in warm water. Especially if you add a few drops of essential oil with a bactericidal, antiviral and immune effect. These are oils of tea tree, lemon, coniferous trees. And only in the bath, you can add a decoction of medicinal herbs (especially useful for children), relaxing sea salt or, according to Cleopatra recipe, milk and honey. Recipes for bath water mixtures added to improve skin health and overall health are numerous.

Speaking about the shower, it should be noted that its standard procedure has no contraindications, but also does not bring any special benefits for health. Besides one criterion - the quality of purification. Under the shower it is easier to wash away dirt from the skin, it is better to remove dead skin cells and extra fat layer (it is important not to overdo it). Of course, special types of showers bring more health benefits. For example, a contrast shower (with alternating hot and cool water) has, first of all, a hardening effect. This way of bathing also helps to eliminate metabolic products, increase muscle tone, normalize blood circulation, endocrine system, etc. Despite the seemingly solid advantages of a contrast shower, this procedure must be treated with care. You should not start with a large contrast of water temperatures, you need to increase the degree gradually, without going beyond the norm of 30 degrees.

From a psychological point of view.

Any water treatment, whether it's a bath/shower at home, swimming in the sea or in the pool or a bathhouse, is beneficial for our health and physical well-being as well as our mood. Bathing and showering have different effects on our emotional state, you might even say the opposite. While the bath promotes relaxation, the shower is designed to invigorate and energize. Therefore, it is useful to take it both after a hard day and as part of the daily ritual of "awakening", together or in place of a cup of coffee. Standing under the shower, you can improve your mood, "wash" a load of fatigue. In the bath, along with warming and relaxing muscles comes emotional comfort. Also, the feeling of weightlessness (hydrostatic factor), which the body feels in the bath, much helps to relieve the emotional stress. Hours in the bath, of course, you can not lie down (no matter how you want peace and relaxation). For fans of "hot" (in water above 38 g.) procedure is limited to 15 minutes. Cooler water can be enjoyed up to half an hour.

From the energetic point of view, the influence of the shower and bath on the energetic component of the organism is least justified and proved. But if to reason logically and imagine the shower as running water, and the bath as standing (by analogy with nature), then their influence on man is quite understandable. Calm standing bathwater, like in a lake, pond, calms, calms, helps to gather thoughts, "calm down" raging emotions, balance the energy balance.

A shower, being running water (like a river, waterfall), can easily "carry" negative energy. Isn't that why many psychologists advise to come home after a hard day or unpleasant events and take a shower without fail (or better yet immediately)? It will wash away, literally and figuratively, the dirt and negative accumulated during the day. Also, this simple way will help a little in that the problems that have arisen, say, at work, not to bear home. So, it turns out that both methods of washing (and shower, and bath) do not just help to cleanse the skin. In their own way, these water treatments benefit all aspects of a person's condition: health, well-being, and mood.

Water quality - above all

Whether you're taking a bath or a shower, it's important to use a quality washing-up liquid. This will help to maintain health as well as an attractive appearance. After all, water affects a person not only from the inside but also from the outside. Therefore, it is recommended to use special filters at home. They will help to get good healthy water.

At first glance, a device such as a filter head or shower nozzle is no different from a conventional showerhead. The device is easy to install and very pleasant and comfortable to use.

The replacement cartridges in both devices can be changed quickly and easily.

The filters in the shower, why them?

Chlorine, chlorine compounds, hard salts, and other impurities that contain tap liquid can cause significant harm to the body.

Take, for example, chlorine, which in tap water can contain quite a lot (its concentration at home is often the same as in swimming pools).

How do shower filters help? Firstly, they remove chlorine and chlorine compounds from the water and neutralize all chlorine fumes. Secondly, they remove heavy metals, hardness salts, and other chemical compounds. The result - clean water, after the use of which hair and skin become surprisingly soft, there is no itching and rash, and health is not disturbed in any way.

Please note that the liquid, cleaned with a filter nozzle or filtered shower can be used for swimming babies.

The devices will perfectly fit into the interior of your bathroom, will give you a lot of pleasant minutes spent in the shower.

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