11 tips to choose showerheads to use. Water softener shower head.

11 tips to choose which showerheads to use. Water softener shower head.


After a hard day at work, training in the gym or a tiresome trip, we all dream about one thing - to get in the shower as soon as possible. Flowing jets of water allow not only washing, but also relaxation, a real SPA procedure with massage, or even aromotherapy. All this becomes possible if you buy the right showerhead and showerhead filter which soften the water. Let's try to figure out which showerheads to choose, which material and manufacturer to give preference to, which method of attachment is best, and showerhead easy to install.

№1. Shower head design material. Water softener shower head


The showerheads has a simple design and allows you to cut a single stream of water into hundreds of small jets, making the hygiene procedures more comfortable, pleasant and relaxing. It seems to be an elementary product. What may be the problem with its choice? Manufacturers are trying to make our lives more and more comfortable, so there are watering cans of different shapes and sizes on sale, with interesting and useful additional features.

There are also differences in the material, on which depends not only the appearance of the product, but also its durability, strength and reliability.


Water filter shower head are made of such materials:

Plastic. It is easy to guess that plastic showerheads is the most budget option, but despite the low cost, such products look very good due to the metallized coating. Plastic showerheads cans are lightweight, so because of their accidental fall, there is no need to worry - acrylic shower tray or bathroom liner will not hurt. The main disadvantage - a low durability;


Metal. If you do not want to change the water filter shower head in a couple of years, it is easy to install a more reliable model at once. The optimal variant is the stainless steel product, which looks stylish and laconic and serves a very long time. The more expensive alternative is copper, brass and bronze products. Some models are decorated with gold and look really luxurious.

Metal watering cans are wear-resistant, easy to care for, they are easy to clean from lime scale, and they are less exposed to bacteria and microorganisms (no comparison with the plastic analogue). Naturally, metal showerheads are more expensive than plastic ones, especially bronze and brass products, which are considered exclusive. Keep in mind that metal is a heavy material, so it is necessary to handle such a sticker carefully. If it slips out of your hands, there is a risk of scratches on the acrylic pallet;

Metal-plastic. It is not so common products, but it is probably a matter of time. Such showerheads combine the advantages of the two previous options. In them, the body is made of plastic, and "inside" - of metal;

Stone and quartz glass. These materials are used to make expensive luxury showerheads. Longevity and beauty - the main advantages of such products.

Experts call steel and copper showerheads the optimal variant for a modern shower. In terms of combination of price and quality, appearance, durability and variety is the best you can find.

№2. Type of attachment of the shower head


By the type of attachment showerheads can be divided into these types:

  • Stationary showerheads;
  • Flexible hose handshowers, or hand showers.

Those who have a full bath, not a shower cabin, know about another way to fix the shower head. We are talking about a special fork on the faucet, in which the hand-wash is fixed. During water procedures, it has to be held with one hand, which is very inconvenient. In this case, it is better to equip the bath with a small wall bracket, in which, if necessary, the shower filter will be installed.

Stationary showerheads and showerhead filter

They can be ceiling and wall mounted depending on the surface to which they are mounted. Such products are usually used to organize shower cabins and boxes. Stationary showerheads, as the name suggests, are fixed, they are connected to the water pipe, hidden in the wall, mounted with a special holder. Adjustment of water pressure and temperature is made with the help of a mixer, located at a convenient height on the wall.

In most models of wall mounted stationary models it is possible to adjust the angle of slope by hinging the product to the surface. Such a function in the ceiling fixed showerheads is much rarer - only in expensive models.

Ceiling showerheads perfectly imitate tropical rain or waterfall, but require a relatively high water pressure. These products are often made of chrome-plated brass. It is usually made of chrome-plated brass and wall washers and shower filter.

Stationary models are convenient because the hands are completely free and the water supply area is maximal. These are functional products that can vary considerably in shape and size. On the other hand, if the shower is used by people with disabilities, for washing children or animals, it is better to abandon stationary shower heads.

The compromise solution is easy to install a handheld shower head with a flexible hose in addition to a fixed one. By the way, in many shower boxes there are both types of handles. The water pressure and temperature control of the handles is controlled by a single tap, and a small lever or even a button is used to switch between the handles.

Showerheads with flexible hose


Such a showerheads can be conveniently fixed on the wall, and if it has a large diameter, it is not inferior to stationary models. At the same time, such a product can be picked up at any time and direct the jet where necessary. If we take into account that the tilt angle, and sometimes the height of the location can be changed in a wide range, then we get the most functional option, providing complete freedom of movement. With such a shower head it is easy to bathe a child or an animal, wash the bath, shower tray and hard-to-reach areas of the walls near the shower.

The hand showerheads is attached to a flexible hose, which is connected to the water supply. Fastening to the wall can be performed by one of two fundamentally different design solutions:

- The first variant - a stationary vertical rod (stand) is mounted on the wall and a bracket for fixing the watering canister is mounted on it. The bracket can be moved on the stand, so it is easy to place the hand-washing at any desired height. It is a good solution if the shower is used by people of very different height. It's not so much about expanding the flowing stream (it's insignificant, so people of short stature will not feel any discomfort), but rather about difficult access to the hand basin if you want to take it in your hands.

In addition, the appearance of a shower with a stand seems more aesthetically pleasing and stylish to many people than with only one bracket;

- The second variant provides stationary fastening to the wall of the bracket to hold the shower head. As in the previous version, you can easily change the angle of the water head, turn it to direct the jet of water as you wish. The only limitation - the height of the watering can not be adjusted.

The flexible hose hand showerheads is a more versatile and functional option, especially since there are so many different models that one product can combine the mobility of a hand shower head with the comfort of a stationary one. A vivid example - large round products with a large outflow from the wall, which can turn an ordinary hike in the shower into a bath under a tropical rain.

Give preference to those products where the bracket and clamping handles that fix the watering canister at a certain angle are made of metal. The plastic analogue wears out quickly.

№3. Showerhead design features. Shower filter


When deciding which showerhead to choose, do not forget to pay attention to the design of the water diffuser. This is the largest part of the water canister. There are holes in it, through which the water flows. Also pay attention to the shower filter!

The splitter in the sticker can be one of two types:

- a plate made of metal or plastic with normal holes;

- a plate usually with a curved surface where a small rubber tube, so-called nozzle, is inserted into each hole. Thanks to such inserts holes are not so heavily clogged with lime scale - only large particles of dirt can clog them. Moreover, even at low water pressure, the jets from the different holes will not be combined with each other, maintaining high hygiene comfort.

№4. Showerhead shape. Shower Filter


Going to any more or less large plumbing store, you will meet a huge variety of shower heads. Of different sizes, shapes and designs, they are able to meet any needs and preferences, to become an addition to any bathroom. It makes no sense to consider thousands and tens of thousands of different models, especially since their number increases every season, but it is possible to make a generalized classification.

Showerheads can be shaped:

round and oval is the most popular variant, which conquered users with its convenience and cute appearance;

rectangular and square showerheads are a rarer variant; in terms of functionality and convenience they are not inferior to round showerheads, they fit well into the bathrooms, made in high-tech style and minimalism, where geometry and conciseness are in the first place;

triangular showerheads are usually small handcrafted items. They look great and provide a high level of comfort;

oblong shower head-pencil looks great, but it is not very comfortable to use because of the small useful area;

luxury showerheads in the form of telephone tubes, lianas, rings, lamps and snowflakes will decorate the bathroom and become a highlight in its design. Trying to find an unusual shower head, do not forget that it should be comfortable in the first place.

The size of the shower head is determined exclusively by personal preferences and tasks that are assigned to it. Somebody will be more comfortable with a standard sticker 6-8 cm in diameter - it provides maximum mobility and freedom of movement. For others, huge watering cans with a diameter of 20 cm and more will suit - they allow you to create a real waterfall or pouring rain at home.

If it concerns the hand showerheads, before buying it does not prevent you from holding it in your hands and making sure that the product will be easy to install and comfortable to use. Most shower heads can provide several modes of water supply (about this below), switching between modes is a rotary mechanism or button. The second option is more modern and convenient.

№5. Popular designs of showerheads and showerhead filter


All the variety of different models of shower heads can be divided into several types:

easiest showerheads for the overhead shower. Simple - means that there are no additional functions and features, except the flow of water in several modes, this handhead does not provide. By design, they can be both quite familiar and quite bold, so the choice is easy;

shower head "tropical shower" is very large, so that the water falls directly on all parts of the body, imitating a real downpour. Such products have a huge number of small nozzles, which create the impression of heavy rain. The intensity of the flow can be easily adjusted with a special lever, so you can relax both under the drizzling rain and the real rain. Such showerheads, as a rule, are stationary and can even be built into the ceiling, but are more often attached to the wall.

When buying, pay attention to the water consumption. The average value for such watering units is about 50 l/min. It is important that the capacity of the shower trap is appropriate and that there is a built-in showerhead filter. If the shower floor is tiled and the drain is used, there should be no problems;

Economical showerheads with aeration. If there is a water meter in your apartment, or you are worried about the problems of fresh water shortage on the planet, then a watering can with aeration is what you need. Due to the fact that the water at the moment of passing through the nozzles is mixed with air, its flow is broken. This simple technology allows you to significantly save the amount of water consumed.

In one water procedure you will use about 10 liters less water, absolutely nothing is lost in comfort. Moreover, aerated water is able to turn an ordinary shower into a relaxing SPA procedure. There is a special valve in the design of the aerated watering can, which regulates the pressure. This solution allows saving about 30-40% of water.

If an ordinary watering canister is designed to transmit about 15-20 l/min, the economical one is 6-9 l/min. Usually a vitamin C shower head is found in the economical segment!

№6. Water Supply Modes. Vitamin C shower head


The majority of modern shower heads provide for several modes of water supply:

basic - mode with normal head, perfect for hygiene procedures;


"soft jet" mode by saturation of the water jet with air makes your shower more comfortable and relaxing so called soften the water;

"water fog" is a private version of the previous mode. The flow of water is broken down into such fine particles that the impression of being in a dense fog is created;

massage mode increases the head of the water passing through the central opening in the shower head. The result is improved blood flow and metabolism, relaxing muscles

"waterfall" mode allows you to create a dense curtain of flowing water, used in "tropical shower" showerheads;

monostur - a dense flow of water under high pressure. It is suitable for contrast shower procedures;

"cascade" - a mode by which the pulsating jet alternates with the turbojet;

showerheads with "vario-jets" allow you to alternate between the usual pressure and a soft jet.

The number of modes and their type in the showerheads may vary - be sure to clarify this point when buying, as this factor affects the price. If you need a shower to quickly refresh yourself, then the model with 1 mode will be suitable, if you assume to conduct relaxing procedures, the best option - 2-3 modes.

№7. Additional possibilities of shower heads. Water softener shower head


The main thing is that the shower head passes the water well, it is durable and easy to maintain. These are the basic requirements. Manufacturers have gone further and offer us products with various interesting features that someone may find very necessary:

  • mineralization. The design of mineralization shower heads includes compartments with various filtering components (shungite, tourmaline, flint, magnets, chlorine absorbing granules, etc.). By passing through such natural filters, you get clean soften the water, and the chlorine content is reduced;
  • backlighting. Scientists have long noticed and proved the ability of color to influence the well-being and mood of the person. If you use the acquired knowledge correctly, a shower trip can be not only a way to clean up and wash away the dirt, but also to be charged with positive emotions, even without realizing it. The green color, for example, relaxes, yellow - raises your mood and tones up, red - charges you with vivacity.
LEDs are built into the body of the shower head, but you do not need to connect them to the network for their work. In the case of such shower heads there is a small generator, which converts the energy of the flow into electricity, and since the LEDs do not need much energy, then such a generator is enough with your head;
  • shower head with thermostat. You can use a thermostat watering canister so that you don't suddenly get cold or too hot water. It is only necessary to set a comfortable water temperature, and then the device, despite the fluctuations in temperature and pressure in the water supply, will mix the flow of hot and cold water in such proportions that you feel most comfortable;
  • a self-cleaning shower head makes it easy to maintain and extend the life of your equipment. When the water supply modes change, lime and other deposits that accumulate on the surface are crushed;

Aeration and pressure-controlled water saving technology are also additional functions.

№8. Shower panel


Separately, it is worth noting the shower panel as an interesting alternative to a simple showerheads. Until recently, such designs were used only in ready-made shower boxes. Today, the shower panel can be purchased separately and used in an ordinary shower. It includes such elements:

  • shower head, with two of them as a rule. One is a stationary type "tropical shower", the second is a hand shower;
  • jets for hydromassage of the body;
  • faucets and switches for whirlpools;
  • shower filter;
  • backlighting;
  • control panel with additional functions;
  • water softener shower head;
  • shelf and mirror.

The shower panel takes up minimal space, extends the functionality of the shower and makes it more stylish and modern.


№9. Design of shower heads.


One of the most difficult issues to solve in the process of selecting a showerheads is the design of the product. There is a huge variety of different models, but most of them are made of metal or with its imitation. Depending on the type of interior, color scheme and personal preferences you can choose a chrome, bronze, brass showerhead or a product with a coating for gold.

Showerheads with powder painting and enamel coating are also available - the color in this case can be any. Besides monochrome, there are also watering cans with patterns, but these are rare design options.

On the variety of forms we have already mentioned above, and now add that there are even cute children's showerheads in the form of cartoon characters.

№10. Installation of the vitamin c shower head


It is easy to install or replace the old shower head with a new one chosen by all the rules. You can do without even the help of plumbers:

  • You will need tools such as pliers, metal brush and FUM tape;
  • Unscrew the handpiece from the hose using pliers. Hold the shower head firmly and start to unscrew the nut, continue to unscrew it with your fingers and then take off the shower head;
  • Clean the hose threads with a metal brush. There should be no traces of rust, lime and old winding on the threads;
  • Several layers of sanitary winding are wrapped around the thread of the new shower head. In principle, you can do without it, but then there is a risk that the connection place will leak a little;
  • First, the shower head is screwed to the hose by hand, a couple of turns will suffice, then pull the connection with pliers. It is better to do it through the fabric, not to scratch the nut;
  • Check the performance and integrity. If the place of connection passes water, it will be necessary to add a little winding.

№11. How to clean the vitamin c shower head?


During operation, lime scale may accumulate on the shower head. In products with rubber nozzles large particles of dirt may get stuck. Where do they come from? When the water at home is turned off and then the water supply is resumed, there is a hydraulic shock, which causes rust to peel off the walls of the water supply and may clog the holes in the shower. The situation becomes deeper if there is not even a water softener shower head at the apartment entrance.

To clean the shower head from impurities, you will have to disassemble it. Older models can be simply unwound: there is a threaded connection between the splitter and the handle. In the more modern models, you will have to pull out the self-tapping cutter, which is under the decorative plug in the center of the shower head. In this case, the sequence of operations is as follows:

  • pull up the plug with a sharp object, in some watering cans on the plug has a special hole;
  • unscrew the screw and remove the diffuser from the handle with a screwdriver;

if the bottle has been in use for a long time, the screw may rust so much that it will be impossible to unscrew it. Specialists do the following in this case. In the center of the rusty self-cutting mini-drill make a hole 1.5-2 mm in diameter and 2 mm deep. At the end of drilling, the drill should be rocked a little to make an elipse-like hole.

A 40 W soldering iron warms up the self-tapping cutter until the plastic around it is a little softened. This will take about 2-5 minutes. Immediately after that a screwdriver is inserted into the hole and the self-tapping cutter is unscrewed.

For cleaning clogged holes, a wire or a bent staple is suitable. Lime scale is well removed from rubber with a cloth. After cleaning, the elements of the watering can be washed in water and a table vinegar solution can be used. If there is a lot of lime, you can leave the watering can in vinegar for a few hours.

The limescale is removed with a hard brush. The showerhead is collected in reverse order. If you do not want to disassemble the shower head, you can pour a dense plastic bag of table vinegar, immerse it in a liquid, tie the bag and leave for a few hours. Then everything is well cleaned with a brush.

To extend the life of the shower head, wipe it after each use and clean once a week with an anti-slime agent. It is best to install a showerhead filter at all.

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